come I’m not abundant?

Yes, how come you’re not?

Well…I don’t know, I’m just not, I don’t have much money/abundance….

Yes, why don’t you?

Well…I just don’t…

Have you ever wondered how you can be in an ocean AND NOT GET WET??

Er no….?

Well isn’t that what you are, the Universe is prosperous and abundant beyond what you could ever imagine, and you are in it, the last time we checked you are a part of it, and you say you are not abundant, how do you do that?

Er….I don’t know?

By resisting.  By resisting your natural birthright, by not letting it in.  By thinking you don’t have enough, by thinking you don’t have it.  By thinking you are not good enough. By thinking about what others have and not feeling very good.  By seeing what is on the TV and not feeling good about what you have.  By pining.  By yearning.  By thinking of scarcity.  By thinking of recessions.  By being scared of what might happen.  By being scared of what will happen.  By thinking of how you never had enough.  How you were never lucky or had a lot passed on...

By considering the work you are in and how you’ll never have enough.  By thinking of where the money goes and how there isn’t enough left over.  By thinking of all the people making money and not feeling very good thinking about it.  By thinking how if you had the money what you would do with it…ah that’s a good thought, maybe that might get you more money….. but then you feel bad you don’t have it and say to yourself why even consider what you might do with it because you don’t have it.

Want us to go on?

Ok….so how do I create money?

By thinking of what you will do with it.  By thinking of how it feels.  By realising that just like everything else in the Universe it is energy and it will flow and be attracted by vibration JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE

By realising it will flow into and out of your life by your thoughts, and more importantly your feelings.  It responds to your vibration, just like everything else, including the cells in your body and in the Universe, they literally respond to you

Oftentimes your vibration is a mix and so the responses you get are a mix or not a clear signal, and then you wonder if all this stuff is really true

So how do you create or attract money?  Think about the things you will do with it.  The pound or dollar notes in and of themselves do not have value for you, it is what you think they will get you, whether it be the items or physical experiences, but more so the essences and the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES, whatever labels you choose, such as freedom, security, fun, etc. 

What is more important than these specific labels is what they underly also, i.e. ‘Freedom to do what?’  Get the essences of that.  ‘Security from what?  And if you had that Security what would you do?’  ‘And what sort of Fun?  If you had Fun what would you be doing or what would it allow you to do?’  HOW DO THEY FEEL?  Your vibration is through your feelings.  SUMMON WHAT YOU WANT through your feelings. 

The Universe will respond, it always responds.  Send it a clear pure message and it will respond and respond as quickly as the purity and emotional intensity of your message, and before your eyes you will see the money and abundance flow in.  And as you see it and notice it, you will start to see it more and more, you will believe it, you will ‘allow’ it more, you will let it in more, your attention will be on what is coming than those previous thoughts you had about it not coming.  See the difference? 

You create that reality in your mind.  And then you see the trickle.  And the trickle expands upon your attention to it.  It cannot not.  Just like a magnifying glass, the focus leads to more.  And more.  There are no limits to what the Universe can bring your way other than what you let in.  And the thing is, you’re in the Universe, it’s all around you.   EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ALREADY AROUND YOU.  IT IS ALL IN PLACE.  How lined up to it ARE YOU?


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  • Bhavini says:

    BRILLIANT POST. .a nice different approach to bring out the message..keep it up.
    Something I would like 2 add in maybe is that we should also not limit the Universe by saying how we would like to recieve that money. .Eg by a pay rise or inheritance. I guess that way we are creating resistance?

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini!
    Good point! Absolutely! It’s about trust, faith, knowing it is coming, allowing etc. Yes, the more open you are to ‘how’ it comes the quicker it can come as you are not limiting it by your ‘physical/human’ perspective and instead letting the spiritual part of you bring it via the path of least resistance

  • Agnes says:


  • Morten says:

    Good! Really good! The flow is even between your words, – Great! I’m looking forward reading your blog (I’m a member of your group on Facebook as well)
    All the best!

  • iris says:

    thank you so much for this it is wonderful.

  • ravs says:

    brilliant stuff…….so loving of you to share it with us now instead of saving it for the book x

  • Kim says:

    Great post! The statement re: a recession- the timing is perfect for sharing this message. We are inundated with messages from the media about how badly the economy is (in the US), which of course is what people start focusing on.
    It really reminded me of the importance of understanding what the feelings will be with the abundance we create.
    Thanks for sharing,

  • Gamy Rachel says:

    Hi Hemal,
    This is so true. Our thoughts will give out the vibrations to the universe. What we allow in our thoughts will vibrates and form the energy that will attract the answers to ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing, it’s wonderful to connect with like minded people like you.

