Harvey: I run a loan business but I have neglected its internal working in the last two months, this could be out of apathy or laziness but perhaps also my souls is not in the business. I am working with a business coach and he wants to introduce some interesting ideas but what he may not realise is that I am not strong enough to help implement and monitor the ideas. I have not recruited well I think in the past year and I have two girls working for me who may not be right for the job or I just have not trained and lead them well.
Whilst I am hesitant to give the business up I am thinking more about my mental and spiritual wellbeing which I think needs attention at the moment due to years of neglect. I can be a very happy or fearful person and I have a lot untapped and unexplored energy. I don’t know how long i can put my spiritual quest off, understanding my mind and developing my creative and light side.
It’s a big dilemma but i am getting a little desperate although of course I am still coping although waking up early most days and this makes me tired of course. I perhaps need to find good staff or maybe a good manager to run my company whilst I go off and explore, maybe India for example. However the business is quite reliant on me at the moment.
What do you think?
Thanks for your attention and help!!

Not wanting to be around something because there is resistance towards it

…but I have neglected its internal working in the last two months , this could be out of apathy or laziness…

Well this is understandable, when one is feeling ‘resistance’ towards something they won’t feel inclined or excited about dealing with it or being around it as much, whether it is a job, business, relationship, health etc.  Resistance is when you are thinking about something that you don’t want (eg something you are fearful of, or just a thought contradicting something that you want) and through that thinking/feeling you are ‘resisting’ the natural flow that puts you in alignment with the big picture and the infinite resources to where you DO want to go.  A person can tell when they are resisting or allowing by how they feel, resisting will have negative emotion associated – due to the discord between your desire and your belief – where you want to be and where you are – and allowing will tend to feel good, it could be feelings of excitement, joy, love and being thrilled as to what you will do with the fresh canvas of life upon you each day.  Feeling good and bad is a continuum, an emotional and vibrational continuum, and you attract things that are a match to the vibration signal you are giving.

…but perhaps also my souls is not in the business…

We’ll work on this a little later in the piece.  At some point the business did come forth from some creative process as it wouldn’t have existed otherwise.  You can reconnect your ‘soul’ or ‘heart’ to it through your emotions, more on this later.

When you line yourself up you attract those in harmony with your vision, or vision from those already around you

…I have not recruited well i think in the past year and i have two girls working for me who may not be right for the job or i just have not trained and lead them well…

When you reconnect yourself vibrationally to whatever it is you do, you will attract the right people to the job or draw those aspects from those people who are already around and want to be a match to it too.  It’s like when someone is in a relationship and they are considering moving on because of certain traits in their partner.  The best way is to be at peace with those traits and to be at peace about the whole thing otherwise if your focus is on something that you don’t like, your vibration will be active about it, and you will tend to attract those traits in the next partner also or in others around you, you attract more of the same through your focus, in all things.  What you might find is WHEN you are at peace with it and are focusing on what you LIKE about your current partner, you will attract those aspects from your current partner (and others around you), because you’re focusing on that and not being distracted by the things you didn’t like.  Your energy and attention is on the things that you DO like.  Energy flows where attention goes.

All possibilities exist

Whilst i am hesitant to give the business up i am thinking more about my mental and spiritual well being which i think needs attention at the moment due to years of neglect…

Consider a scenario where you can have the business AND your mental and spiritual wellbeing, when you are lined up (desire and belief are in alignment – i.e. what you want and what you believe; and you feel good as a consequence) you can do anything and you have the energy and excitement for it.  Or, you can decide that you just want to focus on certain aspects in your life (such as spiritual), and that is your choice, I’m just highlighting that all choices exist based on whatever choices you make.

There is Harmony inherent in every conflict

…I can be a very happy or fearful person and i have a lot untapped and unexplored energy. I don’t know how long I can put my spiritual quest off, understanding my mind and developing my creative and light side.
it’s a big dilemma

It sounds like someone who has a lot of desires and a lot of things they want to get done but one who isn’t in line with them yet or is experiencing conflicts in doing them.  For example ‘I’d like to do x, but I can’t because of y’ (and the word ‘dilemma’ confirms this).  You can have it all if you are lined up to it, or you can struggle with aspects of it as you move towards some things but your attention is on others elsewhere and there is a conflict, you feel like you are being ‘torn’.

So let’s communicate with the aspects, and work on them lining up so they are in harmony…

Communicate with your desire for your spiritual development, identify what it is, what it’s intentions are, goals are, what it wants to accomplish/achieve.  You could imagine it sitting in front of you, or as a part sitting on your open palm, or imagine it as whatever you like as you communicate with it.  And in the same way communicate with that aspect of you that wants your business to work, perhaps on your other palm.  What are its outcomes?  What does it want to accomplish?  The initial answer might be something like some sort of relief from the recent pressure or tension.  Then ask what’s its long term vision or intention.  Is it to thrive?  Grow?  What is it you want to experience from the business?  Everything we experience in life is a metaphor for something we want to experience, an essence, some intention or outcome or purpose, what is the business’ intention for you?  What does it achieve for you?

