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One of the most important concepts for you to know and believe to create the life that you want is that there is absolutely no lack of abundance of the things that you desire. Part of the problem for people who do not have the things in life that they want is that they believe there is only so much of what they want out there to have. This usually is exampled in money for most people or oil, as the government would have you believe.

There is so much negativity attached to the desire for more money and it cracks me up. There is no more reason to be sorry for wanting money than to be sorry for wanting oxygen. You wouldn’t stop breathing for a while because you felt guilty for taking in more air than you should. You wouldn’t voluntarily give up your wellness because you feel guilty for not being sick. The same is true for money. Money is only a source of energy or currency; it isn’t any different than anything else. We could be trading jelly beans for the things that we want instead of money. IF that were the case, the Jelly Belly factory would be the US Treasury.

The next time you start to feel bad for wanting more money, or more health, or more love -remember, there are plenty of people passing up the opportunity to have these things. If you’d like, you can just volunteer to take their unwanted share. The truth is, that the only reason you don’t have more dollars, more health, or a soul mate is because you either don’t really want them, you don’t believe you deserve them, or you aren’t allowing them in because you don’t believe they’re on the way to you. Tune your frequency to the abundance channel and your desires will come to you in technicolor with the highest quality resolution there is.

The more you believe you deserve it, the more you savor the thoughts about it, the more you anticipate the arrival of it, the faster it will come.



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  • Excellent content Hemal. I am happy to have found you.
    I blogged about this blog of yours.
    Write often.

  • XIO says:

    Wow this is GOOD!!!..It has very easy way to understand that “There is No Such Thing As A Lack of Anything” WOW…
    Thank you Faydra
    I will read this article more times to catch better the information…

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Malathy! Nice to meet you! I will do a post also and mention you and Faydra, who I met a few days ago also
    Thank you oh ever delightful Xio! It’s wonderful to hear from you and BIG HUG to you too!
    Enjoying and looking forward to lots more lovely interactions!