Hi there Hemal…

How have you been??
I’d appreciate your guidance….

& My husband are currently in The Philippines…but my husband is
looking out for better prospects and to move most probably to a different
country….. he has spread the word around but nothing has

How can I be of help in requesting this from The
Universe, Or is it that it’s him who needs to make the request? If so,
how do we do it…. don’t know why but i suddenly feel like i don’t know
what to do?

Please advise & guide.
Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,

You cannot create in another’s experience, but you can inspire their own alignment
You cannot create in in another’s experience (nor can they in yours) as everyone’s experience is sovereign but you can, through your own alignment, inspire others to their connection and alignment.  When you are connected through good feeling thoughts you can powerfully and easily and naturally inspire others, you will say the things that are important for them depending on their own vibration.

See things how you would like them to be
, play with imagery (more on that in a moment), play games (/processes) such that the desired outcome has already happened and you are FEELING from that place.

As this is your husband you can do lovely games together if you choose (see below).  You mentioned ‘request’, it does not need to be a formal ‘request’, any requesting or asking you ever do with the Universe is through your vibration.  Hence you are practicing thoughts and feelings of how you want things to be so that you are a vibrational match to it, and the universe always delivers vibrational match, it always gives you more of the same.

Ways you can practice the thoughts for ‘better prospects’
First of all define what ‘better prospects’ means.  What specifically does that mean?  What are the traits and qualities of that?  How would you know when you have it?  And then once you are specific with it, HOW WOULD IT FEEL?
List out the emotions (‘essences’) and practice experiencing them

So for example you might say being in a certain location or having a certain salary, so how would that feel?  The key thing is to tap into that vibration and live from it so that your external reality matches it.  You have to BE what you want to see

So with what you want together you could talk about how it will be when you have it.  What would you be doing?  How would you be living?  Where would you be going?  What would your lifestyle be?  Your husband could say how he is enjoying his work and what he is doing, and the key thing is he is FEELING from that place.  So he’s not just ‘talking’ about it but experiencing it.  You can talk about a chocolate cake or you can experience it   đŸ™‚  (the key is to talk about it as if you are experiencing it)

And when he is talking about it, if he isn’t experiencing it then find out what is missing for him to add that into what he is envisioning, add as many feel good qualities to what is being thought about, the most important thing is how it feels rather than what you think or believe about it, for if you keep practising those feelings your reality will match them anyway.  Whereas if you impose upon your envisioning what you think reality is you may not be allowing yourself to feel as many of the good things that you can.

Creating a Magical Creation Box or Wallet
You can also collect items that signify or symbolise how things will be, so it could be a certain paycheque, or it could be a certain location, a certain type of job – so you can have pictures or items that symbolise these things and put them in a box or a folder or wallet.  You could create mock paycheques or bank statements and put them in there as well as certain things that symbolise your lifestyle.

This is the key thing here, oftentimes when people are determining things related to work or money oftentimes it is useful to ask what it will be for.  Money in and of itself is as powerful as the thing someone believes they can get with it (there is more about Money and essences in this article – Manifesting Money with the Abundance in your Life Right now).  When they tap into the feelings or the essences of these things there is far more emotional power, the vibration is stronger, the pull is stronger and things happen far more quickly.  Work on whatever feels the most powerful even if it means thinking thoughts outside of the work context, when you work on feeling thoughts they affect your general vibration and you will tend to attract other good things too




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  • Bhavini says:

    Hi Hemal,
    Very nice post. .but just a question popped up as i was reading it…(prob i dont have my thinking cap on at the moment..lol)..
    the question is…how can u create a mock cheque for yourself if you want to manifest a pay rise??
    thanks hemal for the good articles that u keep writing..

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini 🙂
    Well you could do the mock cheque for the new level of pay after the pay rise, or beyond it. You could have bank statements (which you can photocopy and tweak) with the amounts, you could have photos or things that symbolise the items you will have when you have the pay rise
    The best way is perhaps not necessarily to think of it being the pay rise (unless that feels more comfortable/better for you) but to think of what that level of income/money would mean (essences, items you’d have etc) and let the form (the ‘how’) take care of itself

  • Anastasia Kile says:

    I am glad to have found your blog today. You do a wonderful job explaining how manifesting and the Law of Attraction work. Your advice is very clear, well thought out, and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!