Now realise that the two intentions (spiritual and business in this case) won’t achieve anything whilst they are in conflict.  As one strives forward the other will pull it back because it’s in conflict and doesn’t feel it can get what it wants.  In harmony they provide synergy to each other and to the rest of you.  And harmony is just a matter of perspective and intent.

Realise THEY BOTH HAVE THE SAME HIGHER INTENTION FOR YOU, whatever that is, whether it be your wellbeing, growth, thriving.  Every desire and essence within you came into you because it felt it could achieve what it came for, within you, else it would have gone elsewhere – Law of Attraction, like attracts like – so any time there is any conflict, it is important to remember that the two parts are in the same time space reality because they actually have a sameness on a deeper level – this is the same with ALL entities, people, countries, etc, if any are at conflict it’s because they are focusing on their differences than on similarities and aspects with which they can grow together and in synergy.  The similarities and agreements could even be just on the level of existence, that they agree they are better off existing and not interfering with each other, even if they do nothing else, or better still in working together and sharing resources, each have something to offer the other.

So it’s in realising that there IS a sameness that the two can line up, and with an intent not to be in conflict.  And it may just mean agreeing that if they don’t have some sort of an agreement neither will achieve what they want (even if it’s not to have a business and to focus on the spiritual), rather than nitpicking on the details.

How would you like things to be?

‘Lots of untapped and unexplored energy’ is good because it implies strong energy flow.  Strong energy is great when you are lined up to it, but when you’re not it can create quite a bit of discord as the discord indicates misalignment between your desires (summoning the energy) and your thoughts and beliefs (allowing the energy).  You might want something but if your focus is on something contradicting it then you get discord, and your emotions tell you when that is happening.  The type of emotion you experience will tell you the difference between the two as will the severity of the discord.
Some people will have little or not very strong desires and so when their thoughts don’t match up the discord (negative emotion) isn’t quite so prevalent.  However when they are lined up the flow isn’t quite as strong as someone who has strong desire and is lined up.

So I’ve explained many dynamics, I’m going to ask you to work with your thoughts.  I’m going to ask you to list out a few things, and it’s best for this process if you write these; writing focuses the energy, because your eyes are seeing what you’re doing,  your self-talk is focused on the words than on anything else, and you’re physically focused on writing; your whole neurology is involved.< /p>

If all possibilities were open to you, let’s say God (or the universe or whatever you want) sat next to you and said How would you like things to be, what would you say?  Make a list.  And write as much as you like.  And it can be as general or as specific as you like, the key thing is that it feels good.  It might help to start general and then go more specific, there’s less resistance when something is general, it’s ‘softer’, and you can get more and more specific.

Creating your Reality, rather than regurgitating what-is

can stagnate (relationships, job, health, businesses, etc) when they don’t go
so well and we focus on ‘what-is’ – i.e. the present perceived reality, and
because that’s where our focus is we create more of the same and more of the
same and so on (see diagram below), the solution is to use your imagination and creativity and
think and FEEL from it, it’s being a visionary not a ‘regurgitator’

When in relationships if people keep focusing
on the problems things get worse and worse as they create more of the same, but
if they focus on what they once loved about that person or what they love now,
or WHAT THEY MIGHT LOVE about them – anything that feels good – that’s what flows energy.  The key thing here is not what the reality
is or what it was or might be, it’s that the thought feels good, and that’s what flows
energy. All possibilities are open in
the universe and the universe is abundant
, it is rich and there is infinitely
more potential than most people could contemplate, and you gain access through
your feelings and the flow of energy and your imagination
, there is infinitely
more power in that than through actions or speech or other means. The universe is vibrational and you gain
access to it through your connection with it vibrationally, your feelings, and
your emotions are a guidance where you are relative to that

This gets you away from thinking how things have been or are (‘what-is’) and gets you to start thinking of WHAT YOU WANT, when you do that and let your thoughts focus on it more and more and more you flow the energy to it, you start getting ideas and you are lead to more thoughts of the same which lead to more ideas and inspiration.


You’re not trying to rationally solve the situation with it, you’re using your imagination to create the thoughts in your mind that feel good, they raise your vibration, from the new vibration you have possibilities open to you you didn’t have before.

Remember, the key is write things that feel good.  You might not find it easy at first because your mind has been focused on the situation at hand and you need to practice thinking of what you want.  So you could put softening statements at the start that pace where things have been so you can then lead on to the thoughts that feel good.  For example:

-Well, I’ve had this situation for a while and it’s felt uncomfortable but I’d like to solve it
-It’s not been easy in the past and I still get stuck, but I want to find something that moves this on
-There are more possibilities available than I might have thought
-I may not know for sure the infinite possibilities that the universe can show to me, but I’d like to find out…
-Out of all the things the universe can do, working with a business must be one of the easiest, relatively speaking
-There are many things I’d like, whether in this business or outside of it in my life
-My spiritual and mental wellbeing are important to me, and I can feel I have strong desires for them.  Strong desires are good
-I’d like my business in a place where it is taking care of itself and perhaps even growing and I’m spending my life doing the things I love, including doing the things I love about my business

And so on….

