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There is No Such Thing As A Lack of Anything

This is from my friend Faydra Rector-Sargent, the permalink for this on her blog is

One of the most important concepts for you to know and believe to create the life that you want is that there is absolutely no lack of abundance of the things that you desire. Part of the problem for people who do not have the things in life that they want is that they believe there is only so much of what they want out there to have. This usually is exampled in money for most people or oil, as the government would have you believe.

There is so much negativity attached to the desire for more money and it cracks me up. There is no more reason to be sorry for wanting money than to be sorry for wanting oxygen. You wouldn’t stop breathing for a while because you felt guilty for taking in more air than you should. You wouldn’t voluntarily give up your wellness because you feel guilty for not being sick. The same is true for money. Money is only a source of energy or currency; it isn’t any different than anything else. We could be trading jelly beans for the things that we want instead of money. IF that were the case, the Jelly Belly factory would be the US Treasury.

The next time you start to feel bad for wanting more money, or more health, or more love -remember, there are plenty of people passing up the opportunity to have these things. If you’d like, you can just volunteer to take their unwanted share. The truth is, that the only reason you don’t have more dollars, more health, or a soul mate is because you either don’t really want them, you don’t believe you deserve them, or you aren’t allowing them in because you don’t believe they’re on the way to you. Tune your frequency to the abundance channel and your desires will come to you in technicolor with the highest quality resolution there is.

The more you believe you deserve it, the more you savor the thoughts about it, the more you anticipate the arrival of it, the faster it will come.



10 Thoughts on Abundance

  1. The Universe is TOTALLY abundant, it is a willing and waiting canvas for your desires.  It is so abundant and so unconditional and there is such freedom that it will even allow you to have an abundance of scarcity if that’s what you choose to resonate with.  The Universe is abundant, scarcity and ‘limit’ are man-made concepts
  2. Realise that abundance is much more than money.  If you think of it only as money you are only thinking of some of the possibilities.  Abundance finds itself to you via the path of least resistance.  Be open in your expectations and let the universe deal with the ‘how’ and how it gets to you.
  3. Abundance is attained by tuning in to what you have (than what you don’t), no matter how big or small, and more of the same is attracted, and it grows and grows.  You’re letting the universe reveal the abundance to you that’s here, you start by knowing that it’s here (practicing the thoughts and vibration that you know it)
  4. It’s not about quantity, you focus on the quality of your essence, your thoughts and feelings, and the Universe matches it in terms of the quantity, the numbers and ‘the how’.  It will pay more attention to your vibration rather than the number you keep visualising.  It will be about your vibration ABOUT the numbers than the numbers themselves
  5. The Universe can provide you with limitless abundance in all areas, it IS abundant, how much of that are you bringing in through your beliefs and what are you willing to see?  What are you ‘allowing’, what are you letting in via your expectations?
  6. Remember that what you want is always hereAll you’re doing is turning the unseen into the seenEverything you want is around you.  When you think it’s not and you are trying to attract something that’s ‘not here’ you can be creating a separation in your mind between you and what you want, there is no separation, there is only connectedness in this universe.

    Know that you are as magical as the universe is as you are a part of it, you are like the drop that is in the larger ocean that is the ‘universe’.  And the universe isn’t bringing something that isn’t ‘here’, it's only 'not here' in your conscious physical perspective, everything and all possibilities exist here and now and you are connected through your thought and vibration.  From the universe's perspective time and space do not exist the way that you perceive them from your conscious physical perspective, in its perspective there is the here and now and all possibilities exist there.  You are connected to everything you want, and even all the things you will want that you don’t yet know you will want

  7. Do you worry about breathing quickly so you don’t run
    out of air?  That’s sometimes the case with people and money or other items.
    They hoard and store it ‘just in case’.  What does ‘just in case’
    imply?  It implies a vibration of something that might happen that you
    don’t want; this might not help your energy  flow.  What happens when
    you don’t let blood flow?  It clots.  What happens when you don’t let
    things flow in life?  Resistance can build (depending on your vibration
    about it – you will know by how you feel, if you feel good then that’s
    fine).  Do what feels good, let your feelings be your guide to what to ‘do’.
    Just like when you have a piece of fruit compared to something else
    which is not supposed to be good for you, you can ‘feel’ which is
    better for you, oftentimes we don’t trust or pay attention to it due to
    other noise we have going on.  The answers are and always have been here

  8. The Universe is constantly expanding, that’s what you are here to do, to expand, grow, and the universe expands THROUGH you. The universe WANTS you to expand, to go for more things, so it can expand too.  It's a win-win, that's a concept the universe works on.  Scarcity leads to win-lose relationships, abundance leads to win-win relationships.  Scarcity is 'How big a piece of the pie can I get'.  Abundance is 'In our coming together how big do we want to make the pie so we all get big pieces'

    There is never-ending expansion and growth, NEVER-ENDING.  That’s why no matter what you have there will always be more, and it’s about the process and the joy of the journey, it’s the joy and energy you flow through your journey, what challenges you experience and what goals and desires you determine as a result.  The ‘challenges’ are what help you define what you want and be clear, and then your focus must be on what you want than on what you don’t

  9. You don’t have to look at what’s (or what’s not) in your bank account to have beliefs about abundance in your life.  Use your imagination.  Realise the things you DO have in your life, whether it be the smile you got from a stranger today or the fact there was a beautiful sunrise.  It’s really about what choices you make about how you feel about things, rather than the things themselves.  The universe hears your vibration and matches that signal
  10. Remember it’s not just about money and wealth.  The Universe can provide you limitless answers to questions.  The planet currently is asking quite a few questions, whether it be about the environment or otherwise.  The planet (i.e. the people on it in this example) is getting clarity about what it wants and what it doesn’t, and the desire and motivation is building for it.  Every time someone does something ‘not-green’, that adds to the clarity and desire.  But it is not lined up to the solution.  There are an abundance of answers and solutions that reveal themselves in lining up to them by ‘being’ and focusing on what you want (the solution), rather than the problem.  The ‘problem’ helps define and get clarity and desire, lining up with and 'being' from the solution allows it to come into the physical whether as an idea or inspiration or as an actual physical manifestation