You have created nothing for yourself you cannot handle…

Realise you have created nothing for yourself that you cannot handle (despite how it may seem)
It’s just sometimes it appears a struggle in the interim until you get to that realisation 😉

And then you have a new platform to create something else from…



Which Thought Feels Better? A simple way to getting what you want

Decide on an area of your life you’d like to work with or something you would like

1 – Write five thoughts about it

2 – Determine if amongst those 5 thoughts there are thoughts that feel better than your current thoughts on the subject (use your feelings as your guide), if not then write 5 more thoughts, repeat until you have a thought or thoughts that feel better

3 – Replace your current thoughts with the thought or thoughts that feel better/best, make that your way of thinking (practice it, mentally rehearse it if need be), and don’t contradict it with what you used to think

4 – Repeat from step 1, until…

5 – You have what you want

By doing this process you will always be thinking and feeling better and better thoughts:
-The better it feels the more aligned you are to what you want
-The more aligned you are to what you want the closer it is…
…and it manifests on the physical level


-You feelings are telling you how close you are to what you want, they are your guidance from the Universe, God, Source, Higher Self, whatever you want to call it

-When you access a better feeling thought it opens up other thoughts that weren’t previously accessible to you, including ideas, thoughts and inspired actions.  From where you are initially you do not have access to where you will
end up as vibrationally it is too far, but by repeating from your
new perspective each time you have access to new thoughts and feelings
that get you vibrationally where you want to be.  Your physical experience is a manifestation of your vibration

-From the new feeling place you are immeasurably closer to what you want than you would have been by ‘action steps’

-The Universe is not an action one but a vibrational one, by doing the above you are getting closer to what you want far more quickly than you would by action alone, you will have ideas that get you closer, you’ll be in the right time/right place, experience synchronicities, etc, there will be an almost seemingly magical unfolding



Perfection is ok….

This was an interaction I was having with Xio (who you will have seen comment on posts on here) on a thread on the Universal Law of Attraction group on Facebook ( about how she used to go for things that were ‘perfect’, eg if she was arranging a party then having perfect food, perfect people, the perfect place etc, whereas nowadays she is more focused on ‘softer’ qualities such as everybody being happy and enjoying the party.

I thought I would add some thoughts regarding ‘perfection’…

Yes, what I’ve found is that having ‘perfect’ goals and striving for
things of a high degree is absolutely fine and a wonderful way to KNOW
, and then being in the moment and
enjoying the PROCESS and focusing on the CREATION and on the JOY in the

It is absolutely fine to be bold to go for what you
really want
(there is energy and flow in boldness, than in being
timid), whatever it is, even if it is, in your current perception,
‘perfect’, you are using that label to clarify and define what you
want, and then it’s about why you want it, the emotions, the essences
(the qualities of what you want, the way it makes you feel etc) and
letting go of any labels about ‘perfection’ (because the Universe
doesn’t have such labels, you Ask and it Gives) and focus on the
EXPERIENCE of what you want

What you want are your goals to matter so much and more and more so that more and more energy flows, the more desire the more energy flow, but you don’t want them to matter SO MUCH that you are ‘attached’ to them (and not ‘allowing’ them) that you pinch the energy off

‘Perfection’ as with many other concepts is a label, and you can determine whether it is useful to you or not by how it feels, and using your feelings as your guidance you can use it in the best way for you, to inspire and create great things (than to use it to beat oneself up lol), as with anything it has great potential to think in great ways and flow wonderful things to you

Follow up from Xio:
When I ask I want to do things or have things in perfect way, that will
depend on how I feel or how my vibration is about it? …Like for
example…Having a perfect profession, perfect soulmate, perfect house,
perfect family…I really want to have them in perfect way and of course
feel happy about having them… When I ask for something I always say. “
I want to have this but I want You help me to pick what is the best for
Am I doing it right?

