This post is from my good friend Faydra Rector-Sargent, the permalink for it is We found our blogs very much resonated with each other’s and we agreed we’d refer to them.  This post is very much what I’ve always said about focusing on what you want and letting go of the ‘How’ and the details and letting the Universe orchestrate it, I’ve written notes on this years ago and have referred to it in posts, including number 17 in Manifesting and Law of Attraction 101

Here we go….

Whenever you are working to be, do and have the things in life that you want, all you should focus on is what you want and three special words: Abundance, Clarity and Well-being. It is not your job to worry about how you will get what you want or who is going to bring it to you. Your focus needs to be on defining what you want, believing that it is yours to have and allowing it to flow to you. I know that to some, this sounds way out there, but at any level, this is all you need to get what you desire.

When you add to what you desire the additional desire to have abundance, clarity and well-being in your life, you are asking to manifest the tools that you need to create your own life. If you desire a new career and you focus on receiving clarity in your life, you will begin to see opportunities where there had been none. You will see people in a new light and you will attract circumstances and people who are beneficial in reaching your goals.

When you desire wealth and you focus on abundance, you will see more than just dollars in your account. You will see everything you want is on sale, coupons, free items, you may win the lottery, you will sense satisfaction with what you already have. These are signs of abundance.

When you desire health and you focus on well-being. You will see your relationships improve, your health regenerate and your awareness of your body and mind increase.

All of this happens by naming it and claiming it with the power of belief and clarity of what you want.


In understanding this law of attraction, there is something else you need to understand. You are only able to attract into your life, that which is like you. You can not will another to you. You can not apply this law to a specific person. If you do and they come it is only because they were on the same level of attraction. I can’t want Brad Pitt, believe he is mine for the having and know that he is on his way. I can; however, desire my soul mate, identify his qualities and know that he is on his way and with the belief that I am abundant, have clarity and well-being, know that I will have what it takes to recognize when he presents himself.

If you set your sights on a person and spend time desiring that person and they do not respond, you are misfocused. If you only allow the possibility that the person you identified is the only thing that you “want”, you are off base. You need to redefine your wanting.

I often use a simple term when I am working out what I want. I simply say “this or something better”. This is my out for knowing that I am not nearly as smart as the universe and therefore in my infinite unwisdom, may think I have it all figured out, but clearly, I do not. So, I always add “this or something better” This, coupled with the moment by moment desire for abundance, clarity and well-being means that I can’t go wrong. I have not made the wanting an all or nothing scenario.

See, if I did the all or nothing scenario, I would only be focused on the “how” or the “who”. I can not truly know the number of ways to achieve what I desire, so by putting out there that I am willing to receive that which I hadn’t even considered (but that may be more fabulous than what I thought I wanted) I am setting the stage for the universe to have a field day in bringing me some great stuff.

Remember Garth Brooks’ song Thank God For Unanswered Prayers? That is an example of the universe knowing better than you.

It is hard in the middle of a tragedy to believe that there is something better. The death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a friend or any loss seems unbearable and it seems that no good can come from it. I know that for me, it has brought something good.

Sometimes it is a lesson that makes you better the next time around. Especially in love.

So, for tonight I say this: I desire with all my heart a connection with the universe that allows me clarity, abundance and well-being. In my request, I desire to use that clarity, well-being and abundance to expand myself and the universe in a positive way. I know that all I want is mine to have and that all that I want is here and on its way to me. I deserve the things that I want because I am fabulous and I use my fabulousness to make others fabulous. I desire to connect with people who share the same interests and values as I do and I seek to allow others to be who they desire. I desire to go forth into the world looking for only that which makes me happy. This or something better……

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  • XIO says:

    This is great…Thank you very much…

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Xio, lovely to hear from you

  • Karina says:

    Ohhhh I felt so amazing after I read this, I love it.
    My words can not express the wonderful feeling of apreciation that I have right now. Thank you so much Hemal and your friend!!!

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Karina, I’ll let Faydra know also, I’ve just put another post of hers up a moment ago
    Take care 🙂

  • meg says:

    I think there is one important thing about this — we inherently ‘know’ if we are wanting someone that we simply can’t have for whatever reason. But also, just because someone specific we desire a chance with doesn’t manifest immediately or even quickly, doesn’t mean that it won’t be.
    For example, my husband and i dated for a brief time many years ago, and through tragic circumstances, were parted. Neither one of us in all those years stopped hoping and desiring the other, but things had to work out for the best timing for each of us. I was faithful to my heart and never dated anyone else, and didn’t stress it. I was content and fulfilled in my life as a single woman. My husband was in a very bad and controlling marriage, and though he’d had many signs he should take action to leave, it took him a LONG TIME (6 years) to finally make the move. As soon as he did, all the things he’d wanted for all those years, started to arrive — including ME! We ran into each other several times out and about.
    When we want something that can’t be — be it Brad Pitt 🙂 or Angelina Jolie, we will get re-directed to where our true desire lies.
    Just my thoughts, and my experiences! Great blog.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Meg, that’s an absolutely lovely story!
    On a deeper level the Universe knows what you want, and when you create the space for it (‘allow’) and let it, it manifests with a vibrational match.
    As they say, ‘God’s delays are not God’s denials’ lol
    That’s a lovely story and thank you for sharing!

  • Dora Crow says:

    This is wonderful, “This or something better…” !
    That really opens things up so more can flow to you and through you.
    The doors are wide open, let all the abundance enter, expand within, and at the same time: spread out, touching and flowing through others.

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thanks for that, Dora!

  • TerryFree says:

    “This or something better”… Even thoughts like this come along at the right time for me. I have read and re-read ideas like this many times before and yet never fail to gain a fresh insight. Thanks once again Hemal and to Faydra for this post.

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