On Sunday (Jan 20th), completely out of the blue, I received a message from Facebook saying I’d been made Officer (and Admin) on an Abraham Hicks group on there.  This had been done by the creator of the group, Nina Ferrell.  We had met online very recently and built up a lovely friendship, but I had not expected this lovely surprise! 
If you’d like to join the group you are welcome to go to


On Mon Jan 21st I sent the following message to the group:

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would write you a message and say hi
and introduce myself! Some of you already know me and I’ve interacted
with you.

I had a complete (and pleasant) surprise yesterday
when out of the blue I received an email from Nina saying I’d been made
Officer (and then Admin) on this group! I had not expected that at all,
and I was honoured and very appreciative that it did (it was also my
birthday too lol)

I’d just like to say feel free to contribute
to this group, let us know what you like, what you want, and feel free
to contribute with your thoughts and your experiences. There might be
someone just waiting to hear experiences that you’ve had which might be
perfect for them, WHEREVER you were at. So feel free to post on the
forum…there’s a saying….Ask and It Is Given… ;)….and we’re not
saying that we’d necessarily always have the answer, or that someone
else might, but the clarity comes in the ASKING, and the answer can
come from somewhere unexpected. A clarity can occur in formulating your
question and a boldness from asking it.

I have a blog as of a
few weeks ago so feel free to check it out (link below), and happy
manifesting! If you’re not getting the results you like then you have
to ask yourself, with groups like this, are you Asking…? And lining
up? This group can not only be a tool for you but your experiences as
resources for others, whether you’re completely new to this or have a
bit more experience (or a lot more), you always have something of value
to offer

Best wishes,



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