You Truly ARE Unique (Quote)

“What others think is from their perspective and experiences (and vibration). You came to have the experiences (and perspectives) YOU are choosing to have. No one can step exactly into your shoes, and vice versa. This is also why, truly and genuinely, you are unique and have something to offer no one else does.”
~ Hemal Radia

Your Growth and Evolution are Eternal (Quote)

“Your growth is eternal; there is no ending to it. It is about ENJOYING your journey and evolution. There is constant expansion and growth; continuous and eternal. From each perspective there will be new insights, new perspectives, and growth. That also means the possibilities for you are endless and infinite.”
~ Hemal Radia

Top 10 List for Staying in Alignment

Want to have some tips to staying in Alignment?

Rainbow water


A few days ago, a friend wrote to me feeling saying that she had been in a wonderful flow and had felt that day that she had – in her words – “crashed”.  She had been feeling great, doing all sorts of things to look after herself, and then all of a sudden she felt things “fall down” all around her and she felt very, very down – down to a degree that she had hardly ever felt. 

She had been intending to become a client before this happened and is about to become one anyway.  I wrote her a message at the time which enabled her to realise how she could get herself back into her flow. 

Within days, she is buzzing and is back in her flow despite how down she was at the time.  She wrote to me this morning with a list of around 10 things that I had mentioned in my message to her which she had organised into a list.  

Enjoy…. 🙂

(To give you the context of some of the points below, I’ve annotated some of them and put the annotations in brackets)



Hi Hemal,

I am going to re-read your note every day for the rest of my life! ha ha  Seriously, there are so many good points that you make there.

1. I love the idea of being “light and easy” with myself. You are right, the easier I allow myself to be, the better I feel! Do not disrupt flow…ok, got it!

(Do not beat yourself up and create resistance from your flow.  Be light and easy and gentle with yourself.  Let the energy flow, and let it build and grow.)

2. No beating self up…stay away from quicksand…excellent point!  Btw, I thought about quicksand a lot as a child…just remembered that…haha

(The languaging she was using was of “crashing” in having come out of her flow.  Understandably, due to the state that she was in at the time, she used the languaging a few times in her original message to me so I asked to her to focus instead on what she wanted (than on what was wrong, i.e. “crashing”).  It’s like quicksand – that’s the analogy I used.  The more we struggle, the more we get pulled in.  The more attention to what we don’t want, the more we ‘fight’, the more we can feel getting sucked in. 

So relax, get your attention away from that.  Don’t put your energy towards it.  Instead, be light and easy because your flow is ALWAYS there, it’s about you letting it in (and not fighting or resisting it).  You are always connected to your flow.  So relax, let it in.  Think thoughts that feel good, they are you letting in your flow.)

3. Relax and know it is ok to concentrate on “me”. I just want you to know that I never knew until a few years back that it is ok to love myself…unfortunately I think a lot of people are unaware of that. (Might make an excellent post for you in the future)

4. Get rid of unwanted thoughts by thinking of being in the “now”. Will try and just revert to breathing technique or mantra…I call on my higher self.

5. Begin thinking of one wonderful thing to appreciate and then add more to the list.

6. Good thoughts = positive flow!

7. Do things that feel genuinely good to you.

8. Do things that energetically have value for you.

(I said to her to consider the things she does, thinks and feels for their ‘energetic value’.  How do they feel?  My sense was she was getting drained because she was focusing on things which energetically didn’t feel great for her and she was ‘getting things done’ and ‘working away’ rather than being in her flow.  She focused on this, as I get my clients to do, and she felt herself driven to do things which were more compelling and had a higher ‘energetic value’ and very easily and naturally her flow came.  I got her to focus on how things felt to herself. 

I have even worked with Law of Attraction coaches in guiding them to making this a way in their lives and their businesses, love lives and many other things have skyrocketed.)

9. Allow yourself to create personal well being doing the things you love.

10. Find your own personal ‘Super’ Coach, like Hemal Radia…:)

By the way, you are absolutely wonderful!

Thanks, things are getting better already…woo hoo!

PS. Maybe you could post this as Hemal’s Top Ten List for Staying in Alignment…



Any questions?  Any comments?  Anything you’d like to add that has
worked for you?  Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments below…

FREE Inspiring Wallpaper for YOU, Downloadable Right Now!


Here is an inspiring image and quote that we have created for you to have on your desktop that you can download right now!

This image encapsulates the entire Universe in one image – it embodies the quote in it in that it represents the whole Universe.  You will notice that in the image there is day (beaming sun) and there is night (the stars in the sky).  There is heaven (clouds) and there is earth (the ocean).  And also that the ocean (/Universe) is endless and ‘limitless’ – it represents all possibilities.  All possibilities are ALWAYS open to you.  All possibilities always exist in each moment.

