When one is celebrating and appreciating they cannot be complaining or looking at lack, it is a totally different vibration and different on the vibrational scale.

If you look at the things you like or love in a person and have your attention on that it is harder to think of the things you don’t, and from that place of love and appreciation it grows, not just for that person but for everything else.  You appreciate another thing, and another, and another, and another, and it grows and grows, you start finding things happening, little coincidences, people calling you up to say hi, or people smiling at you or being friendly, or making new friends, or chance encounters, or little things that tell you that the universe is reciprocating your appreciation and love.

For you cannot have appreciation and love without attracting more of the same.  So at first whilst it started by focusing on appreciating some qualities, it has expanded to so much more, and given you real life physical evidence to appreciate.  It started with you placing thought and feeling first, by having faith and trust, and unconditionally holding that thought, saying that ‘I will hold myself to this not because it has to be in my physical reality but that it feels good and I love being here’ and with no resistance about it having to be in your physical reality, and just feeling good about it, it happens so easily around you.

And through your own connection you inspire others, they love being around you because ‘it just feels nice’, they feel inspired, and they may not be consciously thinking about things but they find themselves appreciating others a bit better, loving a bit more, being a bit more patient, being from a place of gratitude, from love, perhaps even loving themselves more, and they may not even be thinking about it, but they’re just feeling good as a result of the contact with you…all because you started out on focusing on some nice qualities…..


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  • Xio says:

    Hemal Universe
    I would like to use the perfect words to express how happy I felt when I read this article…
    “Love and Appreciation” are my main goals…
    Since I started to work on it my life has being so Beautiful, so Happy, and so in Love…
    I am grateful to be part of your Groups and have the opportunity to Feel this Wonderful Vibration of Love…
    Powerful Vibration of Love…

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Xio 🙂
    That’s wonderful to hear 🙂

  • As always Hemal, you are on the money.
    I liken it to a domino-effect. Once you begin appreciating one thing sincerely the feeling spreads to all things. It is the miracle of gratitude; see the good in everything and the good in everything comes to you.