Over the last few days I have made some wonderful friends and I thought I’d mention them here so you could check their blogs out, etc.  We have found we very much resonate from the same place and will look to refer to each other where possible

– I have mentioned Faydra Rector-Sargent in recent posts, she is in San Francisco and her blog is  Faydra & Company, she and I both share very similar perspectives on many things it seems and have enjoyed referring to each other, I put some posts up from her in the last few days which I know many of you have enjoyed (thanks for the feedback, it’s lovely to hear from you!  I appreciate my wonderful friends!)

– Malathy Badri is in India and her blog is Laws of Universe which very much talks from the perspective of the Universal Laws, vibration, and much much more, all of which I love.  I am looking forward to interacting more with her and finding sharing opportunities where everyone can benefit

In having someone in London, someone in San Francisco, and someone in India, and many others (I have made LOTS of lovely friends all around the world and have had a lot of synchronicities, I happen to mention these above as I am referring to their lovely blogs), it’s a reminder that the Universe works irrespective of time, space or distance.  The only thing that inhibits it orchestrating your dreams for you are your perceived limitations on what you think it can do.  Your new soulmate,  your new business partner, your new nutritionist, your new friend, your new book or idea is ready and waiting for you, you just have to let it in by lining up to it vibrationally, and you do that by practicing thoughts about it and from it…..



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