I’ve often said about GET INTO THE FEELING OF WHAT YOU WANT, here’s a way of doing it…

Firstly, determining your sense of time…

You have a sense of your past yes?  i.e. a collection
of memories, going back over the years?  It doesn’t have to be vivid
necessarily, but just a sense of it.  And you have a sense of the
future?  And right now you are at Now.  Can you imagine a sort of
timeline with that?  You have a way of differentiating for example what happened last week to last year, and also what you expect next week to, say, next year for example.

Working with the Future

I’m going to go through a few steps, you may want to try them all initially and then later use the ones (of the later steps) you particularly enjoy and have a feel for, essentially they are giving you a new perspective, a new way of looking at, or rather FROM, your goal.
So in future this can be a quick process because you know what you like
and enjoy, initially I’m giving you a few ways you can use this.

1. Ok, think of something you want in the future.  It could be a specific goal or it could be an intention, so for example you could say ‘I have the solution to my financial/business challenges
because currently you don’t know what the answer is, or even that there
might be a possible answer, because you are in ‘problem’ mode, you
could be finding it difficult to contemplate a solution, so you find it
easier to set an intent than try to think of a specific solution. 

On the other hand you could have a specific goal too
which you know you want.  Anything is fine, this process is really for
helping you in ALIGNING VIBRATIONALLY with what you want.  You can use whatever form you want, and as you practice the vibration you’ll have experiences and thoughts which will make it clearer anyway (and you can do this exercise as much or as little as you like, in whatever way feels best)

2. Float up above Now in your time line,
so you’re above Now looking down seeing yourself down there in Now.
You can do this closed or open eye, whichever you prefer. 

3.  Now go forward in time to when you feel you will have this goal or outcome or intent.  You don’t have to be precise in terms of timing if you don’t want to, you can just get a sense of when.
It’s important you feel comfortable (and possibly excited or better
when you finish).  How soon you can have things is based on your
ability to ‘allow’ and as you work with your thoughts and beliefs, what
you can do and how quickly will always be evolving and improving anyway.

So now you’re above your timeline, above the event or outcome or intention (not ‘in’ it, yet).  Look down and see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel.  You can see yourself down there with your outcome. 
you want to get some distance on it you can float higher above your
timeline or if you want to get closer you can go down and into it
(which we’ll do in a moment))

Describe to yourself what is happening down there.
So you’ve gotten your goal, how is it for you?  What are you seeing?
Hearing?  Feeling?  What is happening around you?  Describe it in as
much detail as you like.  If it feels good then spend time on it, milk the thoughts vibrationally, let the energy flow from the feelings.
If it doesn’t feel good then adjust it so it does.  You may want to
work with your thoughts separately and come back to this exercise with
something you DO feel good about.


4.  Step INTO the outcome and experience it vividly.  Feel the emotions.
If you’ve acquired something then how does it feel to have it or own
it.  What does it feel like when you touch/hold it, what is the texture
like?  The colours?  What do you hear?

Spend as long on this as you like.  This could be a
fun place to be!!  Remember, when you’re feeling good you are flowing
life force.  Your thoughts were always your way of flowing energy and
when you’re doing it you feel great.  So milk it, use this to feel as
good as you like.  Keep yourself in this place for as long as you can, at least 17+ seconds (so your vibration adjusts to your thoughts), and minutes and longer if you like.  Play with it than thinking of it as an exercise.  Manifesting, like most things in life, it works best when it’s fun and a game than when it’s a jobPlay!!  Lol

5.  Now this is a key step, go back above your timeline again, like you’re over the event, and go to AFTER the event has occurred.
It can be an hour, a day, a week etc, whatever time period you like,
but it’s AFTER THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the event, it’s all done
and over and you have what you wanted.  Notice I said ‘wanted’, because from this perspective it will be something that has happened,
i.e. you are AFTER the event has occurred.  Now, look down, how does it
feel?  How does it feel to be being, doing, having what you wanted?  To
be living FROM it?  You can also step down into the event (i.e. after
the goal has happened)

From this perspective, you’re not wanting or looking for something, because you already have it!
You’re not only BEING, DOING, HAVING, but because you are further in
time in having it (from when the goal was achieved), you’ve been being,
doing, having for some time, so in fact the absence of it isn’t even
there because you’ve had it and the vibration of having it is very familiar to you.

