Everything on this physical platform is for you to have what you want.  You may think the challenges and 'hardship' you experience…'Oh why does it happen to me?'…you may think you were the unfortunate one for whom it just doesn't work out, the one that has to 'make do'…  

Realise that everything you get and everything you don't get serves as a vibrational platform.  It is like you are standing on the shoulders of a giant from your new perspective; from the thing that worked out, or the thing that didn't work out.

You always see things from new eyes.  Whether it be going back to a country, a relationship, a company that you worked for, or anything else.  Each time you EXPERIENCE something your vibration grows – whatever the outcome. You can never go back.  You will always see it with new eyes.  You are always 'more'.  And that's what you came here to be.  And your physical is (/will be) a match to your vibration

Know that each time you don't get what you want there is a building desire for what you DO want, and the discomfort that you feel is an indication that you are not lined up to it in your thoughts and feelings.  The stronger the disparity the stronger the 'negative' emotion.  But if you are to use your emotions as guidance, as guidance that you are getting closer to what you want or further away from it, based on how you feel, you can then work on getting yourself to a better feeling place and thus more in alignment with what you want and thus the manifestation of it.

So as an example something has gone wrong, or something has happened how you don't want it to be – and you feel terrible.  When feeling something as strong as that usually the first step is to soften it.

So you might say:
-This is so bad, why oh why is this happening (pacing the experience)
-I realise that it's not quite how I wanted things to be, and this realisation is my first step (a bit better)
-I realise inherent in everything – good or bad – is the desire and the energy to HAVE WHAT I WANT (feeling better)
-It's not the end, I know there is much more to come, and as soon as I get off feeling bad about this I can line up to what I do want
-What is it that I DO want?  How would it feel when I have it?  
-What are the details of what I want?  (get into more and more specifics, do scripting – script out how things would be, role play, practice using your imagination)

And you are on your way to a better feeling place…

Oftentimes when certain things happen, whilst we have our attention on what we don't like rather than what we do, we are attracting more of what our attention is focused on.  So even though things around you (on the physical) may be appearing a certain way, how do you want things to be?  Can you imagine it?  Can you FEEL IT? How deep can you get into that reality?  

And of course as you do that and your vibration adapts to it, it gets easier to think the next better feeling thought and so on.

It can sometimes take the physical a little while to adapt to your vibration (as quickly as you 'allow' it through your good feelings), so keep your vibration on how you want things to be, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU. Do you want to create more of 'what already is' (by your focus on it) or what you want?  What vibrational signal are you offering RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE?

Feel free to share and add your thoughts, experiences, tips in the comments below

Have a great day

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  • Jeanne May says:

    Hi Hemal
    I came across your site from a link on facebook — and what a find!
    Your suggestions for softening the blow when things don’t go right are great and workable! Being aware of the impact of my vibration level on what I bring into my life, I’ve become more conscious of not focusing on how difficult/challenging/trying a situation is but rather detaching myself from the outcome as I wanted it to be and seeing the opportunities this ‘not so desirable outcome’ gives me. Sometimes easier said than done!
    I enjoy your site very much… thank you for sharing your energy and wisdom with us!

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Jeanne!
    Yes, and sometimes it is easier to withdraw the attention from something ‘challenging’ and focus on something that feels better and from the new vibration create new and great things…oftentimes the original ‘problem’ changes in the process
    Thank you for getting in touch!
    Take care,

  • Pat says:

    Around January 2007 my husband and I made a decision that affected me deeply (moving to another country), and which I now regret. I cannot reverse it now, and I feel guilty, remorseful, and depressed. I keep wishing I could turn the clock back, which of course won’t happen. I’d love to believe everything wil be ok, and attract the right things, but I just cannot. Any words of wisdom?

  • Hemal says:

    Hi Pat,
    You are in a situation that does not feel nice and you are looking to see what possibilities there are.
    Start with the situation at hand, look at the things that feel uncomfortable and look to ‘soften’ them. So you might say you are not enjoying the country and find aspects that aren’t so bad about them, rephrase or reframe things such that they feel ‘softer’ rather than the harsh way they’ve been. This will soften your vibration and bring other thoughts in line with that and so on. As you do that you will find soon enough your reality will change. But it starts with gently softening how things have been
    You can say to yourself:
    I don’t enjoy how things have been, but things have happened and I can try to make the most of them
    I feel guilt and am depressed about it, and I can start to gently look for things I might appreciate
    I can look for things that have come about through all of this which may be of benefit to me, even if it’s being clear on what I don’t want
    As I know what I don’t want, I am getting clear on what I DO want
    What I DO want is….
    And work with building those thoughts, practice them, imagine them. Just imagine if things could be a certain way, how would they be? Don’t think you are trying to create something, just focus on how (better) these thoughts feel and practice them. And in time you will see things around you shift, they can’t not. If your vibration changes, what is around you will almost seemingly magically shift