These are was an interaction I had with Camilla Levin Lefebre on a thread on the Universal Law of Attraction group on Facebook

I have this desire to expand my business. To open up a bigger shop in town and invest a large sum of money to get a better location.
At the moment my shop is quite small and situated a bit on a side road, not very central in town!
Well, this was my dream for the past year.
Now when I saw a location I like, I feel numb with fear and feel unable to decide what I want……….and I stop feeling excited to move forward!
In fact I can hardly feel the desire I used to feel.
How do I connect with my feelings and find out what I really feel, besides fear……….!

When you saw the location, what went through your mind?
My sense is you triggered thoughts about things that you don’t want (eg fears etc)
What thoughts were there at the time?

And most importantly,
Talk about what your desire and excitement was about the expansion of your business

Any time we feel fear or something that feels uncomfortable we are thinking about something that we don’t want, it’s about getting the focus back on the things that we enjoy.

We can create from either of those places – from an uncomfortable (eg fear) place or from one of excitement, fun, love, and all those good things. From one of those places we create a positive inspiring spiral, from the other one a place which is not so inspiring. You are in a Universe where you have the freedom to create from either, and that’s one of the perks in being such a good creator 😉 Though of course one of them is more comfortable and the journey is A LOT BETTER

So the way to connect with your feelings is to ask yourself more about what excited you, what will you enjoy doing when you expand?  Is it the thrill of working with more people?  Having more interactions?  More stimulation?  And so on.  Think of all the good feelings you experience about your business, and more of the same.

The thought of expansion came because you have a desire for it, i.e. it wasn’t whimsical, it came because you were ready for it, and naturally when one thinks of something new and initially it can seem a new place so other (not so positive) thoughts might come in, and that’s what the creative process is about, it’s massaging the thoughts and lining them up to how you want things to be. Realise that when you are thinking more and more exciting thoughts it is leading you to more and more of the same, thoughts that weren’t previously available, each vibrationally builds on the previous, and each vibration also has a physical (manifestation) consequence too

Hi Hemal,
Nice to hear from you and I appreciate you taking the time to write.
You answer was very helpful and specific and it make very sense to me.
I know it is true that thinking about expanding triggers the fears of things I don’t want and I can now become aware of these feelings and remind myself to refocus and get back to what initially excited me about it

One way (of many ways) you can deal with fears is make a list of them and then work through them if you feel you need to rationally or logically work them out.

For example years ago I was going to invest in a property and at the time it was a new concept to me, so I made a list of all the fears and uncertainties, and then I went through them and had a solution/contingency/answer for each of them. And not just for the action/strategy level, but from a vibrational point of view it creates peace and alignment also (i.e. by lessening fear/resistance etc)

The only thing I’d say with a process where you consider something that is not wanted is not to spend too long on it. i.e. the process is to deal with things and release, gain relief etc, not to dwell, it’s not to dwell and keep attention on what is not wanted, it’s to use the process to release and FOCUS ON WHAT IS WANTED

One’s feelings – their ‘guidance system’ – are a guide to that, the idea is to massage and work with thoughts and get them to a good feeling place, like tuning into a frequency, because that is what brings one in harmony with the bigger picture

Hi Hemal,
That might really be helpful. I know that getting a better location will require a quite large investment and at the same time I also love my freedom to travel and visit my family who all lives in Denmark ( I live in France with my husband ) so this is my biggest concerns.
Will a bigger shop and a large investment demand more of my time, will I need to work more and will I be able to earn a good living with all the extra expanses. These are all the things that I do not really have a answer to;
and who does really!
But making a list sound like a way to see things clearer

You mentioned:

Large investment, hence will I need to work more, will there be sufficient time/money (‘good living’)

So at the moment that is a question you’re asking, and because it is a question you’re asking that is what the universe is likely to respond back with (i.e. uncertainty).

