Hi Everyone,

This is an email I received recently.  I am sharing it with you (with permission) and have replaced the original names with initials

Hi Hemal

Two years ago my dear mother-in-law took me with her to attend a one day workshop on the Secret.  It was all very new then and hadn’t yet exploded into the phenomenon it is today.  At that stage I was pregnant, unemployed and my husband, also unemployed, was in the grips of a drug addiction that had seen him survive two heroin overdoses.  My husband’s 8 year old twin daughters from his previous relationship lived with and witnessed every single day how their father’s drug abuse pulled us further and further into financial, emotional and mental ruin.  We never had money for food as every cent he earned was spent on cocaine and we were in the process of being evicted from our home.  My life was in absolute ruins Hemal – I truly felt hopeless.  
I had grown up in awful circumstances too, my past a web of sexual abuse, alcoholism, neglect and poverty.  I knew only how to feel unworthy, as if my lot in life was in fact not a lot at all but very, very little!  But after watching the Secret, a concept so new to me, I decided I would give positive thought a try, and I did.  I only managed a little at first, as it was incredibly difficult to change 30 years worth of negativity.  I noticed over the months how much easier it became, how quickly I was able to catch my negative thoughts before they became all-consuming.  And then things started changing!
My beautiful daughter was born and she gave me the motivation I needed to continue being grateful, to believe in myself and to teach our children to be positive, to instil in them strong values and morals.  Our daughters, then 9 years old, also began visualising, they too began being positive and happy despite their dad’s drug use.  We believed that we would be happy, we dreamt about it and we lived it through all adversity and despite our circumstances.  In July 2007, after 10 long years of hardcore drug use, my husband stopped taking drugs.  He took three months off, removed himself from the course of daily living as much as he could and he started on the long road to sobriety.  Three months to the day after he took his last hit, he began his employment as a Mechanical Engineer with an international company.  In six and a half short months we have gone from poverty to life in abundance!  We have a beautiful home filled with beautiful furniture (my husband had sold everything we owned for money to get drugs – we had so little left), we always have money and food and most importantly of all we have the kind of family bond that most people can only dream of.
We each have gratitude books, N (husband) included, that we write in all the time.  This attitude of gratitude has brought us so close to each other – we easily express our love and adoration for one another all the time and words like, “I love you”, “I’m proud of you” are things said daily in our home.  My husband has morphed into the most caring, attentive, loving, adoring, calm and happy man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  He works 2 jobs with such passion for each and still manages to be such a present and able father and husband.  His children adore him, they idolise him – he is our everything.  It was the most incredible feeling for me to be able to hand over the reigns of our family to him and allow him to take his place as head of our home and know beyond any shadow of doubt that he was capable and deserving enough to be there!

Our children, A and C (children), now 10 years old, have been through therapy and their Psychologist is incredibly pleased with their state of mind and with them as little people.  They are well adjusted young ladies who care so much about the feelings of others and who give thanks daily for everything they have.
I’m so happy and motivated and positive for our future.  We’re still paying off debts accumulated throughout the years, but those debts are lessening at an incredible rate.  I have an amazing job with the promise of great things to come. I love my life, I love myself and my children and I love my husband so very much!
This is an exert from my husband’s gratitude book:
 “I express my gratitude for my wife and best friend, she is always a constant support to me and to the good Lord who has blessed me with my three girls – the best reasons to keep living and fighting for every moment that I may share with them.  Thank you for the wonder of being a father and husband to my family and beautiful wife.  Thank you for a nice cup of coffee and for a Friday filled with the promise of rain and the enjoyment of our health, wealth and family”

From A's (child) book :
 “I am so grateful that we are so happy and lucky and that we have such a great family and that every moment in my little life is always happy.  I am grateful that we have a house to live in and such a great family and for my wonderful (but crazy) mom and handsome daddy”

From C's (child) book :
“I am grateful for quite a lot today.  I am grateful that we got to dance with mom and that daddy got home safe from work. I am grateful for my dad, he is always doing his best for us and he works so hard and I’m glad he’s my dad.  I’m grateful that mom got such a good job and that I have such a great family. Thank you”
My children at this age are so aware of thinking positively and being happy and fulfilled that I know their futures are going to be filled with success and happiness.  I’ve done it Hemal – I’ve broken the cycle of poverty and pain lived through by so many generations of my family before me and set a new course of abundance and happiness for generations to come.
The Law of Attraction works, it works, it works, it works!!!
Blessings and love




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  • Gamy Rachel says:

    Hi Hemal,
    This is an awesome story! Wow! I am so happy to read this. I am happy becos lives have changed and doing better for this family, becos she chose to change her thoughts and start winning in life.
    I am also blessed by the “Secret” and the law of attraction movements. I am also a very much happier person now becos of it.
    Thanks for posting this.. it sure is a very up lifting message.
    Keep up the good work !

