So if you’re intending to use Law of Attraction to attract ‘more of the same’, it helps if you’re thinking of….

What You Want

The Universe (and your mind) doesn’t work by exclusion it works by INCLUSION, so you don’t think of the things you don’t want, you THINK OF THE THINGS YOU DO WANT.  If I said to you don’t think of a blue elephant in a pink tree, you had to think about it to ‘not’ think about it didn’t you?  The Universe (and the mind) cannot ‘exclude’ anything you give it, so think of what you want.

Whenever you think about something, whether it is something you want or don’t want, your vibration will reflect that.  The Universe works by inclusion, by what you include in your thoughts and vibration, whether it be something you want or don’t want, it will match your vibration of whatever you are thinking about.

So, you don’t say "I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this" etc, you say "I want this, I want this, I want this, this and this and this, and oh this would be so nice" and so on, and practice the habit of doing that, of thinking of WHAT YOU WANT, and Law of Attraction – ‘Universal Manager’, God, Source, or whatever you want to call it – will take care of the rest.

It’s like the dating game, now we’ve heard people say "But (what a fine start that is lol, you know after a ‘But’ you’re going to get something that’s not wanted) I don’t want this and don’t want this and this, oh no, can’t have that," and we say yes, but WHAT DO YOU WANT?  As you focus on what you want, and not contradict it (with ‘don’t want that’) you attract more thoughts like it and more experiences like it and the momentum is in that direction, that IS the Law of Attraction – you attract more of the same.

So you might meet someone who doesn’t quite ‘fit’ in every way and so you say "Oh this Law of Attraction doesn’t work, I got this this and this and this and this but I didn’t get this, it just doesn’t work" so you get back onto it and tweak and adjust to what you DO want. That’s what life was meant to be, a continual never-ending stream, ‘you never get it wrong’…

The Process that is Life

You have experiences…
Including things that give you an indication of what you don’t like
Desires are born from those experiences, which initially you’re not vibrationally aligned to what you want as at that stage they are usually about what you don’t want….
These create your preferences for what you DO want.  That’s why it’s called ‘contrast’, it is giving you perspective to make choices for what you DO want
And then it’s your job to get up to speed with what you DO want, by thinking thoughts, feelings FROM that place and being and living from it, vibrationally at least….
And the actions will be inspired as a consequence of that, you will be at the right time right place or will do something that later brings it to you, far beyond what you may consciously have be able to plan…

So….you will have acquired that which you want
Thus creating a new vibrational platform for new desires, there will be new things you don’t like and like before, from this new perspective more preferences will be made and desires set…
You will line up to these desires too just as before…
And you will acquire these
And so on….

Your Real Journey

Now whilst it may seem it was about ‘acquiring’ and ‘having’, your real journey has been the process you have been going through in having desires and lining up to them, that will have been a journey in itself for you and on a vibrational level you will have expanded, as will the Universe through your expansion.

You are Always Creating New Platforms, New Perspectives

So, you have desires and it’s your job to line up with those desires with your thoughts and emotions and that creates a new vibrational platform from which there will be new perspectives and choices and vantage points that weren’t there before.  Don’t you think when you make your first million you will see things a bit differently?  It’ll be a new perspective, a new platform?  With new desires and preferences emanating from you?

Or when you have your soulmate?  Or when you have your body how you want it?  And you will have new desires from there that you couldn’t have had before because this is a new perspective and you will have new things to line up to, and it continues, and that’s what life and the creation process is meant to be about.  It’s not ‘Oh I’ve made it, now I don’t need to do anything ever again.’  Your purpose here on the physical IS the creation process, the universe WANTS you to expand to your desires and it expands in the process too, you are meant to have desires.  When you don’t you will find there is not a lot of energy or life flowing (isn’t there a statistic that when many people stop working and they don’t have things to look forward to or do that their life expectancy isn’t so high?). Your purpose in life is joy, the details of that is up to you, you have freewill and choice in that.  Your desires and wants are what flows life through you

Milk the Feelings of What you Want

Going back to the title of this post, focus on the things you want and you like, pick them out, like a shopping catalogue.  So if you have people around you whose company you are not enjoying, pick out the things you like about them, or if that’s not easy, pick out the things in your life you are liking, and build from there (it will grow and grow, when you think a thought and hold it you attract more of the same).