Other uses for the Perspective of the Future

This is also a great process for removing anxiety
about something.  Because if you are truly seeing yourself from a
perspective of having something, from beyond its successful completion,
how can you be anxious about it?  It (anxiety) can’t exist because YOU
HAVE WHAT YOU WANT, you’re looking from a perspective of beyond having

And if say you don’t know if you can think about
having it then why not?  Why would you want to line yourself up
vibrationally with something than what you want?  Why would you want to
think of something other than what you want?  It’s taking charge and
taking responsibility of the thoughts you have.

If you were anxious about a date (or an interview for
example), you couldn’t be nervous about it from a perspective of AFTER
it happened could you?  From the day after or a week after for
example.  Anxiety is an emotion of the future and it can’t exist when
you’re looking back from beyond it, with thoughts of having succeeded.
You can get a bit more distance and go into the future a bit more
further on from the outcome if you want to, but anxiety can’t exist if
you’re beyond the event and thinking thoughts of it having gone how you wanted it to, and why would you want to think otherwise anyway…

Something else you can do, if you’re into
conscious/intellectual learnings lol, is when you’re beyond the
successful completion of the outcome you can ask yourself questions
such as:

  • What have you learnt?
  • Who have you become, in what ways have you grown/developed?
  • If you were to give yourself 3-5 great learnings in having achieved this, what would they be?
  • And so on…

And you can ask any questions you want, but remember the answers will be as good as the questions you ask lol.  The Receiving will be as good as the Asking  lol  So ask yourself the most amazing questions you like.

There is no such thing as time, there is only the past and future constructionsperspectivesfrom your present moment, you are working with time to gain insights and perspectives which are always available to you.

You can also go further in time too, for example 10 years or more, and look back at the insights from that perspective, AND USE THEM NOW.
So you’re using the wisdom from the future, NOW, and not having to go
through as much trial learning as you might have otherwise.

Let’s say someone is looking to find someone and be
in a relationship, be married, etc.  They could see the events unravel
in their timeline, they could be above it and look down and see these
events occur, and they could go out to say 10 years in time when
they’ve been married for a number of years, fantastically, happy,
successful experiences (why would you want to entertain a vibration any
less than that…? 🙂 ), they could imagine them to be the most
glorious years of their life.

You can create whatever fantasies and realities you like in
your future and USE THEM to gain massive insights.  What if you created
a future reality of working with the top people in your field, and you
had gained 10 years of insights with them, and brought it back to now
to use?  What is that doing?  It is lining you up vibrationally to that
wisdom, you will be acting and living and feeling FROM that place.
Every thought that has ever been thought is available to you, you just
need to be in vibrational range to access it.

The Physical follows your Vibration

Remember, the physical follows your vibration not
the other way round.  Don’t look around you for things to inspire you,
because whilst there may be things, you’re relying on external (i.e.
outside of you) influences to affect your vibration, which means you’ll
do well when things will be going well, but when there aren’t too many
inspirational things around you you may not do so well (because you’re
relying on external influences), instead be a visionary and blaze a trail based on your thoughts and intentions, let your vibration create the physical experiences to match it, and the irony is you’ll then attract the external influences that inspire you anyway,
no matter what is happening in the world.  The world could be in a
recession but you’ll be amongst those that are thriving because if your vibration is of prosperity, you can’t attract anything other than that, it’s a universal law.

Any questions on this feel free to write to me, I’m
happy to clarify anything, and if you found it of value then great!
And let me know so I have feedback on what you’re liking.  And if it
wasn’t great for you, not to worry, there’s an ABUNDANCE of processes
and things you can do, so there’ll be limitless numbers of those that
WILL be great for you



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