Yes, that’s right it’s about how you feel and your vibration about it

when people set goals they say they want them a ‘certain way’, that ‘it
has to be like this otherwise I won’t be happy’, and that could include
‘perfect’ or not, but when people from their ‘humanity’ are saying that
‘it has to be like this’, they are not allowing their divinity – or the
Universe (or God or Source or Higher Self or whatever) – to create for
them as it may have so many many many other possibilities that are
available, but people can limit by saying ‘I want it THIS way’. Let go,
and trust, and line up and feel what you want so you don’t notice that
currently, in your physical perception, it’s not here on the physical
although on many other levels it is already here and has always been



Can I Create for Someone I Love using the Law of Attraction?

Hi there Hemal…

How have you been??
I’d appreciate your guidance….

& My husband are currently in The Philippines…but my husband is
looking out for better prospects and to move most probably to a different
country….. he has spread the word around but nothing has

How can I be of help in requesting this from The
Universe, Or is it that it’s him who needs to make the request? If so,
how do we do it…. don’t know why but i suddenly feel like i don’t know
what to do?

Please advise & guide.
Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,

You cannot create in another’s experience, but you can inspire their own alignment
You cannot create in in another’s experience (nor can they in yours) as everyone’s experience is sovereign but you can, through your own alignment, inspire others to their connection and alignment.  When you are connected through good feeling thoughts you can powerfully and easily and naturally inspire others, you will say the things that are important for them depending on their own vibration.

See things how you would like them to be
, play with imagery (more on that in a moment), play games (/processes) such that the desired outcome has already happened and you are FEELING from that place.

As this is your husband you can do lovely games together if you choose (see below).  You mentioned ‘request’, it does not need to be a formal ‘request’, any requesting or asking you ever do with the Universe is through your vibration.  Hence you are practicing thoughts and feelings of how you want things to be so that you are a vibrational match to it, and the universe always delivers vibrational match, it always gives you more of the same.

Ways you can practice the thoughts for ‘better prospects’
First of all define what ‘better prospects’ means.  What specifically does that mean?  What are the traits and qualities of that?  How would you know when you have it?  And then once you are specific with it, HOW WOULD IT FEEL?
List out the emotions (‘essences’) and practice experiencing them

So for example you might say being in a certain location or having a certain salary, so how would that feel?  The key thing is to tap into that vibration and live from it so that your external reality matches it.  You have to BE what you want to see

So with what you want together you could talk about how it will be when you have it.  What would you be doing?  How would you be living?  Where would you be going?  What would your lifestyle be?  Your husband could say how he is enjoying his work and what he is doing, and the key thing is he is FEELING from that place.  So he’s not just ‘talking’ about it but experiencing it.  You can talk about a chocolate cake or you can experience it   🙂  (the key is to talk about it as if you are experiencing it)

And when he is talking about it, if he isn’t experiencing it then find out what is missing for him to add that into what he is envisioning, add as many feel good qualities to what is being thought about, the most important thing is how it feels rather than what you think or believe about it, for if you keep practising those feelings your reality will match them anyway.  Whereas if you impose upon your envisioning what you think reality is you may not be allowing yourself to feel as many of the good things that you can.

Creating a Magical Creation Box or Wallet
You can also collect items that signify or symbolise how things will be, so it could be a certain paycheque, or it could be a certain location, a certain type of job – so you can have pictures or items that symbolise these things and put them in a box or a folder or wallet.  You could create mock paycheques or bank statements and put them in there as well as certain things that symbolise your lifestyle.

This is the key thing here, oftentimes when people are determining things related to work or money oftentimes it is useful to ask what it will be for.  Money in and of itself is as powerful as the thing someone believes they can get with it (there is more about Money and essences in this article – Manifesting Money with the Abundance in your Life Right now).  When they tap into the feelings or the essences of these things there is far more emotional power, the vibration is stronger, the pull is stronger and things happen far more quickly.  Work on whatever feels the most powerful even if it means thinking thoughts outside of the work context, when you work on feeling thoughts they affect your general vibration and you will tend to attract other good things too




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“10 Thoughts on Abundance” is a featured article in the latest Law of Attraction Carnival

My 10 Thoughts on Abundance article has been featured in the Law of Attraction Carnival on Money & Abundance at Ellie Walsh’s Living the Law of Attraction blog, you can check out some other articles on the topic there also



Does wanting more Abundance mean I’m lacking it?

