Thank you for your messages on Monday in response to the post I put up, lovely to hear from you!  Nice to know so many of you are enjoying what you are reading!

Some of you may remember me mentioning a friend of mine from South Africa, Nina Ferrell, on Monday I received a lovely message from her sister on something she does to use spam emails to 'realise' abundance is on its way to her, enjoy…

Hello Hemal,

I trust I find you well since having last spoken with you.( Remember Nina's sister? That's moi!) I have been practicing something which might be of interest to you and those out there.
You know the type of spam where one is addressed as the last kin of a dearly beloved (unknown obviously!)?  One stands to inherit a huge sum of $ or even pounds!  Obviously it's a scam BUT I have found a way to use it to my advantage: Each time I receive such an email I thank our Heavenly Father and the Universe for it, write it down, tick it off and keep a list of all the money that is coming to me.

Knowing the Universe it is only a matter of time before my fortune arrives.  (By the way I manifested my sportscar by being thankful, visualisation etc.)  Maybe others will see the sense in this as well?

 Kind regards and blessings to all out there

Annebel Lubbe (Billionaire in the making)


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  • Bhavini says:

    WOW! this is creativity…nice way of looking at the spam mails…gosh, i recieve a dozen of them every week…need 2 change my perception of
    Great post and thanks to Nina’s sister and you Hemal for sharing this.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Bhavini,
    I had a few people get in touch about this who enjoyed hearing about Annebel’s way of dealing with them lol

  • Beverley says:

    That is wonderful, thankyou for sharing such an inspirational email with all of us who receive such an abundance in their email inboxes in the way of inheritances each and every day.

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thanks Beverley! 🙂