Mohamed: (Paraphrased) I think that the most important point is to know what you really want,
It’s really difficult, for me at least, to know what I do want…

Look at it like a lump of clay you are going to mould, and your
questioning about what you want will enable you to get clarity in
closer sculpting/creating what you want

So you ask what you don’t want to get what you DO want

you’re finding that you don’t have clarity on what you don’t want or
what you do want, i.e. nothing is coming up, ask yourself what’s
about the decision? i.e. if you don’t have a preference of
what you do or don’t want, then why is it mattering? i.e. what are your
preferences ABOUT
the decision itself?
And they will give you criteria
and wants and don’t wants to work with

So you might say, ‘I’d
really like to decide what job to get, but I can’t think of what I like
or don’t like’
Ok, so why are you thinking about it, why is it even a
consideration, why is this even coming up for you?

‘Because I’ve
got to get a job, money, furthering myself etc’
Ok, money, furthering
yourself. What does furthering yourself mean? What does money mean to
you? And as you get clarity, also work then on getting onto the
feelings of those things

So say you’ve gotten clarity and you’re
saying ‘I want $x income a month and I’d like to have my own business
within a year’
, so ask yourself: How does that FEEL? What are the
essences to it?

So you could say ‘Well I’d feel so secure and
safe and actually a little rich with a consistent income, I’d feel
stable, in fact maybe even excited about the way things were going. I’d
certainly appreciate things a lot. And about having my own business,
wow, I’d be excited, that’d be so thrilling’
, so you have some FEELINGS
and essences, these are what will bring the universe to orchestrate
things with you, it responds to your vibration, and your emotions are
an indicator of that
Keep yourself around those feelings (and not on
the lack of them) and things around will you will move and you will
notice them and that will perpetuate more good things happening and so

Have fun  🙂

Hi Hemal
Thanks for your response.
I have to make a step in this road, I have to decide
what I do want to be, because I feel so scared when I think that I may
keep thinking without taking an action until it’s too late.

So ask yourself what are you ‘scared’ of? i.e. you are fearful of
something you don’t want, use that to define what you want. You could
make a list of what would happen if you didn’t do this or that or what
could go wrong or what’s wrong with the various options, then use that
to define what you DO want, and that’s where the power will be

right now you feel comfortable taking some action then feel free to do
so. There is nothing wrong with taking action. The preference is to
line up vibrationally (with emotions) but it is also about lining up
with your beliefs, so if currently you’d feel better in taking some
action then feel free to do so. Ask yourself what would feel better
right now, whatever that is

Absolutely you want to make a step
in the road, what I mentioned above was a way of getting clarity on the
journey ahead of you. So you could take other action steps, or you
could take clarification steps (and when you have clarity you will feel
inspired and the actions will come very naturally anyway), either way
you will experience things which will give you more clarity on what you
do want and what you don’t want and you will be getting closer to what
you want.

And if you are in a place of fear, just work on
feeling slightly better, whatever that is. You have reached out and
asked for guidance/opinions, give yourself credit, you have taken
actions and done some things about it. Even if you hadn’t received
answers, give yourself credit nevertheless. And work on gently feeling
better. You don’t have to wait for the reality to change for you to
feel better, there are things you can feel better about right now,
which will change your reality anyway. But focus on your feelings about
it, and if for you that involves actions then so be it, it’s really
about what works for you.

As an after-note to this interaction, Mohamed kindly wrote to me to thank me for it and posted it on his blog at Route 1900 for March 24 2008


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