This image also represents the whole Universe being supportive and being far bigger and expansive and ‘better’ than the human mind can contemplate. 

Thank you to my friends Fawny Frost for the original photograph and Jessie Smith at StoryKraft Kreative for her wonderful design work and us working with the concept and embodying the meaning into the image.

You can download this image in various sizes depending on the resolution of your computer:

                  800 x 600
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Do feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think 🙂

“Your Dream is Alive” (Quote)

“Whatever your dream, it never died. Your dream has always been alive in your vibration and still is to this day. Your vibration – just like the Universe and the spiritual part of you – always expands, it never contracts. Even when you think you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have never grown smaller but have expanded, always. You are expanding vibrationally in each moment with the choices and preferences you make in your life.”
~Hemal Radia~

You are in a Dance with the Universe

“There is an underlying rhythm to you and your life which is in concert with the rest of the Universe. You may feel alone but you never truly can be, you’re in the larger dance where vibration is the music that is bringing everything into concert and synchronisation” (Hemal Radia)

Your Dream is Alive

You may have started out in life with wonderful dreams of what you will be, do or have.  For some these may be rich and vivid dreams, whether in terms of work and career (or finances, and LOTS of them!), love, family, health and living a wonderful and extravagant life.  For others it may be things which are perceived as being more humble and modest, such as working with the environment, helping animals, working with children, helping those in need, etc.

What happens for many is, as they say, life happens.  Sometimes it may be they end up on a path that veers them away from their original dream.  It may be they take up a job or a career that they believe prevents them from pursuing their dream.  It may be that they get married and/or have children, or something else occurs and they find their time and focus taken up.



Whatever your dream, it never died.  Your dream has always been alive in your vibration and still is to this day.  Your vibration – just like the Universe and the spiritual part of you – always expands, it never contracts.  Even when you think you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have never grown smaller but have expanded, always.  You are expanding vibrationally in each moment with the choices and preferences you make in your life.

Your dream has always been alive.

It may be that the dream is not important to you in the same way, and that is fine and that is your choice.  It may be that it was something which at that time aided your growth and experience, and now other things are important, and that is fine too.  In likelihood this will mean that you may have other dreams now too.

So, ask yourself:

– When you think about the dream (or dreams), how does it FEEL?
– Do you doubt you can have it?
– Are you scared of it?
– Are you limiting yourself?  Are you from a place of limitation and fear about it, rather than faith?

Castle in hand


Realise that you are a vibrational being living a physical life.  You, and everything else, are vibration on a deeper level.  The power that goals and dreams give you is what they do to you vibrationally – such as how you expand when you are excited by them – rather than just the physical world goal or condition you are looking to have.  The goal or condition will be the manifestation of you being a vibrational match to it and will be in your life before you know it, when you are in alignment with it.  It will be a natural consequence and manifestation of your vibration.

So, it is not about whether you can have the dream or not, whether you are scared about it or not, whether you perceive (note: you “perceive” – i.e. it doesn’t mean that’s the reality, it means that’s how you perceive it to be, in your thoughts and beliefs) it is possible or not or whether you ‘perceive‘ it will disrupt your life currently.

What is most important – as I say this in other articles, teleseminars and when I work one-to-one with people – is how does it feel?  You live your physical life with your senses but the spiritual part of you that knows everything (and is ‘God’/the ‘Universe’) communicates to you through your feelings It tells you what is best for you at that moment by what feels best at that moment.

It may be that you haven’t practiced your dream for a while.  Allow yourself to daydream.  What if it could happen?  What if it REALLY is there for you?  As you think this, from your place of possibility, notice how real it starts to feel.  And ask yourself, how does it feel?



You do not have to forsake the conditions in your life currently for your dream if you do not want to.  If you are in a job and need it to pay your bills or have children that you are looking after or are a house-wife or house-husband, take your attention off the ‘conditions’ and put it on how you WANT THINGS TO BE If your attention is on ‘conditions’ what are you attracting more of?  (Clue: “Law of Attraction!”)

As you practice your attention more and more on your dreams what will happen is the Universe will send you clues, it can’t not – as you become more of a vibrational match to something you will attract experiences that match it.

As you continue to practice your thoughts on it, you will get more and more reinforcements along the way.  Your expectations and ‘allowing’ will improve and you will see it more and more.

