To what degree are we impacting and influencing the creation of others’ realities?  Are we creating our own reality, and therefore responsible only for
what exists in our lives, or others too?

Where does our responsibly begin and end?

(the question was longer but I condensed it to the above, which sums it up)


The ‘responsibility’ begins and ends with yourself,
and through that is your connection to everything and everyone else

we are creating our own reality, and therefore responsible only for our
view or perception of all that already exists in our lives?"

each person is experiencing from their point of Self, you cannot step
into another’s shoes or care for another totally, because it will
always be THROUGH your point of Self, it will always be from that
perspective, through the perspective that you have chose to come to
experience as who you are.
Yes, we are responsible for our own
experience as is everyone else, and those with matching vibrations come
together to co-create. The vibrational universe takes care of the
of who, what, where, when, how etc, you nor others do not
need to think about that
, you just need to focus on what’s important to
you and what you want to experience.

Essentially you write the play
you want to experience and the universe will orchestrate the actors and
parts within it. That’s when synchronicities and the flow line up with

You cannot create in another’s experience, and vice versa,
however by thinking of another’s experience you can affect your own
connection to source, god, universe, whatever you want to call it, your
ideal connection is with You, god, universe, etc, and THROUGH that
connection you can positively impact others.

It is through
your connection that others (who want to be a match to it) will be
inspired, those seeking a teacher will attract you, those not seeking
one you will not rendezvous with

Your responsibility
is to yourself and your connection. If you were not to be a samaritan
for someone, they will attract whatever they are a match to, i.e. the
universe does not ‘need’ you or anyone to do anything, there are an
abundance of people who’d show up even if you didn’t – the universe IS abundant – based on what was being Asked by the vibration of the person
asking. Your job is to follow your joy whatever it is. There is no
limit to people willing to do things for others, but it is best done
from a place of connection or joy, because when you’re not, and you
help another, you’re not helping their connection to the resources
available to them either



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  • Rita says:

    An interesting consideration to this question of LOA & relationships is what Abraham-Hicks calls “vibrational set points” — that is to say, vibrations within us that are summoned through present moment experiences, yet constructed from our past. Emotional, or vibrational set points, are wonderful indicators of our desire, contrast, and the possibility to expand. For example, Esther Hicks was treated rudely checking into a hotel that AH productions contracts with for workshops. Her first reaction to this contrast was to report the ill-behaved staff to management. However, in examining her current emotional response & in dialogging with Abraham, she realized that she had left the same establishment almost a year previously under the same vibrational contrast. Abraham encouraged her to decide on what felt best: to report & “fix” or to accept her own (repeated or sustained) attraction of the uncomfortable interaction. (Remember, the world is not broken.)Thus, while we may set out an intention to attract like minded souls, to attract joy, to attract pleasant relationships, our daily intention can not be resistance-free or we would be croaked. There is contrast. Seeing contrast as a gift to see one’s own vibration fully is key.

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you for your comment Rita, and for sharing!
    I know the story you mean lol
    I think we’d be saying the same thing that there is contrast because that’s what gives the richness in life, how do you know white if you don’t have black, and so on, however I wouldn’t say you *can’t* have intentions which are ‘resistance-free’, as you can have intentions which can be vibrationally very high, from love, joy etc, however from your many manifestations you’ll have new perspectives or vantage points (which will have variety, ‘contrast’ etc) from which you can have preferences for new desires to flow energy to

  • Rita says:

    Yes, I should clarify my thinking: I agree *intentions* may be vibrationally very high; all desire is a powerful tool for manifesting. Yet, our vibration as a whole has degrees of resistance communicated to us by our emotions: knowledge, love, hope, frustration, anger, fear. As we move throughout our life as social beings in the physical world, our vibration fluctuates even as our intentions may not. I find this helpful personally because in this way I am free of the “all or nothing” & may usually keep my vibration, as reflected in my emotions, hopeful, or high enough to allow my intentions to manifest. If I am sending out intention, but a sign, a memory, a moment, triggers energy of the past, my positive intention is now to get to a place where the vibration about it is one of knowledge, love or hope. In the beginning, I put a smiley face on little things in order to “stay” positive, but came to realize that all awareness of resistance is meaningful, even if I remember hate or fear. I can move from fear or hate to frustration to hope to love. Perhaps it is possible to be resistance free, to be a sage, but for me, it isn’t my intention; I will enjoy that state in Non-physical, in creating the next “me” — now, I’m happier learning about & releasing my resistance as I enjoy the process of changing my thinking, discovering, feeling. I enjoy that responsibility & honesty with myself. And I agree that we create our reality. But I’m not so sure I’m not co-creating others’ realities as well. For example, if I see my cat as ill, worry, fret, look for illness, do I not influence the cat’s reality? Would it not be better for me to trust the cat’s ability to heal? (I’m not suggesting ignoring wonderful Holistic vet care, but addressing the response, intention, vibrations about its health) If I intend to have a healthy cat, but hold a little worry, am I contributing to my cat’s well-being or messing it up a bit with my worry? Do I have a responsibility as a Deliberate Creator who has knowledge of LOA to co-create with others? If I see the best in another, such as an extended family member, do I bring out the best in them? If I tell a child I’m guidance & then ignore their feelings, do I co-create a person dependent on what others think of them? The question of co-creating is fascinating!

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Rita,
    I agree it’s important to utilise resistance and contrast as useful functions in the manifesting process, in helping define preferences and choices and then lining up to them.
    Contrast is what enables the variety, which enables preferences to be made and lined up towards.
    Regarding responsibility, your responsibility is to your own connection, and LOA will manage matching you up with those to co-create with based on vibrational matches. When you are thinking about what others think you are involving that in your vibration rather than your connection to Yourself (or God, or Source, or Universe, or whatever word you want to use), and your connection to Yourself through your emotions is the most powerful connection you have, and which is in touch with infinite intelligence.
    re: you seeing your cat as ill and asking ‘am I messing it up a bit with my worry?’ you have choices in your vibration and so does the cat (animals are generally better at staying connected than ‘humans’ lol, many of the dis-ease habits they learn are from humans and their behaviours of resistance lol), if you are connected, the cat will feel good around you and you will enable it’s connection. If you are feeling worry, the cat will be able to be around you or it can find someone else (as is the case with anyone) with whom it’s a vibrational match to if it is seeking connection. Everyone has choices, whether they are aware of them or not and make them deliberately or not, or even if it is in not making a choice/decision, that too is a decision.
    Essentially in co-creation it’s about vibrational matches, and LOA manages it, as it does with the vibrational universe