Decide on an area of your life you’d like to work with or something you would like

1 – Write five thoughts about it

2 – Determine if amongst those 5 thoughts there are thoughts that feel better than your current thoughts on the subject (use your feelings as your guide), if not then write 5 more thoughts, repeat until you have a thought or thoughts that feel better

3 – Replace your current thoughts with the thought or thoughts that feel better/best, make that your way of thinking (practice it, mentally rehearse it if need be), and don’t contradict it with what you used to think

4 – Repeat from step 1, until…

5 – You have what you want

By doing this process you will always be thinking and feeling better and better thoughts:
-The better it feels the more aligned you are to what you want
-The more aligned you are to what you want the closer it is…
…and it manifests on the physical level


-You feelings are telling you how close you are to what you want, they are your guidance from the Universe, God, Source, Higher Self, whatever you want to call it

-When you access a better feeling thought it opens up other thoughts that weren’t previously accessible to you, including ideas, thoughts and inspired actions.  From where you are initially you do not have access to where you will
end up as vibrationally it is too far, but by repeating from your
new perspective each time you have access to new thoughts and feelings
that get you vibrationally where you want to be.  Your physical experience is a manifestation of your vibration

-From the new feeling place you are immeasurably closer to what you want than you would have been by ‘action steps’

-The Universe is not an action one but a vibrational one, by doing the above you are getting closer to what you want far more quickly than you would by action alone, you will have ideas that get you closer, you’ll be in the right time/right place, experience synchronicities, etc, there will be an almost seemingly magical unfolding



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  • Bhavini says:

    very good hemal, its good 2 get the same idea on a clearer note . .
    so then, if i were 2 think of which thought feels better re the jaguar…ummm…do i need 2 go ahead?? LOL

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini 🙂
    You’ll find your thoughts about a Jaguar are better when they are about the Jaguar YOU WILL HAVE than one that someone else has and intends to keep lol

  • Bhavini says:

    LOL…yup u right. . n i was just kidding…lol
    Keep up the good work…liked ur post..