The question about ‘Large investment and will there be sufficient time/money‘ has a mixed vibration, i.e. of what is wanted AND not wanted, and so the solution is to get to a vibration of what is wanted and let the universe match that

What you need to do is practice the vibration of HOW YOU WANT THINGS TO BE.
Think about the scenarios you would like and let the universe shape your reality based on that

Initially you will gently start with some thoughts and as you practice them that will attract more thoughts and more thoughts and more thoughts and it will become easier and more and more familiar, and you will see things around you that will indicate this more and more. But don’t rely on that. Oftentimes what you want can manifest without you seeing indications of it

You will work with the thought more and more and more and your reality around you will take shape based on your vibration about it.

You can ask the universe in a questioning tone or you can offer it an answer for it to match, the universe is malleable and will match any vibration you give it, all realities are possible

So you could start with:
I’m looking at my new shop and noticing how wonderful it is, I’m seeing how easily it runs itself and what a wonderful living I am making from it and the time I get to travel and to visit my family. I see all the things I get to do and the things I get to experience and have the wonderful thrill of this vibrant thriving expansive business
I know there was a time I may have questioned this, but this experience now is so real for me and so exciting and so wonderful and I’m looking forward to all the wonderful and exciting creations ahead

Work on the thoughts and feelings that excite you the most, and let what happens around you mold into shape. The more exciting your thoughts the more they are in harmony with the larger (spiritual) part of you/the Universe

I really love your answer. It is exactly the answer I’ve been searching for….
Yes, I’ve been stuck in the vibration of doubt and lack of faith and I need to get back to my feelings of excitement of what I DO WANT AND HOW I WANT IT…….sometimes is so simple when I get reminded, but the doubt and fear sneeks up on me ever so often.
I guess I need to stay alert and aware and keep getting back to FOCUS…
Just means there is more work to do to get in alignment with what I love to have and do…….
Thank You soo much for making this clear to me again


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  • WOW. Thank you.
    I think I just ‘attracted’ your article above into my life. I have been ‘suffering’ similar fears and doubts myself.
    Despite believing in my goals, being passionate and just knowing that they will happen, somehow, they got lost.
    I started to stop – see everything as a problem – and ask myself – even if I achieved my goals – what would this bring into my life in a ‘negative’ fashion – eg. would I lose ‘freedom’ in other areas of my life because of investing money, and time. Will I let people down because of my illness when my business is fully up and running? How can I possibly learn all the technical things I need? Its not possible. What a waste of 2 years of planning and procrastination and dreaming ‘grandiose’ dreams, in helping others.
    What happened? I think I am just a little tired. I allowed the fear and doubt to creep its ugly way in. But tonight, I have been ‘attracting’ a lot of this re-inspiration into my life and I am starting to see my way through again.
    Thank you for a wonderful post, and for your great answers. I ‘know’ many of these things, but sometimes it is difficult to take one’s own advice, especially when in an ’emotional’ state – the wrong type of state or vibe. Rational mind – hah!
    I am going to write down my goals again, but also write down, very clearly, what my fears are. Because once identified, I can overcome them, see them as opportunities. If they are ‘fuzzy’ – it can become overwhelming.
    I need to write that down even – to remind myself to write all my fears down in my journal, before I forget!
    I have subscribed and will be back!
    Thank you again and Kind regards
    Adelaide, South Australia

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you for this, Meg!
    When you were thinking and seeing everything as a problem and what you would lose and what could go wrong you were:
    1 – Creating that through your thoughts about it
    2 – Not focusing on the good stuff instead and not letting that in and being inspired and excited by it
    Hence the fear grew and you got ‘tired’, feelings/thinking from those places does that.
    Absolutely, write down your goals and what excites and inspires you. Use your fears to highlight the things that DO excite you, ‘contrast’ or ‘resistance’ are there to highlight what you DO want, it is only there for you to gain clarity on what you want (from what you don’t want) AND THEN LINE UP TO IT! i.e. Feel from it, expect it, know it’s on its way
    The fears and everything else are there for guidance, but not to dwell on. You dwell on the good stuff so you are a vibrational match to it
    Look forward to seeing you again!
    And thank you for your wonderful comment
    Take care,