Is there a link between Synchronicity and Manifesting?

Absolutely! Yes there IS a link between manifesting and synchronicity,
in fact it’s more than a link, synchronicity is a channel for the
manifestation to come through, depending on how one defines
synchronicity and manifestation.

Many people live their lives from the place of action and ‘doing’,
there is FAR more power when one lines up vibrationally (through their
emotions) with the power of the universe
, you can do far more in being
lined up with the universe than you could in hundreds of lifetimes
through action alone, one is someone acting in concert with the [power
of the] universe, the other is someone acting on their physical actions

The shortest/quickest way to what you want is to follow your joy/love etc
, and to go after it vibrationally/emotionally.

The universe knows the big picture. You follow your impulses and
feelings, you will then know not to go down the road which you would
normally rationally assume is the way you should do things because
there is a dead end ahead which you wouldn’t know rationally, and
you’ll know to do the spontaneous thing you wouldn’t normally
rationally think of but will in actual fact lead to something else
which will lead to something else which gets you what you want.
synchronicities get you there via the path of least resistance, but you
have to line up with them through your vibration (via your emotions)




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