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Gamy!
    I have encouraged this person to write a book and do more with their story and am interacting with her about it
    The other thing I’ll say about the Secret and other products/materials (including this blog) and being happier as a result of it, it could only came into your experience because you were a match to it, it was just showing you/revealing more of you to you (I’m saying that to give credit to yourself too)
    Take care,

  • Kate says:

    Wow, thats amazing, and at no stage did she think to ditch her hubby, she had a greater vision. Awesome!!!

  • Dora says:

    Wao! what a wonderful story, an inspiration to all of us who are going through tough times, indeed you had ispire hope in my life, my husband has been without a job for over a year, but he was getting pay severance until march 30, 2008. The past two month I has been paying my bills by myself I don’t know how but I have manage to do so by believing that I can and some how I got a check sent to me stating that I over pay my bill and I got two bonus check from my job I believe in the power of positive thiking, our mind is a powerful resource, if we know how to utilize it, anyway I am very happy that everything is working out for you.
    Now I have to visualize my husband with a job,he isn’t much of a positive beliver and right now he is so negative that he is not getting the jobs, well I will keep believing it will happen soon wish me luck 🙂

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Kate and Thanks Dora for your comments!
    That’s a lovely story Dora about getting the bonus cheques!
    You can be an inspiration to your husband through your own connection and positivity. He will feel your vibration about it and that will be an inspiration
    See the positive aspects in your husband, see what made you fall in love with him. See him for what he aspires to be and wants to be, rather than currently where his expectation of him does not match his desire (and him being negative about it). He probably has desires but is not feeling on a par with them currently. See him how he wants to be, and you know this by how you feel (i.e. it feels good)

  • Bhavini says:

    I am just wondering, what took me sooooo long 2 finally sit and read this post. Sorry, I should say, such an inspiring and wonderful story from this lady.
    I truly admire her positive attitude and being able 2 get her family into being in the attitude of gratitude.
    From the bottom of my heart, I wish her all the best in her life.
    She has definately inspired me.
    Thanks Hemal for sharing this with all of us.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini,
    This story is from South Africa and she wants to either write about it and/or become a motivational speaker and inspire others, she especially wants to do this in her country as it has been having some challenges recently (social, economical, etc)

  • Sanjay Patel says:

    Thanks for sharing Hemal!
    That is inspiring and heart warming! 🙂

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Sanjay!

  • Drug Addiction says:

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  • Mick says:

    My wife and I are in the transitions of moving. As of right now, I am in one city and she is in another. We will be together soon. We just had a fight on the phone this morning because I judged her family’s excessive drinking and partying. Now, she is mad at me. I don’t want to judge, but I am just so concerned – I guess I fear. I am an advocate of the secret, but this one subject is just so hard to think positive thought on – I dont want her to go back to her old partying ways. Your story has inspired me to just love unconditionally – my wife and her family and to appreciate all the great things I love about them because I DO. I cried as I read your story. Mine is not as severe and now I feel hope that things will turn around of simply love and appreciate! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Mick, much appreciated 🙂

  • Marisa van Beeck says:

    Hi Hemal – it’s a good 18 months on since I wrote to you and in that time our lives have gone from great to phenomenal! Nick is well & truly recovered and continues to inspire us with his positivity and dedication. We still give gratitude daily as a family at dinnertime and we’re now teaching the girls about self-worth and appreciation – we want them to be in a place where they just know that they’re incredible little beings who deserve greatness! We’re both going into business for ourselves in 2010, moving our family onto a beautiful farm where we will have the space to better accommodate our tortoise, chickens, dogs, birds and rabbits (!!!!) and it is another move up the ladder for our family. I never forget where we’ve come from and the road we’ve traveled – it really makes me grateful for every little thing, every new achievement and it drives us to keep going – because honestly – the possibilities are endless! Much love, Marisa x