"I have a question that has been troubling me the past couple of
days… How does one detach from someone when one knows that they are
already there, the love is already incredibly strong, and we have been
trying to get together so much yet obstacles continue to get in the way?

feel like detaching will help with the unification, but it just seems
so difficult and even after many prayers and meditation, it still seems
very difficult to detach from one another in order to complete the
attraction and let our physical beings connect rather than just our
mind and spirit…

Any insight/advice is greatly appreciated!
Thank you


The way to 'detach' is also through 'allowing' and letting it
, and focusing on the GOOD FEELINGS, but not the heavy ones and
not the ones that are trying to figure it out and how it will happen
and so on from your physical perspective. Focus on the enjoyment and
the appreciation and PRESENCE of WHAT YOU HAVE NOW than on the absence
what you would like]

Don't look at what is around you to feel
good, use your imagination if you have to to think of how you would
like things to be. Don't think about what is or isn't here yet. Think
the wonderful thoughts you do in the moment because in that moment they
give you the pleasure, love, joy etc they do

And as you feel
better about things you will be allowing it in and letting it happen
and thus will be less attached (which is what I'm presuming is the
intention of you wanting to be detaching)

So for example you can appreciate the wonderful things in this relationship such as:
-the fact that you and your partner have found each other
-that your love is incredibly strong
-the aspects of each other that you love so much

go of the [issue of the] unification and the 'obstacles' (because what
you focus on expands), soothe your vibration by saying things such as:
-I love my partner so much, and we have a love so strong…
-I realise that things maybe aren't perfect right now but I know they are on the way to being good…
know the universe can orchestrate anything and I know that it will
orchestrate this in my lining up to it (through my allowing, via my
good feelings as mentioned above)…
-I will line up to it by
remembering the positive aspects in that person and in our relationship
and our love and in the Universal orchestration…
-I'll remind
myself that the universe can orchestrate anything – but I have to let
it in and the universe will match my vibration about it…
-As I see my partner and I together the universe will match that…
realise that I may not see things immediately but what is important is
how I feel about it and that will be bringing it to me…

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  • Diana says:

    Another way to look at this is : we are energy beings, and as energy we are unified as one energy body. “It may appear that we are separate, but from another perspective, we are connected as one.” Then anchor that reality by feeling emotionally and physically as deeply as you can, the way it feels to be with the one you love. The more you can make this a reality in this experience, Now, the more you can “embody” it, Now, the more quickly it will appear – Now!

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thanks for that Diana, I agree!
    Yep, the more you make this a reality in your experience, the more (and more quickly) you allow it to come into your physical experience

  • lygia says:

    Yes we need to detach so as not to stifle you significant other in the relationship…It doesn’t mean you don’t care. Sometimes we get so wrapped up with someone we forget we have a separate lives and careers and we need our space…When we can learn to detach ourselves and be in a relationship and yet look at it from the outside the other person if he/ she has a real connection will reciprocate…if the other person isn’t really interested the relationship isn’t working anyway but the decision to detach will save you from hurt …that you are giving so much and getting less or nothing…

  • Kiran says:

    I met this guy through a matrimonial website. Initially we chat on fb nd watsapp nd when we both realised thrz a chemistry between us, we decided to meet n so we did. we both liked eachother and did not even realise that we were meeting for the 1st time. We felt like we know eachother since ages…forever!!
    we spent quality time together nd had kissed eachother in d movie.
    post meeting, we talked only once and chat on a very few ocassions wen we both decided to link up few more times nd wen we bcom assure abt we want to be togetha nd get married, we will get our parents involved.
    since then we never talked, nothing went wrong but later when i tried calling him, he never answered nor ever called back.
    when we met, we both confessed our liking n love for one aother.
    I know he is very spiritual, does meditation, practices law of attraction too. i also know he is using law of detachment in our situation. He is a writer and an author too and i have read his book based of law of attraction and manifestation. so i can figure it out why he suddenly detached from me when he actually and already had showed his love for me nd said want to marry me. He is definitely using law of detachment here. Now i dont understand one thing, when we both know we like, love eachother, we r into eachother nd all. why he still feel the requirement to practice detachment on me???
    Now, my parents too are confused nd want me to consider other alliances nd meet them too.
    i trust dis guy and i know he is practicing detachment, but why? I love him nd i m in too deep…..i cant tell all dis to my parents cuz they dont know yet that v hav met already.
    its been a long since we chat or spoke to eachother, heard our voices…..neither has he responded to my email which i sent him 4 days back…?
    my parents have given me just few days to decide whetha or not im going to consider the alliance they liked for me…..
    i dont know what to do, i can wait for that guy but at d same time i can not bear the anger of my parents nor can ask them to allow me more time since im already 29 ….pls advise how shud i respond while he is successfully practicing law of detachment on me…..? i love him nd want to be wid him for the rest of my life…
    ur advise will be appreciated…..thnx

    • H Radia says:

      Kiran, of course it is totally up to you how you would like to follow your instincts. Regardless of what he is practicing or not, ask yourself what sort of a relationship you would like and whether what you both have right now is in the spirit of that. A relationship of togetherness and communication, for example. If someone is practicing “the Law of Detachment” as you put it, will they do that when they are in a relationship with you?
      Whatever the reasons he may have, shouldn’t he be communicating that with you and you two collectively working towards it? Isn’t that what relationships are about? Consider whether this is right for you and what you want.

      • Kiran says:

        Hii, thanks for ur prompt reply. What u have said is very true and i agree to that. Even though, i cant stop thinking about him and why he isnt responding to my email ? if i call him, wud he answer or call back? since he didnt respond to my calls previously but replied to a very few text msgs that too v casually…!! i am pensive….why cant he be bold enough and tell me about his disinterest if that is the case? Again, i get very positive vibes for him? what is it? would it help if i call him and ask him clearly or propose him?

        • H Radia says:

          You’ll only know if you choose to go down that path.
          Realise his non-action is also speaking loudly too about his lack of action.

          • Kiran says:

            i guess i better set him free then….he will come to me if we r meant to be together…..or may be god had some best plans for me in his store…!
            thank u for ur advises dear…really appreciated x 🙂