Hemal, when I set a goal or a dream I find it difficult to let go of
the logistics of it, I immediately get bogged down with ‘Oh how am
I ever gonna accomplish this?’
What can I do with that?

Oh this is a good one

First of all realise that every desire/dream in the universe has the
mechanics of its fulfillment within it
, just from the desire (kind of
like a seed has a tree in it)

You want to think about what you want, and feel the nice things about
it and let the universe take care of the how
, kind of like how you
don’t wonder how the seed will grow into a tree.

In terms of what you do, you want to start gently (what I call
‘softening’), think only the gentlest thoughts about it (that would probably mean not getting into the ‘how’), I’ll illustrate with an example. Say it’s about
money, so you might think about the nice things money does for people
around the world and how wonderful it is and what it can create and
what someone can buy with it, etc. 

Notice (when I said gently/softly),
you’re not at all getting into YOU having money and hence the ‘how’ and
any other resistance doesn’t come into it, but you are creating a
vibration within you
of how wonderful money is. What will happen is
whilst you keep your thoughts gently on that (without resistance), then
your vibration will change, and you will be able to have other thoughts
from that without resistance, and so on, in a sense you are
chaining/bridging to where you want to get to/feel

Start with the gentlest thoughts, make it fun.  If it’s not feeling comfortable then soften it

You can also say things like:

I know what I want might seem big but I know that is not my job, my job
is to enjoy the wonderful feelings my goal creates within me and the
excitement, and I know that as I get excited the how will unfold for me
and I’ll enjoy the experience of it

The better better feeling thoughts you create the quicker it unfolds,
but don’t think about the when, how, time, who, etc, you just focus on
the good feeling what and whys

Your job is to summon and allow the energy and to let it unfold
, when you
get onto the logistics you’re living from your humanity not your
divinity, your action not your emotions (just to clarify for anyone
new to this, you want to be living from your good feeling emotions
which will summon your divinity so you won’t be needing to use so much
in the way of actions, more in the way of inspired, ‘leveraged’ actions
which will get you to where you want to go via the shortest possible
route, also known as the path of least resistance, also known as the
path of least effort…)



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  • astatic says:

    The best thing I ever did to help achieve my own dreams was to stop thinking and start acting. For me, motivating myself to take action and risks in achieving my own dreams was the toughest part, but once I realized that I wouldn’t achieve my dreams unless I took action I knew what I had to do. I learned this at a seminar I went to a while back called the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Just the inspiration I needed.