"If I say I am abundance and then in the same breath say I want more
abundance do I not imply that there is a ‘dearth’ of abundance in me?"

It depends on your vibration about it (you’ll know that by how it feels, whether exciting or ‘not good’)

Sometimes if something feels uncomfortable then it can imply that on some level you are not focusing on the abundance of it but the lack of it.  The uncomfortable feeling is an indicator of not being detached (or allowing) what you want as well as you can.  Look to soothe any resistance or attachment around it (see other posts on this blog, and in future there will be more on this also), focus on the aspects of what you like about what you want, than any lack of it in your present reality.  For example if it is money related focus on the things the money will get you and how they feel…milk those thoughts for their emotional (/vibrational) value, rather than thinking about what isn’t happening in the present reality.  You can focus on ‘what-is’ (eg any lack in the present moment) and create more of it, or use your imagination and create what you want through that, it does not make a difference, your point of attraction is in your Now moment and it is your choice as a deliberate creator what you want to emit vibrationally, so to speak.

way is to focus on the abundance already around you ("I appreciate the
", "That I can breathe", "That I have the people I have in my life",
etc), start with things you know you appreciate (than something
you’re not convinced about and ‘trying’ for – because that will be its own vibration),  let that awareness
expand as your focus on it causes your appreciation of it to expand further.

way to attract anything – including abundance – is through your focus on
it.  It doesn’t have to be the specific thing necessarily but by being a
vibrational match of it.  The things you think and feel – the specific things – are essentially metaphors and tools for lining up with the vibration.  Through your vibrational focus on something you allow it to expand further, and of course also by keeping thoughts off the
perceived‘ lack of it, otherwise one can be ‘short circuiting’ the good vibrational work they are doing.
It’s always about ‘perceived’ as everything you want is already around you, it’s about letting it in


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Synchronicities on this Blog!

I have made many many many wonderful friends through this common subject, many of which you see here on this blog commenting.  Recently one thing was becoming more and more apparent, I found friends saying to me that they were thinking of something and were going to get in touch with me to ask a question … and when they went online and checked my blog they found that I’d actually written a post THAT HAD ACTUALLY ANSWERED WHAT THEY WERE THINKING ABOUT!  (even though they hadn’t verbally mentioned it to me)  And as you’ll see below in Bhavini’s letter, this happened REPEATEDLY!

Bhavini mentioned this to me recently, and then Xio did and so did Karina! (these are people you will have seen on comments on posts)  For example, I wrote a post about ‘What do I do when others are Negative…How do I Allow?‘ and Bhavini said to me a week or two after that that she had been thinking about that topic THAT WEEKEND and when she got online on Monday … SHE SAW THAT I’D WRITTEN A POST ABOUT IT!  Xio mentioned the same thing about that post and so did Karina!  And also of course the person that had originally asked the question!  You can see some of this in the comments for that post.  And this has happened NUMEROUS times.

I asked Bhavini to put her experiences into words and she sent me a letter a few weeks ago, I’ve put this lower down on this post

There is a Collective Asking, as with everything

Essentially what is happening is there is a collective Asking just as there is with most things.  The President or Prime Minister is not elected ‘randomly’, it is based on vibration, EVERYTHING that you experience is based on vibration.  When you go out in your car, the people who are in traffic around you, none of them are coincidences, when you are in a queue the people there are not ‘random’.  It is also the same with your life partner, work colleagues and other interactions.  Based on your vibration the Universe has orchestrated all of you to rendezvous.  You are communicating through your vibration.

