You’ve probably heard me say a few times about following your joy in the moment and how that is the way the Universe (or God or Source or The Stream etc etc) communicates to you.  And how that connects you to it’s infinite power, it’s Infinite Intelligence than you working things out logically and rationally. 

The ANSWERS TO YOUR DREAMS ARE AROUND YOU ALL THE TIME, yet by not following our joy or impulses and thinking our goals or dreams are further away, by not ‘allowing’ them we can find ourselves not paying attention to your guidance, within all of us, the impulses that guide us. 

Before you go to the grocery store the Universe has already determined who you will bump into and meet by the vibration that you are resonating, the Law of Attraction is a manager (it’s the organising principle in the universe) and you will meet what you are a vibrational match to, it has already determined how you might stop off along the way to do something and be delayed by just the right amount to rendezvous with your vibrational matches at the grocery store, and this can be changed by changing your intention and your focus (and thus your vibration).

The answers to your dreams are right around you  as the universe is abundant and infinite, ‘time’ and ‘steps’ and ‘action’ are human/physical concepts.  Logically and rationally you may believe you need to take step 1, then step 2, then maybe step 3 or 4 and so on.  The universe has the big picture, it’s got the map on all levels and more, it orchestrates based on vibration, not on action or steps.  By you following your impulses, by what feels good, by what feels like joy, it can get you to do something that takes you from step 1 to step 70, and then from 71 to 90 and then to 100 because it knows the routes to take – there are an infinite number of routes – it knows the paths of least resistance based on your beliefs, however that may not have formed part of your ‘action plan’ because you were following that as your guidance rather than your emotions.  It’s like you’re looking at it from one dimension, and the universe is seeing everything from a far bigger picture.  Remember as I say, the universe is not an action universe, it’s a vibrational universe.  And your job is to set your vibration and let the universe orchestrate the happenings, and for you to get out of the way of the ‘how’, at least in that it doesn’t affect your vibration.

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say you’re starting a business and you want to print 10,000 flyers and distribute them to promote it.  But what you don’t know is the person you sit next to on the train has a business and they have over 100,000 clients of which a percentage could do with exactly what you’re offering and for the business owner it would be a value added courtesy on the part of his business to his clients to make the connection.  So on the train you might see him with a unique briefcase which might inspire you to make a comment or start a conversation, just because you’re feeling happy and you want to share and interact, not because you have any other intentions or know anything else on a conscious level, you’re just following the feel-good vibes.  So you start a conversation and he is enjoying it too (he’s a vibrational match remember, EVERYTHING in your experience is, and if you’re feeling good he’s a match to that, and if he wasn’t pleasant your joy is based on your own feelings anyway, your own connection and guidance, not because you need it to from the ‘outside’)

And so as the conversation continues you both find out about each other’s businesses and the mutually beneficial opportunities.  The business owner tells you it’s funny he bumped into you because he’d been looking for ways of adding value for his clientèle.

He also says he has been getting cold calls but they just didn’t ‘feel right’ and in bumping into you and getting to know you he feels more comfortable working with you and you both arrange to meet and discuss it further.

And it turns out that of the 100,000 clients many become long term customers of yours.

Now how would you have ‘planned’ that out?  How could you have done an ‘action plan’ for that?  I’m not saying don’t, because if that’s what you believe in then that’s what you should do (it’s about being aligned with what you believe, but also enabling your beliefs to evolve and be more free and open and ‘allowing’ too), I’m saying don’t discount the power of lining up with the power of the universe.  You don’t have to be in any groups or religions or have to be ‘in’ something, you just have to line up to it, the stream is Infinite.  You being connected to it in your empowerment is more powerful than being with any groups that aren’t connected. You don’t even have to know Law of Attraction or any other concepts or understand anything else, there are no conditions to it other than you think thoughts that feel good and line up with your joy.  Vibration is Universal, it is independent of language.  And there are an infinite number of ways and paths to where you want to go

How do you know the person you next meet won’t know a medicine or a cure for the ‘untreatable’ illness you’ve been diagnosed with, or won’t know someone that knows someone that knows your ‘soulmate’? 

If you have a vibration of something, the physical manifestation of it must take place on some level, it’s Law.  It does require you to put your focus and your dominant attention on that subject to a place where you want it to be, you have to feel FROM it, and then the Universe will orchestrate the events in your life to reflect it.  Your physical reality is a reflection of your inner reality, not the other way around




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