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Currently there is a lot happening around the world and there are a lot of headlines and people are asking 'What do we do about this?' There are many suggestions, and many of them from an economic/'physical world'/action perspective have involved holding back the reins on spending and 'contracting' and so on.

This post talks about taking a bigger perspective and knowing you are part of a far greater power you can tap into at any moment no matter what is happening in the world and no matter what is being said or predicted. In effect you are always creating your own stream of abundance

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Can you talk about the current economic climate?

The economic climate is actually just a fraction of what there 'is' (you will find out more about that in a moment), and despite what you may hear in the media wellbeing actually abounds.  Generally the current climate in the mainstream media is of fear and impending fear, but that does not mean that it is or has to be that way for you.

The whole world can beat the path of fear and doom and gloom but in this divine Universe you have your own connection with God (/Universe), that is never not the case, you can set your own path through your thoughts and feelings.

When you do that you will attract those that are a match to that. There WILL be those that ARE a match to that, you cannot have a vibration and not have a match, and this Universe is pure potential and pure abundance, everything truly is possible.

Most of the mass consciousness is very used to seeing what is happening and as a result of that having their vibration determined and their lives radiate not too far from the mean. YOU set your course through your deliberate intent. What do you want from your life? How would you like things to be? If you could have what you want how would things be? If you couldn't fail, what would you strive for?

All possibilities are truly open to you. Disregard all that you hear about what is happening. Feed yourself information on how you would like it to be, the possibilities and the mechanics of that will present themselves to you, you always attract that which is a match to you. Whether it be doom and gloom or prosperity, abundance and possibilities for you and those you love.



Ok, so what will happen?

By virtue of Law of Attraction, if there is excitement and positivity it grows and grows and grows and grows.  Currently there is a fear and that has the potential of growing and growing and growing. The governments will try things and the people will watch and hope. The answer is not in you watching something outside of yourself it is in you tapping into your own divinity, your own power, your own 'Source' and creating and orchestrating. You will then see things happen. And others will take from your inspiration. You may not even tell them anything but they will 'feel' it from you, they will be innately drawn to you. And what will happen is prosperity will grow, and it will feed more and more and more and more. And then it will be rampant and feed more.

And then everyone will define the success in economic and physical action terms but there was a lot of spiritual and non-physical going on underneath. And by 'non-physical' we just mean it to be things on the level of thought, spirit, vibration, 'God', 'Universe' etc, the things you don't necessarily 'see' but you can 'feel', and they are there as much as anything and everything else in your life, in fact even far more so. This post, amongst others on this blog, is getting you in tune with this.

There is no problem or shortage in your life that you cannot get out of or solve, what you are seeing is the physical manifestation of it, you are not seeing the non-physical or spiritual or thought reasons behind it because you are so used to looking at only what you can 'see' rather than trusting your instincts on what you 'feel'. As you work on your thought level the physical will take shape and respond to it, it can't not.



So where are we going wrong?

Well everything is 'perfect' in that it is always contributing to your growth, individually and as a consciousness. Even the things that went wrong in your life, you have gained in many ways. Not necessarily just through conscious lessons but vibrationally you always grow and expand. The desire for it to never happen again can be a strong attractor for what you want, but the importance is on having your attention and focus and vibration on what you want than pushing away what you don't (by focusing on it), you are using what happened to define what you want and powerfully draw towards it.

But from a human perspective you may say 'How come this is happening?' and 'What can we do about it?'  Start gently by taking your attention off the fear and off what might happen and start to veer your course towards what you DO want.  More on that in a moment, but if you could have things how you want them, how would you like them?  Start by practicing those thoughts, and as you practice them the vibration of that will get stronger and you will experience more of it.

Know that you attract things that are a vibrational match and not things that are not a match to your thoughts.  If your vibration and attention is absent of fear and doom and gloom you will not be attracting experiences that match that, it will be vibrationally apart, it will be a different frequency. If despite whatever may be happening, your vibration is on your own prosperity and the divine abundance there always is, that will be your experience.

There are MANY prosperous experiences happening in your day EVERY DAY, put your attention on those rather than the things that the media portrays, that is how you set your course by your intent and power than by accident and mayhem and chance.


Can you talk more about prosperity spiritually?  And regarding money?