It is the same with this blog, it is a representation of the collective Asking and is a vibrational match.  There are no coincidences

Bhavini’s letter

Hi Dear Friends,

Some time back, I was playing around on manifesting a particular person into my life. I had read in a book that it is not possible to attract someone specific because that person may be trying to manifest something else and have their own choices. After a short time the communication started dying out with that person and that’s when I realised that maybe I was just wasting time on doing all those processes to attract that person into my life.  So I thought I would ask Hemal to throw light on this issue. .but before I could email Hemal, he had already put up his article on Attracting Someone Specific.  Trust me, but I was really shocked then because I seriously thought he had read my mind.  LOL

This was not the only time such a thing happened…

Sometime in February I was getting really worried because I kept hearing about the British Embassy getting strict about visa extension (I am from Kenya). For a week or two, I could think of nothing but this issue of whether when my visas expire in this country would I be able to get an extension?  Towards the end of the second week these worries had started nagging me so I thought I would talk to someone about it to make me feel better. I talked to a wonderful friend of mine, who is so much into Abraham material.  Just around then, it was so surprising to see that Hemal had put up his article on ‘What if the Universe is not responding?‘  That article came as a blessing because not only did it soothe my worries but gave me clarity on this issue.

When Hemal decided to put up the articles on Attracting Someone Specific and What if the Universe is not responding, I thought that surely this was just a coincidence?  But no, when he put up What do I do when others are Negative? on his blog I was fully convinced that this is nothing but synchronistic, the Universe in action!

I was experiencing some negativity with a relation, especially whenever I would sit and read my Law of Attraction material. This person kept telling me that I am wasting my time and my money on reading such books, etc.  I felt this was stopping me from applying Law of Attraction well. There was this day when this nagging got too much that I thought I would ask Nina (Nina Ferrell, along with Hemal she is admin on the Universal Law of Attraction group and a Abraham Hicks groups on Facebook) and Hemal on this issue on Monday morning because I had no access to the internet until then…but what do I see on Monday morning as I log into my inbox?  An alert that Hemal had put up an answer to my question before I had even asked him!  LOL

I take this all as synchronicity…


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Bashar on Abundance and Trusting What Is


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The Secret and Weight Loss

This was a question I received for the Law of Attraction book,

Hi Hemal

My question is about weight loss — I know that the documented way to
weight loss in The Secret is to focus on the body you want and not on the idea
that weight must be lost AND to love the current body you’re in….which seems
like Catch 22, because if you loved the body you were in you wouldn’t want to
change it, right?



You focus on what you like (about your body) and your actions and everything else etc are as a consequence of that, i.e. feeling good, which initially may not very feel good but it’s about playing with the thoughts about the subject and practicing the vibration (there is more on this in other articles on this blog).  It’s finding something you DO like, and it could be something you like currently, something you’ve liked before, something you WILL like, or just something unrelated which feels good (and doesn’t activate the resistance about it), the feeling good will summon energy which can be in the form of ideas, inspiration, action, etc.

I did something similar last year and I found myself coming across all different types of nutritional products and supplements which were really helpful, and I would come across people who knew about training and nutrition who were willing to offer their suggestions.  Now that is on the action level (which came from ideas and inspiration I had, which came from working on the vibrational level as mentioned above).  You might get some ideas on what you are currently doing or could do, you will literally draw the experience into you from the vacuum you create with your vibration that pulls it towards you.

You’re right, why would you want to lose the weight if you felt good about it?  But feel good about the subject of your body and wellbeing and see what actions you feel like doing.  It’s a different perspective and rather than chasing a condition of ‘good body’, you are expressing/living FROM it and the actions are as a consequence and will feel empowered and stronger

It’s the same in other contexts too, eg rather than someone chasing a relationship because they’re lonely, by feeling great with their own company and the people they already have around them, they will BE better company and attract more friends and relationships as a consequence anyway

You might also want to check out this article I did recently
"I’m in a Fitness Modeling Contest…and ‘I Like Food’…"