This is a movie created by my friend Ken MacLean in Michigan, USA, some of the affiliate banners you see (including on this post) link to ebooks or products that he has worked on.  If you want more information on the Law of Attraction Explained Movie you can click the (affiliate) banners.

Part I

Ebooks & Products

Part II

Ebooks & Products


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  • Nina says:

    Your blog is amazing – really user friendly and interactive – congrats Hemal!!

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Nina!! 🙂

  • Xio says:

    Thank You Hemal…Great Movie…I liked a lot…I will watch it again and again and again…

  • Dora says:

    Thanks for sharing this great movie! and give us some tools to understand why things are the way they are!

  • bfjvu says:

    Hi, you have a nice site. Really good job! Respect 🙂

  • Sonali Patel says:

    Thank you Hemal – great links, great site and you doin a gr8 job, never have doubted the law of attraction, as it works for me always have, but one question that i have never found an answer, so maybe you can guide me,
    Did the jews collectively attract the Holaocasut?
    how is this possible?

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments everyone!
    Sonali, with anything that happens there are vibrational causes for it. There are no coincidences. Everything is created in vibration first. It is not about blame or fault or pointing fingers at someone, but about being in tune within ourselves about who we are and what is important to us.
    If you want more information, I would suggest downloading the interview with Oprah and Esther Hicks/Abraham on this blog, at the moment it is in the Favourites section towards the top right. I believe it might be the second audio, Oprah asks the question about why 9/11 happened and Abraham gives vibrational reasons for it, this may be similar to the question that you are asking.

  • i can’t see first video they have some problems!