Tapping into what you loved about it in the first place

You may want to ask yourself, when you started the business what were the things you loved about it?  What inspired the creation of it?  If it was something like ‘money’ or ‘making ends meet’ that’s fine too, EVERYTHING HAS POSITIVE ASPECTS TO IT.  The universe is meaningless until you give it meaning and that shapes the reality you experience and it perpetuates until you change the meaning.  What can you appreciate about your business?

-It came to me at a time when I needed money, or making ends meet
-This business has been good to me over the years.  It may have had its challenges and may still do, but it’s something that has been good to me
-This business deserves better
-I know there is wisdom and guidance coming to me about how great this business can be
-This business has so much potential
, it can go places, it can offer a lot of value

An analogy about reconnecting with what you loved about it in the first place

When people are in relationships what often happens is they fall in love and everything is wonderful (and they may or may not be aware of lovely synchronicities happening around them, as they’re most likely in a higher vibration) and they’re focusing on all the things they love about the other person.  And then they might notice one small aspect they don’t appreciate in the other.  And then they’ll ponder it, dwell on it.  And what happens if you dwell on something – anything, whether positive or negative?  By virtue of LOA it gets bigger.  And then it’s not so small, it gets bigger.  And they dwell on it.  And it gets bigger still.  Then they find they have arguments, and there is more tension around the place.  And then they find they almost can’t not get into an argument. 

This may be similar to your business where when you look around you see things that give you stress and tension.  The solution is to practice taking your attention off those things that do that, and practice your attention on things about it that feel good, it doesn’t matter what they are, anything.  That way you are ‘allowing’ and not ‘resisting’.  You could even focus on things outside of the business that feel good, the key thing is not to get into resistance about the business.  There could be 999 things wrong with the business but you could focus on one good feeling thought you have about it, and hold your attention to it (for at least 17 seconds) without contradicting it and another thought will join it.  And hold it for another 17 seconds and another thought will join that, and so on. And you build the momentum in a positive direction.  What will happen is you will start to feel more and more excited about your business, you’ll enjoy being there, you’ll enjoy doing more with it, you will have creativity and inspiration and you’ll be inspired to do things.  And your business will thrive.  Which will also mean you will feel even better about it, it perpetuates itself, but you use your imagination to get it going when initially things weren’t how you wanted them.

You have all choices open to you

Having said all of the above, when you get to a place of inspiration you will also have the choice to move on from the business, and that is up to you.  But by getting yourself into a place of allowing you enable yourself to make the best choices, the wisdom and the guidance will flow to you, whether it be through ideas you get or through ‘coincidences’ or synchronistic experiences, for example you might see a newspaper article that mentions something or catch a TV programme or you might overhear a conversation which is just right for what you’re looking for.

Your vibration will determine the people you attract

You mentioned about attracting a manager or staff, when you are feeling good about your business you will attract better people in relation to your business than you would otherwise.  Remember, like attracts like.  If you are thinking of your business as a problem and it being difficult, you are likely to attract people that will think from a similar point of view, or have a similar vibration about it.  If you are excited about this opportunity you have, you will attract people with whom you can enthuse with.

If you keep thoughts of :
-Well, at the moment the business is not taking care of itself, but at some point I think it can
-With the business taking care of itself I’ll have so much time to myself, and the business can thrive too
-I know there are plenty of good people out there who can be very successful with business, and I know my business deserves that
-This can be such a win-win, I’ve created an opportunity here with my business for someone to come along and thrive with it, I can have all the time I want for myself, and my business is better through all of this too

Do you notice the improvement in feeling and perception?
And you have to practice these thoughts and live FROM them (not necessarily the ones I’ve listed but those that are relevant for you.)  You may not get a phone call the next minute (or you might!), but you will certainly feel better in thinking these thoughts and how you feel about your business will be better, and you can let what manifests in the physical take place.


Above I have mentioned quite a few approaches to this, but the key thing is to feel less and less bad about it, regardless of the presently perceived reality, and get onto feeling better and better.

One other note on this:
Oftentimes when you’re coming to work with experiences from a place where things weren’t positive you may initially be looking to get relief, in that initially it’ll be about feeling less worse, less stress etc, and as the ‘negative’ feelings get less and less you can focus on ‘feeling better’ and more and more positive emotions.  A lot of talk is made about ‘feeling good’ however sometimes when someone is feeling very negative they may not be able to contemplate such a thing as ‘feeling good’ and it can be about feeling ‘less worse’ and lessening those negative feelings and then getting onto positive feelings and amping them up, and feeling better and better.



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