In terms of the ‘conditions’, what will happen is either they will resolve themselves or they will not be the same issue.  Think of it this way, if your attention goes off the problem – “Oh how in heaven can it happen, I have this and this and this and this that stop me having what I want“, and onto the solution – “Oh I would LOVE this and this and this and this!  Oh it feels SO good to think about what I want!  I’m not going to ‘think’ about it and figure it out, I’m just going to feel good about it and let the Universe hear my vibration and show me it happening“, how can the Universe do anything else but respond?

You came here to be creative and to express the beautiful spirit that you are.  Unleash that within you and allow yourself to think of the possibilities.  Allow yourself to dream and to think in terms of “Well if it IS possible then this will feel good and this will feel good” and so onYou don’t have to figure out the how.  That wasn’t the deal.  You, from your physical conscious mind, were going to make choices and preferences and the far far far larger spiritual vibrational part of you was going to correspond with Everything-Else-That-Is and create the manifestations.  It just got disrupted when the physical part of you thought you knew it all and were God and tried to overshadow the rest of you.  There is far more leverage and ease when you are in your flow by how you ‘feel’ (vibration, synchronicities, manifestation) than by how you ‘think’ (rational, logic, linear).

You are much much, much more than the physical body you see.  Be in harmony with it and let it flow.  The thoughts that feel good (including your ‘dreams’) are the ones that are in alignment with who you are.  And watch the magic unfold.

Falling star

How to Read ‘Signs’ from the Universe


Thanks Hemal,

I have been wondering about this whole physics, chemistry and biology of manifestation.
How do we differentiate between the ‘signs’ from the universe and our fears and mental blocks?  What if we are repeating the same pattern over and over again and still it feels to be a ‘sign’?

Thank you for your answer : )


Essentially the Universe IS an extension of you.  Any ‘signs’ from the Universe are reflections of your OWN vibration.

So if you are getting repeating ‘signs’, that is more an indication of your own vibration rather than the Universe “telling” you to do something.

In this Universe you have total freedom, you can create your reality with your vibration.  The Universe is malleable to your thought and vibration and will respond to it, it is your CHOICE on what you want.  As you shift your thoughts towards the things that you want and vibrate from that place, you will tend to see ‘signs’ from the Universe that match that vibration.  And then you will see them more and more as you get closer and closer and you will experience manifestations along the way.

It is about you following your joy
.  The Universe will never ‘tell’ or ‘force’ you.  You are an extension and aspect of the Universe (or of God), you are an expression of it.  It grows when you do.

There are those that believe that destiny is written for them and live their lives with constraints and limitations, and there are those that believe they write their destiny and create it.  It does not matter if you do not fully believe this at this moment, pretend as if you do and see what happens.  Practice that ‘muscle’ like any other. Think and make decisions as if you are in charge of your destiny.  This is also a distinction in being empowered and in charge of your life rather than being disempowered.

Those that believe (or at least pretend as if) they are in charge of their destiny will tend to make choices and decisions from a place of creativity, growth, possibility and expression.  Those that do not will tend to feel limited, they may feel that others are making decisions for themselves.  Sometimes if they do this for long they pick up physical conditions which are a reflection of the limitations they perceive in their thoughts and vibration.

So any ‘signs’ you see are more reflections of your own thoughts and attention.  Ask yourself what do you want to see?  And FEEL and vibrate from that place and see what happens. What if YOU were writing your own destiny, what would you do, be, think, feel, act as if?

What you experience in your life is an indicator of where you are vibrationally (the vibration always comes before the physical happenings) it is your choice where you want to be relative to that.

Heart on beach

Your Every Now is a Canvas with Fresh Possibilities


Every now moment is a fresh moment for you to create in.  It is independent of the previous moment – there is no connection other than any “vibrational carry-over” that you bring over in your thoughts and feelings, i.e. each moment has the potential to be unique and independent and be “separate”; you only create similar experiences by you thinking the same things, not as a result of anything external to you.

It is the same with lifetimes as it is from each successive moment – what is carried over is by your vibration.  And your vibration is as a result of your thoughts and emotions.  So yes, there IS a predestination as there is a vibration, but you also have freewill and choice in what you mould and create and attract with your thoughts.

So when you practice thoughts that feel nice, you will be taking thoughts into your next moment which feel good, and your manifestations in your next moment will be equally as exhilarating.  Essentially, you are “investing in your future” through what you are focusing on right NOW.



You were born to create in your life and follow your love and joy.

Everything else along the way has been for you to get clarity for what you DO want.  All the other experiences you been having have been fine tuning your “guidance system” (your emotions!) so you can lock on to your love and joy.  You have been learning what you don’t like, and hopefully using that to put more of your attention on what you DO want!

