I just started reading The Secret, and I understand the Law of Attraction clearly.
What I don't understand are the physical aligning of things. I don't
know what I need to do with my room to attract the things I want. For
example, I want a husband. Do I
need to align things in that particular room for that to happen? 
What should I do to attract love and all these wonderful positive
things humans long for?

The book mentions that you should change your surroundings as if you
have your soulmate with you. For example: there's a story about a lady who stopped taking up
the whole space of the garage, and left some space for her potential
soul-mate's car to park in her garage.

So my question is: Is changing my surroundings a strictly important action to take in
order to attract my soul mate?

To answer your question – no!  You do not have to change your
surroundings or anything necessarily, it is about your thoughts and
feelings – hence your vibration about it.  And as a result you may/will WANT to make certain changes – such as your surroundings or by taking actions or anything else – because they feel good and inspired,
not necessarily because you 'have to'.  So the 'actions' are a consequence of how you feel rather than them being forced necessarily to 'make it happen'.  They are a natural progression of your feelings and your building vibration rather than something 'forced'

Changing surroundings or taking actions may lead to a change in one's vibration, the key IS the change in vibration, so – and oftentimes the easiest and hence most efficient way – what you can do is the practicing of the thoughts and feelings of what you want and that will bring in the new vibration and the consequent physical reality

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