A few thoughts for stimulation,

  • Everything that you have Asked for is ready and waiting for you and ‘all’ you have to do is let it in.  Through your decisions and preferences you have already (vibrationally) stated what you want, the universe has heard you, just need to let it in by getting yourself to a feeling place in line with what you want so that you are a vibrational match and it can enter your life.  ‘I don’t want to be broke’ stimulates desire and preferences, you need to line up with ‘I have money, lots of it, it flows easily to me, the universe is abundant’ etc to resonate with that reality

  • The universe is a vibrational one, it does not make exceptions for you, it doesn’t not give you what you want just because it’s you  lol, you can manifest what you want as much as anyone else can.  But what if others want ‘the same thing’?  You have to remember it is an abundant universe and has the resources to give you what you want and everyone else what they want and more.  It can bake more than enough pies for all.

For everyone that wants to be a singer, an audience is waiting.  For
everyone that wants to write a book, readers are waiting.  For everyone
that wants to fall in love, there is someone waiting to fall in love
with them.  For everyone that has a desire for a business, there are
customers waiting.  It’s the moulding of the thought and intention that
gets you to that place where you have manifested it on a physical level.

The way to get from the initial intention to being in front of the
audience or the lover or customers is through moulding and working with
the energy and expecting and seeing yourself with it, it’s lining up
your thoughts and feelings with it

  • Know that when you are Asking, and have a desire, what you want is already out there, all possible realities exist

  • The universe does not take part in contests for first, second etc – that’s a scarcity model where only so many can have what they want, the universe deals in abundance where everyone can have what they want, for they are all part of the universe and it lives through everyone

Contests and ‘competitions’ are human concepts and often based on external recognition (i.e. recognition from others), they can stimulate contrast, preferences and desire in the individual – everything serves a useful purpose.  But your most important connection is with yourself and your emotional guidance, not with others, who also have their own guidance.  You following your guidance is more powerful than working with the rest of the world, as your actions and intentions will be from a higher guidance and will consequently inspire the rest of the world through your own connection anyway

The universe does not deal in external recognition (other than your requests and preferences as a result of it), it deals with you being self referential, you being lined up, you being in connection with your Spirit (or God or Universe or You, etc).  It will give you whatever you want, based on your vibration and essences and emotions, but not in your need of recognition from others, in that case it will give you more of the same, more to need (law of attraction)

  • Focussing on your vibration will inspire you to the actions and the orchestration of the universe

The action level works your body consciousness and allows you to hone and get a precise vibration.  It’s not the action that gets you what you want but the alignment in your vibration, the action element gets you to sharpen your vibration.

When you work on your vibration you cannot not attract what you want, it is Law, and it’s quantum physics, the universe won’t make an exception for you  lol, if you’re a match for it, you’ll receive it, always

  • It’s not the goal or the picture you are visualising, that’s just
    acting as a metaphor, a tool for you to flow the energy and raise your vibration and ‘line up’, there are an
    infinite number of ways the universe can get you what you want
    , it’s
    up to you to let go of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ and allow the universe to work with its intelligence and not yours, no matter how divine you think it is   😉

Its intelligence works on many dimensions and you work WITH IT by lining yourself up vibrationally, the universe loves working through you and with you, it loves expanding and it loves you having goals and desires.  When you feel good your connection with the universe is stronger and stronger, that’s why you may notice more synchronicities around that time.  Feeling good is something you can do within, regardless of what is happening in the world, remember – self referential, not external recognition/referential, you get more of whatever you focus on



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