If you are in a job  you don’t enjoy, find the aspect you DO like, or once liked or what was so good for you at some point, perhaps it provided money at a time you needed work?  This appreciation will be different to a vibration of lack.

As you pick out things you like, do focus on them, play with them, use your imagination, play games with them.  When you have the money in the bank that you want what will you buy?  And what will it be like? Milk those thoughts for emotional and vibrational value.  FEEL them.  When you make the most of the now, even in just your thoughts and feelings and without changing anything or anyone around you, all sorts of possibilities open up….



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  • XIO says:

    This topic is very interesting and make feel so GOOD…
    WHAT DO I REALLY WANT ???…I thought about the things I really want the most..
    I want to be HAPPY
    I want PEACE
    I want LOVE
    I want HARMONY
    I want to belief on me
    I want to feel inspire to help others and to teach people to belief on them as I do.
    All those wishes are going to help me to keep a wonderful vibration…
    I know I am part of the UNIVERSE and I feel IT as my best friend…
    Since I was little I feel JESUS as my best friend…I know HE is always with me, I feel HIM, and I hear HIM
    All what I asked for, I got it better that I wanted…
    I wanted to be accepted to a PhD program, but I was accepted to the Master one…At the begging I was very disappointed but I asked for the best for me…Come on I have to be happy…First, it is not easy to be accepted to Boston College…Second, it is going to be much easier for my to start with the master…
    I asked for my soul mate, ( he is coming soon) and when I see some guys and interact with them I say to the Universe I am not sure if he is going to be my soul mate, but I am sure YOU will pick the best for me…I still focusing on what I want and I know I will attract the one I want…
    I am sure the Law of Attraction does work…I keep excellent reference about it and that makes my POWER OF WHAT I WANT MUCH STRONGER…
    Hemal “Thanks a lot for this EXCELLENT MESSAGE”

  • Bhavini says:

    This is a very very interesting post and actually got me 2 thinking on a different perspective. .
    I think from now on, like Xio, I too should call you HEMAL UNIVERSE. .(lol)
    Truly find myself lucky 2 be able 2 recieve such enlightening knowledge for u and being able 2 be reminded constantly on the wonderful LOA
    Thank you Hemal and do keep up the good work

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Xio & Bhavini 🙂
    Bhavini, in what ways did it get you thinking?

  • XIO says:

    Do you know Hemal is getting automatic that through your posts I will find confirmations or answers from The Universe…It’s getting so automatic that looks normal and makes me not be surprise any more about what I have found on your message…
    I feel I have to read your posts many times because each time I read them I got something really good…

  • David says:

    What a great place. Hello I am new here but wanted to share with you. I have found the process of attraction and manifesting requires discipline. But everytime I have put my mind to it with affirmations and vision boards, things have immediately come into my life. My soulmate came into my life two weeks after putting that process together. The biggest problem is getting comfortable with little wins or success’, getting comfortable with these wins. The need to continue and focus further to manifest the really big things that you want is most important.
    something that I am learning to make habit.
    My partner and I are putting success principles of manifesting and visualisation into daily practice since early last week. The coincedences that are occurring are amazing.
    So if this note can encourage or inspire you to attract more of what ever you desire in your life, then I am happy for you. If you would like to know how we attracted each other into our lives, feel free to visit our website or blog
    enjoy your success
    PS I found an exciting and effective way to help the process along.
    If you write out your goals, visions and affirmations down, record them with free audio software called audacity from the net. Buy a cheap microphone. Read out and record goals or what you want to attract. Paste some soothing background music onto your recording and save as an mp3 for you computer or ipod.
    Play this before you go to bed at night and first thing in the morning. It is GREAT!

  • Xio says:

    David it is really nice to meet you…Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful experiences with us…The recording thing is very Good idea…I am working a lot with feeling and I feel great about…I have a special feeling that says to me, “it is already yours”…Then I only need to way for it…
    Big love and Big Hug

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks David and thank you for sharing! And Welcome!
    What’s your blog address?
    Thanks for the tip on recording. Speaking of recording and audio/visual, I have been playing with that Vision Board software I have put links up to recently, that is along those lines
    And thanks Xio 🙂