There is no coincidence for the emotions you feel, on a deeper level they are telling you the way to WHAT YOU WANTThey know the path of least resistance – the shortest path from where you are to where you want to be.  Use them as guidance.

If you are feeling frustrated or disappointed – look elsewhere.  Or find something in that situation that feels better, a perspective that is different.  Does that feel better?  Keep looking, until SOMETHING feels a bit better.  And then look for something that feels a bit better than that, and so on.  This way you are raising yourself vibrationally and looking on more and more to the things you are wanting to come into your life.

When you follow your love and joy you are in tune with who you really are on a deeper spiritual level, you are in tune with your ‘purpose’.  And as that happens more and more, what else happens is the physical manifestations match that.  They are more and more in the region of the vibration and frequency you are emitting – you attract based on the vibration that you give off.  If you are giving off better and better feelings, what are you likely to be attracting more and more of?




So ask yourself – what is the best thing I can think and feel right now?  It NEVER matters whether it is realistic, the key thing is HOW GOOD IT FEELS.  The reason for that is the better it feels the more harmony there is in that thought with the path to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

You can have the most well thought out plan and list of actions, but when you focus on a better feeling thought and another and another and another and so on, you are lining up with the resources of the Universe in the manifestation of what you want.  And the Universe has far more ways of getting you what you want.

And what will happen is in the raising of your vibration, in the raising of your “frequency” as I often describe it, you will be in alignment with the thoughts and ideas and inspiration and “how to” to have what you want.  It may even be that the manifestation takes place without you having to “do” anything other than the vibrational work.  But what will happen is when you are in that place it will flow seamlessly.  You won’t be thinking about “how to make it happen” because you will be too busy being in your flow. 

Your job is for you to feel so good that you’re not looking to your external reality and thinking “it’s not there”.  The irony of it is as you stop caring about it not being there, you are in alignment to it (especially as you are not focusing on the absence or lack of it) and it will enter your reality.


So, every moment is a fresh canvas.  How creative and colourful and joyful and loving and appreciative will you be in your now moment?  How much enjoyment are you going to milk out of your moments?  It is never about what is happening.  You can find one iota of a thing to appreciate, and by you focusing on it and NOT contradicting or doubting it (that’s key), it will attract more thoughts of the same (Law of Attraction).  The key is not to doubt or contradict, and then you are in your stream attracting more and more good things and the stream will take you to where you want to go if you do not resist it.




The stream is already here, there is an energetic stream from where you are to where you want to be.  By you not having resistant thoughts (anger, doubt, fear, guilt, questioning yourself etc) you are actually IN THE FLOW.  And as you have better and better feeling thoughts you are more and more in alignment.  THE STREAM WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.  It will take care of everything for you.  The right people, the right resources, the right synchronicities, they will all be organised in perfect harmony by the Universe in accordance with your vibration – THAT is your job.


What is the best feeling thought you can offer in this moment?  It doesn’t have to be the best feeling thought ever, just the best one you can have right now.  And that will create a platform for you to have another better one and another and another and so on. And then you’re on your way along the stream. 

And then you will see physical manifestations which will give you confirmation YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THINGS.  Just have faith in you, don’t doubt yourself, know that you will be taken care of.  Know that it is ok and it will be taken care of and there are powers there beyond what you can fathom orchestrating the solutions to all the problems you could ever imagine.  And it will be taken care for you, by you going with your stream and your alignment.

Remember, each moment is a fresh moment, and you have total choice what you want to put your attention to in it.  All possibilities exist.

What possibilities will you allow for yourself?  What will you let yourself deserve and have?

The Universe is a willing and responsive friend…

The Universe is a willing and responsive friend who will listen to you based on your vibrational asking and alignment

The Universe does not ‘tell’ you anything, it matches your vibration. The way you know something is right or wrong is with your feelings, not what happens on the outside

The Universe acts as a confirmer to what you are emitting vibrationally. It’s a magnifier. It does not decide for you. What you see happening on the outside has been in place vibrationally before it happened.  What are you putting in place vibrationally now through your thoughts and feelings?

The answer ALWAYS is to put your attention on what you want.  Even if there has been a momentum to what you don’t want, you change it by putting your attention on what you WANT and what FEELS GOOD – the feeling that it feels good is your indicator you are heading toward what you want

Things can only happen in your physical experience that are in vibrational vicinity of where you are at.  Don’t be disheartened or disappointed if they are not pleasing, use them as an indication to direct your course to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

Envision how you want things to be, daydream, play with those thoughts and fantasies, build them up.  Are those ‘realities’ more dominant in your mind than your fears and doubts?  Are the things that INSPIRE and EXCITE you dominant in your consciousness?