Hi Hemal,

I just, first of all want to thank you for your amazing blog, it’s really
helpful and uplifting.
And I have a question, I am going to compete in my first fitness modeling contest
this year, and as you know I have to be on a special diet exercising etc etc.
Food is something that I really enjoy (as most people) and since I cannot eat what I would like to have I sometimes find myself pigging out one day
or two, then start eating clean for maybe 2 or 3 weeks and then the same thing
happen again. I had no problem stopping the smoking and the drinking since I
started (6months ago) and every time it’s there I just don’t pay attention to it,
and it doesn’t bother me, but with food it’s different I would love to stick to
my diet and not feel guilty and be afraid that I will gain some weight every
time I pig out, or eat something I really like. I’ve been trying to let myself
go to find the answer, but I think I need a little guidance, is there something
that you could tell me please? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you so much.



Thanks Karina 🙂

There is leverage when working from the aspect of Vibration

Strictly speaking your body can actually consume whatever it
wants and look how it wants to, it’s to do with the meaning and beliefs someone
has about the food itself, i.e. the vibration they have about the food. So for example if someone eats chocolate cake
they expect their body to respond a certain way, however if their internal
communication was similar to how their body responds to salad, for example,
then it would have the same response. Now one can either work on the internal communication (working on their
) through visualising their body, working with their beliefs etc, or
do things (‘actions’) such as watch their diet, exercise etc, or a
combination, and the answer to that is whatever is the path of least
resistance, whichever is the quickest/easiest way to get where you want to get.
Doing things from a vibrational point of view always has
more power and leverage

By imagining and feeling how it feels, having the body you
want, in detail, you will find yourself more attracted to the behaviours
conducive to that, you may also find yourself around the right advice, hearing
the right things landing on the right websites, bumping into and speaking to people who have something valuable to offer you and so on. The most important thing you can do is line
up your vibration, your feelings and thoughts towards it
, and let the universe
orchestrate the rest, and the ‘actions’ will also be more familiar and ‘easier’
too. Create compelling emotions for what
you’re about to do, that totally excite you, let your actions be as a consequence of a love for what
you’re about to do than something ‘forced’.

As regarding loving what you are about to do, practice the
thoughts. You might say ‘I’m not looking
forward to the actions of this’, well focus on something you love about what
you’re going to do, even one small aspect that you know you like or love, whatever that may be.  It doesn’t have to
be an action, it could be something about the competition or how your body will look, it could be ANYTHING, even
un-related to what you are doing, just feel good about something (as it will get you off anything
that didn’t feel good), the key thing is when you are feeling good you are attracting good things in all areas, so long as you don’t focus on resistance or negative emotions in that context.

For example, if someone is having a challenge making money, if they can get themselves to focus on any other subject and feel good and not focus on what about money doesn’t feel good to them they will attract money.  So it doesn’t have to be about the subject that you find things that make you feel good, the priority is feeling good, period.

Tap into the Emotions 

So tap into the emotions of why you are doing it, what do
you love about it? What feels good? What excites you? What burns you with enthusiasm and energy?

Initially it might just be a thought, or maybe you have some
strong thoughts. Just focus on whatever
is there, keep your attention on it and don’t contradict it (i.e. don’t think
of things you don’t like about it lol),
and just by starting to focus on something, no matter how small, and keeping
your attention on it it will grow and grow by virtue of Law of Attraction, and
it will continue to keep growing unless you contradict it


What are the best aspects, what do you love about it?

What are the best aspects of what are you about to do? Wouldn’t it be nice if what happened?  What are the things that would be nice to
happen? It’s not about what things you
think about or what you expect or don’t expect or what’s possible or what isn’t, whether they are real or not or any of the details about them,
what’s important is how they feel, and that’s what’s affecting your vibration
and making far far more powerful changes than your actions alone would
.  You could daydream all day and it may not be ‘reality’ but if you just got absorbed in it and it felt good that will do FAR MORE for you than anything else.  When you line up vibrationally you are saving 1000s of action hours.

Seconds of thought are equivalent to thousands of physical action hours

Every 17 seconds of non-contradicted thought you focus on the subject is equivalent to 2000 physical action hours.  Continuing to hold the thought for another 17 seconds (34 seconds in total), thus attracting another thought to it, is equivalent to 20,000 action hours.  51 seconds of thought is equivalent to 200,000 action hours, 68 seconds is equivalent to 2 million physical action hours because each 17 seconds attracts another thought (due to the Law of Attraction) and another thought and so on, and there is a dynamic compounding effect when each thought mixes with the others, and the attraction gets stronger and stronger exponentially and the power and the energy build and attract things to you on a physical level, magnetically and vibrationally things will be drawn to you as a result of your thoughts and you will feel the energy flowing through you.  You will feel excitement and emotions that delight you, they are your indicator on where you are vibrationally, work on feeling good and use your emotions as a guide.



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  • Karina says:

    Thank you thank you so much, oohhh I feel amazingly wonderful after reading your blog, wooooowwww. Happy happy joy joy, I am just so happy =). I am oohhh gosh I am so happy that I can’t stop smiling hehehe, your blog was amazing and it does make more sense now, sometimes we do need some guidance, and it is much better when it come from amazing teachers like you.