You are very much used to seeing a physical world and your physical manifestations. There is a spiritual world around you which is not as visible or as obvious to your eye at the moment, but it CAN be sensed in other ways such as through your feelings. When you work with your thoughts and vibration you are getting into synch with it and it is orchestrating things on the physical level as a result. YOUR PHYSICAL WORLD RESPONDS TO THE NON-PHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL. That is the easiest way of creating in the physical world and how it was meant to be; action was meant to be the last step in claiming it, the picking of the fruit from the tree so to speak.

So money like anything else is an energy, it also has a spiritual/non-physical component, or rather the physical is a manifestation of it. Money responds to your thoughts about it. If you are scared of not having it or of having it, it responds to your vibration of fear and those are the experiences you have with it. If you are comfortable and enjoy money and what it can do for you then it is drawn to you. Why would you not enjoy money, it is like everything else in life, why would you want to have resistance towards it? Allow it to flow naturally into your life and you are happy to pass it on as you know there is plenty to come, you are in a natural flow with everything around you. It comes to you easily and you enjoy passing it on for what you get from the PROCESS of doing that – your joy in the moment – and more comes to you, and it attracts more of the same

Money is the same as anything else in the Universe, it is energetic in nature and you do not need to be shy about it nor scared of it, it will match your vibration to what you have about it, as will everything else, whether it be love or health or anything else in your life, they are all matches to your vibration about them



What do I do, I have impending (financial) challenges?

Start to focus on non-physical solutions. Physical solutions (actions) will help and sometimes they can kick-start things vibrationally, in that sometimes by taking action you feel better and you sooth your vibration and things improve. But when you focus on vibrational or non-physical solutions in the way of working with your thoughts and feelings they will impact your life on a physical level. There is greater leverage from the non-physical/spiritual/thought/vibration perspective, it is easier to create change there, the vibration is lighter and more malleable and then it can permeate down and create physical manifestations.

An example process

What are your daily thoughts on the subject of money?

Do they feel good or do they feel uncomfortable? Is there an element of fear or hope?  Hope implies there is a reliance on something for it to be ok.

Start to realise that despite what you are seeing that things can turn around very quickly. Sometimes you may not see the results immediately, but your indication will be how you feel, that is your connection to your non-physical, that will tell you what is happening on the underlying non-physical level, it is your guidance, your map, your compass. Follow your impulses and instincts, they are taking you in the right direction, even if logically at times it may not make sense.

Start to practice the thoughts on a daily basis of the things you would like. There are many processes offered on this blog (especially in the teleclasses) but for now we will offer something as a starting point.

Allow yourself to fantasise, to day dream. Do this for say three times a day for 10 minutes, trust your intuition as to what is best for you. But trust that it works, and believe in it. Allow yourself to start in hope (as that may be a better vibration from the one you start with), and as you practice and practice your vibration will raise and you will naturally feel expectation and desire and excitement.

When you start you may have niggly thoughts of 'What if this happens or goes wrong or this?' and so on, keep practicing your vibration work. Allow yourself to imagine successful outcomes of those scenarios too that you previously may have doubted, it will get easier as your vibration naturally raises throughout this. You will attract thoughts that match your raising vibration, more and more thoughts will flow to you and it will get easier and easier, akin to rolling a snowball off the top of a mountain, it will attract a greater mass and momentum.

The idea of this is that for those 10 minutes (or whatever time you'd like to determine for yourself and for however many times a day) you are creating space in your life to practice this vibration. Put all those other thoughts aside and practice and hone your vibration about your prosperity and what you would like.


Know that you have the wherewithal and ability and knowledge to be where you want to be

You could say you are a child of God or the Universe and you were never sent unprepared,

You have always had the tools for what you want, they have always been here




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  • I have always held the belief: “Everything always works out for me”, regarding money. I hold this belief as a knowing, as a gutt feeling, without any doubts.
    This belief has helped me through many challenging situations and continues to serve me. I am holding this belief and passing it on to all around me and out in to the Universe.
    Let’s create what we prefer instead of follow along.
    Thank you for the post Hamal.
    Warm Regards,

  • Jeanne May says:

    So many important points in your article Hemal which everyone would benefit from applying in their life.
    We each need to look at and be grateful for the abundance around us… focus on what is so good (even someone smiling) and what is positive rather than what isn’t going well or may not go well.
    We have the choice as to what we focus on… this by no means minimises the reality of economic hardship faced by people. Your article points to so many reasons why we need to avoid getting sucked in to the negativity and gives us practical strategies we can implement to make a positive and empowering difference in our life.
    Thank you for eloquently sharing your wisdom Hemal…

