This was a reply to a post that Xio wrote about Timing and the Universe bringing you what you want on the Universal Law Of Attraction group on Facebook,

Absolutely, there’s a quote I heard which is that ‘God’s Delays Are Not God’s Denials‘  lol.

Where you are is perfect, you do not need to be anywhere else, everything is in alignment for you to be where you are at Now, what is most important in all of this is to maintain your alignment, that is to be in line with your good feelings/love/joy/appreciation etc because whilst it may ‘appear’ that things aren’t how you wanted them at the present moment, it is important that you don’t bring that into your vibration.

Keep your alignment on the things that you want and that feel good so that you are resonating from them and attracting them.  Allow the physical to respond, don’t prejudge it too early.  It’s never about what ‘is’ (unless you are wanting to vibrate it), it’s about what you are choosing to vibrate and attract more of.  Let your feelings be your indicator of your vibration and let the Universe do the rest.



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