  • XIO says:

    Thank you Karina and thank you Hemal again for this post…
    I asked for it and here I got the confirmation (AGAIN)…:)
    I started to work on my body two months ago again(I do it at least two for year)… I am always sure that whatever I do to have my body the shape I want, it is going to work perfectly,,, buuuttt when I have some internal conflict with myself I started to feel unhappy with this again…
    This time thanks to all I have learned about the “LAW OF ATRACTION” I decided to do this process better and deeper…
    I started on having positive feeling about my body and focus on the shape I want to have it. I am also focus on being and feeling healthy, happy, relax and with a lot of energy…
    I still eating the same thing I used to eat, but this time I am checking my feeling about the impulse about the amount I want to eat and why I want to eat this…I asked to myself, “Do I want to eat this because I am hungry or because I am worry or because I am not happy with myself? If I eat this I will feel good or I will feel guilty?
    When I observe myself I feel this process working much better“…
    Now I eat only the amount I need to eat…When there is the Most Attracting, Testing and Delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake(my favorite) I m happy eating a little piece of it. I can feel satisfy enough with a small portion of it and that tells that my impulse of eating it was positive because I enjoyed it a lot…
    For 4 months I was taking bunch of medications and vitamins to get better from a bronchitis symptoms and some other symptoms too…Since two months ago I have worked on feeling GOOD with my internal body too and that makes feel SO GOOD, SO HEALTHY then I decided took away all kind of medications …I give to my body a lot of love and I see it with a lot of energy too…
    I got through this article some others GOOD advice. This article also supports and helps me to feel more attach to my GOOD and Happy feelings about my body and myself and confirmed the Secret of keeping or having a perfect body…
    Feel GOOD and HAPPY…:)
    Thanks again

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Karina!! It’s lovely to get wonderful feedback and thank you for your beautiful words, and it’s lovely having fantastic friends like yourself and Xio
    Thanks Xio, thank you for sharing your insights and experiences too!
    That’s so accurate, ‘Why do I want to eat this’ and is it because you want to eat it or because you’re compensating for something else in some way, eg if someone is feeling not very good, eg guilt or something else and they are using the food to ‘drown’ it or ‘distract’ from it, it’s similar to when people aren’t aligned (in their thoughts/vibration) and they do all sorts of actions to ‘compensate’ or make up for it, i.e. they do things that they think will get them closer to their goal but the most powerful, most leveraged thing they can do is work on their thoughts and feelings and that is quicker. Sometimes though, the action (or eating etc) can create a result which gives them confidence which consequently gets them lined up, so it was as a bi-product of the action, though the best way is for them to practice their skills and imagination on what they want
    By the way, ‘making up’ for something or doing things to ‘compensate’ for something implies a lack of something, which is why the person is trying to make up for it, and what happens as you focus on lack (or anything)? You attract more of the same. That’s why it can feel like ‘hard work’
    It’s really about tuning into one’s self and practicing that communication and being aware and sensitive to their feelings, thoughts etc
    I’ll give you an example of lining up to what one wants. I’ve been going to the gym for many years, last year I focused more on how I’d like to look and worked on upping the desire and practicing the thoughts of what I wanted. What I found in a short time is I was bumping into people and having conversations with people about working out etc and I had a thought, an impulse, to call a nutrition/supplement company I hadn’t used in years. I called them up and I found they now gave advice and spent time with you on the phone and I made friends with people there and they advised me on some products and as a result I found I was working out longer and harder and being fresh for the next workout sooner. This is how the universe can orchestrate things when you line up vibrationally and can think on many more levels than you can ‘plan’.
    If someone believes they’re eating/training to make up (compensate) for something, eg if they think they don’t look very well or they need to ‘make up’ for something that doesn’t feel very good then it is likely it will feel like ‘hard work’. Even if someone has pain or doesn’t like the way they look they can soothe or soften that ‘resistance’ and focus on the things they can appreciate, for example-
    ‘Well, I haven’t liked the way I’ve looked but I feel I’d like to do something about it’ (not in a great feeling place, but it’s a start, relative to where they were at)
    ‘I haven’t found working out fun but I think there are things at the gym I can enjoy’ (this is starting to feel better)
    ‘I know my body will respond if I work out’
    ‘Once I start working out and doing the things I enjoy I won’t be even thinking about my body, because I’ll just be too focussed on the playing’ (this is feelingbetter and better)
    ‘There is so much I’d like to try, and there are so many ways I can do things, I have so much fun and experimenting ahead of me. I’m looking forward to the thrill of it’ (notice how this FEELS compared to the other thoughts, and so what happens if you keep your attention on it, it grows)
    Just some thoughts 🙂
    Thank you for your comments, ladies

  • Xio says:

    Thank You Hemal Universe!!!I learned more about…

  • Karina says:

    Thank you so much Hemal and Xio, I love both views on the topic and I did learn a lot from it ;).
    I’ll make sure both of you receive invitations for my first competition.
    Sending you tons of love and good energy from my beautiful rainy Toronto !!!!

  • XIO says:

    Thank you Karina…I will go…Yo voy…