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you for your thoughts Nahal, I agree that is a useful way of looking at things and of course attracts more of the same
    Wonderful to hear something that has worked for you
    Thanks Jeanne, I agree about looking at what is around us, focusing on what IS good, and letting it grow and attracting more of the same
    Thank you for sharing, ladies

  • Bob Donohue says:

    Wonderful post, we need more thinking like this in the mainstream. I know it’s getting there, but our government and media have a knack for looking at the downside.
    Personally, I shut out media reports on the economy. I only pay attention to my personal economy, and focus my thoughts on what I am looking to create.
    Affirmations are helpful to me. And so are blog posts like this one. Reading things from like-minded people adds more power to my own thoughts and beliefs. I’ll pass this link along on Twitter, thanks!

  • Hemal Radia says:

    That’s a good idea, Bob. Best to focus on ones own alignment and then it really doesn’t matter what the rest of the world does, as you (or anyone) will be attracting a match to you
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Carol says:

    Ttally agree with your post on financial thoughts and feelings and that we have to think positive thoughts, remove the negative fears and worries and believe in ourselves and the universe will provide. I teach and help people to remove their fears and worries and to design their lives so that they can live the life they want to live and not the life they think they have to live. So many people have such a host of limiting beliefs they have built up around hthemselves sincethey were born as a perfect glistening diamond into this world, and they are currently not glistening in the sunshine but are buried deep within the mud they have perhaps inadvertantly attracted to themselves, been offered by their peers and well-meaning families over the years, mud they take on each and everyday as they listen to all the negative vibrations in the world, watch the news and surround themselves with people who cannot see the beauty all around them. Many of these people want to make positive changes and dig themselves out of the mud so that they can polish themselve off and sparkle again but when I speak to them about visualisation and seeing and believing that the universe will provide for them and that they can attract positive into their lives, when they then find (especially at this time of year), that they are confronted with the annual insurance bills, car tax, winter gas and electricity bills for say £750 or more and htey just do not currently have that sort of money available to them – they simply stand there and say “yeh ok so things will get better if I believe and visualise and allow my vibration to be positive and let the universe provide for me, but HOW do I actually pay these bills?” Simply telling them to visualise that they are ok that they are abundant and things will be fine and they will be ok doesnt seem to suffice right now for them and they cannot throw of their worries as they are sitting in front of them waiting to be paid?
    Perhaps you can offer some guidance on helping people at this precise stage that they can relate to and that will help them to remain positive and not get bogged down in their fears in respect to money and finances?
    Thank you

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thanks for your comment, Carol
    You mention about people having challenges to pay bills etc. Where they are at that moment is due to a momentum that they have practiced prior to now, that is why it what is happening is happening now
    There are many examples and stories where people have manifested money quickly. Whether people do or do not, the experiences and examples that you mentioned that people go through are adding to the energy of what they are wanting to attract – it is ALL having an effect on their vibration. The reason it is not coming into their life is because their attention and focus is in a different place, like you mention
    And you are right, when people are facing bills it can be not the easiest thing in the world. The best way is to start with gentle and soft statements that they CAN resonate with depending on their beliefs,
    So for example they could say:
    – I know I’m not in a comfortable situation but I believe (paces their current situation)
    – The Universe CAN provide what I want (getting more positive and constructive)
    – The Universe is abundant and infinite (and so on)
    – The Universe can find MANY ways to bring money to me
    This is just a short example that starts off with something that paces their realities and then the statements get more and more specific and relevant to them. And they can continue this further on
    Normally when people try to attract money it is from a place of them not having it, the above process is actually pacing where they are at and then leading to where they want to be. The idea is as they progress they get more and more specific and relevant to where they want to be
    This is a bit different to just telling someone to visualise something because oftentimes from a place of not having something they won’t be in a good place to visualise it easily. The above ‘softens’ the process, bridging them to where they want to be
    Feel free to write more about this if you’d like to

  • duygusaylam says:

    Perfectly what im feeling about it is given n this lecture yet, Attention economics; is an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as a scarce commodity, and applies economic theory to solve various information management problems.
    In this line, attraction of being is also creating the attention econ0mics…Right?

  • Hemal says:

    I’m not sure quite how you mean that but if in any way you are bringing scarcity into it, that is not how the above is meant
    It is essentially about lining up with the non-physical/spiritual with your thoughts and letting it in to your physical experience. At that level there is abundance (not scarcity)

  • I am totally agree with you dear. keep provide more information.