One of the questions I answered in Saturday’s (yesterday’s!) teleclass is when you have dreams and desires, what happens when you get doubts about them?

We are very much used to SEEING things happening, in only believing when we see them.  Having said that, the Universe does a lot of its work on the unseen level – on the spiritual or non-physical level.

And so there we are on the physical looking and saying “Where is it?  Where is it?  Why isn’t here yet?  Does this work?  Oh it doesn’t work!  Oh it doesn’t work for me!”  Whereas it was ALWAYS HAPPENING and on it’s way to you.  As mentioned in the class the moment you think a thought and you focus on it it is on its way, even in the stages of attracting more and more thoughts and attracting clusters of thought and it building and manifesting on the physical.

It’s like planting a seed and then digging it up every few minutes to check whether it is growing.  IT’S ON IT’S WAY!  

The implication of asking “Where is it?” is doubt and doubt is not conducive to you quickly and easily manifesting what you want.  The way to manifest what you want is to focus on the good feelings of what you want and to keep yourself there and to not question it, to have faith, to believe, to allow it in (rather than push against it by doubting or questioning).  You don’t have to be thinking about it all the time but you don’t need to be questioning it either.  How you feel and how good you feel about it is an indication of it being on its way.  Thus if you are questioning it and doubting it that’s not going to feel good and thus you have your indication.  Let go of those doubts and instead focus on what you enjoy and like and love about what is on its way to you, step into the experience of it and how your life will be in having it in your life.

As mentioned, in the subsequent teleclasses there will be techniques and processes to work with this as well.

But remember that whenever you focus on something and you do not contradict that thought i.e. do not doubt it, do not think about the lack/absence of it, IT IS ON ITS WAY

If you were not able to attend yesterday’s teleclass you can still download it, all the teleclasses are available for download after the event.  You can currently do this via the post at—book-now.html

And you are also able to take part and send your questions for the subsequent ones too!


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  • monty says:

    i understanding in what you say, but i am sure people have manifested things and they have not recieved them . if i lost a girl and thought positive things about her and attracted her it doesnt mean she will come back to me through the law of attraction

  • Hemal says:

    If you line up vibrationally to what you want – rather than the absence of it – it can’t not come into your life, just like gravity is a law on this planet, LAW of Attraction is a Universal law.
    And regarding attracting someone else, you cannot impose or create in another’s reality but through your own vibration you can attract what comes into your life (and be a very attractive influence in other’s lives)