So, what dreams do YOU have?
Remember to MILK the thoughts, remember
it's not just about the dreams you have but about how you use them to flow
, and that is about how you think about them, HOW GOOD YOU LET

So for example if you want to visit/live on an island, you can describe it in detail, there is power in the specificity…

What is the island like?
What are the people like on it?
The colourful and nutritious (and tasty) vegetation?
What is it like to wake in the morning and hear the ocean waves?
Describe the beautiful sea that you get to experience every morning? How does your body feel when you feel it each morning?
And the wonderful morning sun? And how is it hearing the native birds with their colours and vibrant plumages?
What are the sunsets like? What colours do they paint in the sky?

What fresh and natural foods do you get to experience? How does your body feel in experiencing these?
What is your rich sensory experience in being here?
What is the lifestyle like?
Are you here with your family and loved ones? How is it for them?
What do you do on this island when you 'play'?

Can you see how just in reading these questions your thoughts and feelings have already shifted…?
are already vibrationally closer to all that you want
, just by
considering the above, and you have access to thoughts and ideas you
didn't a few minutes ago as a result of your raised vibration

There is power in specificity.  Where it is not helpful is when you aren't totally clear on your goal and initially  you can 'soften' it by being general or vague about it but as you get clearer and clearer about what you want and as you gather data and information in your day-to-day experience and you hone it and refine it and get clearer and clearer on what you are wanting, there is great power in the specificity, there is a greater FOCUS

That is what creation is about, when you focus you are channeling universal energy through you to manifest on a physical level, in your focusing and alignment – by thinking and feeling FROM your goal – you are lining up with the bigger part of 'You' – The Universe, God, Source, Universal energy, whatever you want to call it – and letting it in.  And as you do that you feel better and better and that is your indication that you are lined up with the bigger 'You' and things are happening.  It doesn't matter what actions you take because in your alignment you will be inspired to take the right actions, say the right things, be in the right places etc.  Actions are very much a physical 'human' concept and alignment (how you feel is an indication of your alignment) is when you are in harmony with the larger (non-visible, non physical spiritual essence) part of the physical planet and Universe.


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  • Bhavini says:

    Lovely post Hemal. Keep up the good work!
    After seeing the picture that you put up with the post, I feel like being on the island. .
    So lets look at it this way. .
    How wonderful would it be to be on the island enjoying the sun?
    It would feel soo good roaming around barefooted on the sand.
    This holiday with my dear ones would b a memorable one…

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini!
    That’s, it you got! Brilliant!

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