  • xio says:

    Hola Universito!!!
    I feel very happy reading this post about money specially because it comes from you…
    I discovered few months ago that I did not like the word “money” because that meant to me separation and conflict… Since I heal it I can say is raining money on my life and I have the feeling that soon it will come stronger on my life…
    I have felt very connected with the Universe and with my inner self and that is making me to feel a strong feeling of celebration a big “YEAH”…
    The secret is to accept, recognized and feel who we are…
    Feeling ONE with the Universe is the same feeling of abundance…
    Thank you very much for this wonderful post…
    I love you and I will always do
    Powerful Money and Much Powerful Love

  • Hemal says:

    THANK YOU all so much for your comments! I am sooo appreciative!!!
    Thank you!!

  • Denise says:

    Thanks so much for this post! It is certainly the right timing for me to see this. I am in the process of Creating a Vision folder, everyday I view it.
    And just picked up the book ” The Power of your subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. I hear this is beyond important to read. My boyfriend has bought at least 5 copies of this and gave them to people he loves. I did also, but never read it yet. Today I will 🙂 Good luck to everyone out there.
    We Appreciate you all, Always!

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Denise!
    Enjoy the book!

  • Tabitha says:

    Hi Hemal,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been taking part in Bob Doyle’s Boundless Living Challenge and focussing on my finances and it’s really been oushing my buttons and bringing up all this anger I have around money. Most when I think of all the people who have money and I’m still struggling with it. So this is just what I needed tonight. You’re awesome! Tab

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Tabitha!
    Take care,

  • Valissa Enever says:

    Thank you!
    Straight from my heart.
    I have been wondering how to vibrate myself into alignment and I just recently rewatched the secret and asked the question how do I get myself into alignment, I thank you hemal for showing me the way.
    May peace and love be with you always.

  • judith says:

    This is so right… That’s what I did. I manifested a new high income opportunity (that uses Law of Attraction principles) to replace my stressful corporate job, a fantastic international trip… where everything went my way with upgrades or discounts on everything without my asking a single person, and a house that has every feature I ever listed and was offered to me for less than the going market!! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Hemal says:

    That’s great Judith!
    We love hearing success stories!
    Do feel free to elaborate, I’m sure people would love to hear what and how you manifested what you did
    Well done!

  • lisa says:

    reading this came at the right time for me! i am living every day with more and more prosperity around me, and that is because i am putting out there what i want. Thank you for re-enforcing my desires. The information here does really work. Here’s to your success.

  • Anna Devi says:

    I’m swimming in that Ocean! Smile….

  • Hemal, YOU Dear Soul are a Sweet Angel of LOVE’s Light for whoms grace we are ALL blessed the experience!!!
    I AM sooo very appreciative to BE able to share in the experience of YOUr BEingness and sooo very greatFull that YOU are!!
    YOU have come with a remarkable Gift to share with ALL and share with ALL in such magnificence, YOU DO!!
    Thank YOU Thank YOU
    I Greatly enJOY BEing one amongst the all whom are graced by YOU!
    {LOVE the FB Grp, Twitter Updates and Ur BLOG!!! Great Great Great!!!}
    Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angel,
    Radiate Soul Light/roni

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Roni!
    And I enjoy catching you everywhere too!
    Great to hear from you, and you take care

  • Curt Bizelli says:

    Nice Post, Hemal! Keep em coming!

  • Ariel says:

    Such a wonderful post! Thank you so much Hemal!! 🙂

  • lauren says:

    Great post – thanks. Reminds me of the book I read last year. Its all about having a positive attitude to money 🙂

  • Tinha says:

    Thank you Hemal. =)

  • Lisa Ellwood says:

    Excellent post – to further comment on Bhavini’s point on placing limits on abundance: When I lost my last job early last year I focused on starting over, within a specific time period and in a specific place under certain conditions. All according to the plan set out in my New Year’s exercise. This in and of itself turned out great – I was seeing results quite early in the year and everything fell into place. However, I made a crucial mistake… I literally only focused on creating security for myself for a period of one year because of the redundancy package I received. I thought that was enough time to get myself settled and start up my freelancing business – and guess what? The financial security and stability has lasted exactly one year because my focus was so narrow and now I’m scrambling to regroup! To me this is another prime example of how powerful one’s thinking can be – you attract abundance but with limits that can actually be quite devastating. A lesson learned – but an invaluable one!

  • Lena Mitchell Jasiak says:

    Really great Hemal! 🙂

  • SMITA LADVA says:

    Hi Hemal, THANK YOU so much:)
    beautiful conversation!
    with gratitude

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thank you Lisa, Lena and Smita!

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