This was a post I wrote in the ‘Synchronicity and Being in the Flow’ group (
) on Facebook, after an interaction with my friend Anima Blue who’s the Admin for
the group. She sent out a message to the group and in it she mentioned
that she had come across the Law of Attraction before but it had never
felt right for her until her and I interacted about it recently and she
felt it was the right time for her to follow up on it. Here’s my post:

message to the group yesterday made me think about what she said in
terms of how she had come across Law of Attraction before but it hadn’t
felt right until her and I talked about it.

It’s great she
mentioned ‘it didn’t feel right’ (not great because ‘it didn’t feel right’ but because she was in tune with her feelings!) previously because your feelings are a
guide as to what’s right for you and what’s not. If you tap into your
feelings (which connect to the big picture, universe, god, whatever you
want to call it) you can have no end of synchronicities and being in
the flow
. Oftentimes, before trusting their own feelings, people tend
to look outside of themselves, and that’s how they don’t line up with
the massive power just waiting to sweep them to where they want to go.
There is no lack to the infinite stream just waiting to take you where
you want to go
, and it gets easier and easier when you are in the
stream because your focus will be on your connection because the
synchronicities happening all around will keep reminding you of it.

back to the feeling thing again lol. Your emotions are an indicator to
where you are vibrationally
, and it’s through your vibration you
communicate to the rest of the universe
. It’s more powerful than any
words you could say. When you follow your joy in the present moment (or
as good as you can), what feels good, you are lining up with the
orchestration happening around you, and ‘the flow’

So going back
to what Anima said, if something doesn’t feel right, that’s ok, know
that there is no end to the universe’s ability to find what’s right for
, but it starts with you making a positive intention about it. If
you focus on what you don’t like and what’s wrong you’ll get more of
the same. If you focus on what your positive intent is – I say intent
because you might have something in front of you you feel isn’t for you
but you can have a positive intent about whatever you are looking for,
regardless of the form you have in front of you currently – so you
focus on what your (positively stated) intent is, without contradicting
it, and the universe will match more for you, even if it’s what you
were previously looking at in a way that will feel good and be easy for
you to let it in! šŸ˜‰



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  • Xio says:

    I was looking for an answer and I found it here…
    I was feeling a negative emotion but I have looking for the solution of this…I was focusing on finding the solution… Magically I got the answer…When I ask for something I am sure that the answer is already there…
    I only need to ask, that is the solution…
    Thanks Universe for being always with me…
    Powerful Questions and Answers…
    Powerful Love