Hemal working with *YOU*

For quite some time now as I have interacted with people, whether
online or on phone or in person, I have been hearing the results people have been getting from our interactions.  This has been happening time and time and time again.

In my background in the mid 90s when I did my NLP I coached and trained and
developed many of my own Manifesting & Law of Attraction processes
over the years and had results with others as well in my own
life.  What has been happening more recently is that people have also
been experiencing answers from me intuitively and it was very much
resonated with what they were looking for and given them their answers.

wanted to open this option
up for others, for you to work one-on-one
with me on your goals and challenges.  I have a monthly package with limited slots remaining for us to interact via email
and phone interaction on YOUR goals, contact me for more information.

Contact me at hemal@manifestingandlawofattraction.com about what you would like to work with and for more information.
I am letting people get in touch
and ‘book their place’ as there will only be a number of people I can
work with one-to-one on a monthly basis

I love your work, Hemal.  Between you and Abraham Hicks….I feel so supported in this wild journey!  Blessings from Colorado!

Tamara Kerner, Colorado, USA

I know I always say “Thank you, Hemal” but I mean it.
I am more aware of my alignment, my own vibration, focus on feeling good, Thank you.
Your teaching is always interesting and I feel good reading your articles and listening to your Teleclasses, Thank you.
Thank you so much and I am very happy that I can connect with you.

Rebecca Seal, London, UK

I participated in one of your Teleseminars in August and it was amazing how the experience not only stayed with me throughout the day, but as positive things occurred, they kept growing and compounding.  Everything seemed to flow so easily – the more people I encountered, the more I was able to give to them and receive back their energy.  By that evening, I was feeling so “buoyant” that when I was suddenly asked to speak in front of an audience without warning – instead of panicking, words just flowed easily.  And – at the end of the day: I won 3 raffle prizes that night!

So Hemal, don’t feel pressured – I won’t be expecting that kind of result from every Teleseminar you do. 🙂 But I know I will come away with something very special.
To folks considering working with Hemal, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to get to know Hemal and hear what he has to share with all of us.

You can really get to know him; he is down-to-earth, authentic, and really has something of value to offer.

Dora Crow, California, USA

Your answer is exactly what I
wanted to hear and I immediately feel more aligned with my goal and I’m
certain I am going to receive it within the next few weeks.
Thank you so much!  In all honesty this is fantastic!
The depth of information you give is very good.
Thanks very much Hemal

Sanjay Patel, West Midlands, UK

I’ve been aware of Law of Attraction for some time now, with most things I can deliberately put myself in the best feeling place, but other times I have needed some clearer direction.

Hemal’s website and useful advice have been incredibly helpful. His experiences of using the Law of Attraction and his wisdom and compassion makes him an extremely understanding and non-judgmental person. It is often useful to have an objective point of view, and someone who might be able to say that something is not quite in alignment. Although, I fully understand the Law of Attraction, his post on health which was a response to a question of mine, goes into great detail about finding that great feeling and getting into alignment with your body.  I knew I had to find the feeling that I would feel when I reached the finished and achieved my goal, but all the other extra tips and advice made that bit of difference.

It is great to have someone who asks: How did you attract this into your life?  What beliefs, thoughts, restrictions, are in place? It is also wonderful to have someone who can put out a specific plan for helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Tanya Moore, Newcastle, UK

After just one coaching session
with Hemal Radia and Kim in the Teleseminar they held, I began to
observe the limiting beliefs which were keeping me separate from that
which I desired. From this new awareness and observation I am able to
powerfully shift my perspective in a way that has enabled me to
actually become and therefore attract what I truly desired.
I really enjoyed listening to the teleseminar and the two teleclasses
that have taken place since then. I felt that there were certain things
in what was discussed that related to me.
There are two more teleclasses that are yet to come and for which I am eager to listen to.
 I would recommend everyone interested in this subject to join Hemal’s Teleclasses, I am sure it would be of great help to them.

Bhavini Raicha, UK
(she sent this at the time when the teleclasses were running live)

”…..since we met 10 years ago you
have been an inspiration and an influence to me on how to on how to
walk the talk. On a continuing basis have I seen how it is possible to
take action not just sitting and feeling nice vibrations. I look
forward to the next step on our journey….”

All love, Elizabeth, Denmark

I have had coaching on many levels with Hemal. Of late I have experienced his coaching with spirit. It’s incredible. Hemal’s insight into Law of Attraction is wonderful as it is, but coaching with spirit brings it to a whole nother level. I  asked him about my relationship with another person and the extra insight was awesome. It helped me to see things that I hadn’t seen.

Kate Strong, New Zealand


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“To folks considering attending this teleseminar (audio download), I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to get to know Hemal and hear what he has to share with all of us.
You can really get to know him through these teleseminars .. he is down-to-earth, authentic, and really has something of value to offer.”

 – Dora Crow, California, USA

“Hello!  A very big ‘Thank You’ for the teleseminar today,a great introduction for me. 
Down to earth and very understandable!
well as reinforcing general principles,I hope to be able to approach
relationship issues from a fresh perspective.I look forward to the
second event on Thursday. Tina : ) “

– Tina Sledger, Epsom, UK

“Your answer is exactly what I wanted to hear and I immediately feel more aligned with my goal and I’m certain I am going to receive it within the next few weeks.
Thank you so much!  In all honesty this download is fantastic!
The depth of information you and Kim gave in it is very good.  
I would even pay for it, I think its that good!
 Thanks very much Hemal”

– Sanjay Patel, UK

“Hi Hemal, A huge thank you for the invitation to attend todays seminar.
I followed what I could, which was most of it and have to agree with other people who’ve left comments on your blog, you have an exceptional way of communicating your message.
You put things across in a simple fashion. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the seminar.
I was able to have many of my own answers questioned just from following the seminar and listening to your replies to the various questions.
We sometimes get sidetracked in life with the various incidents that happen. It helps when you have like-minded people around you to keep you in check! Staying focused is the key.
I will be keeping in touch with you through your various sites in order to stay focused. There are few people in my life at the moment who think the same way as me and it’s important to stay in touch with those that are.
Thank you again and also good luck with all that you are doing with your cause. You deserve success.
Maybe in time I can organise for you to present a live seminar here in Cyprus, I’m sure that it will be greatly received and appreciated.”

– Vela Stainton, Cyprus

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