Here is a question that someone asked on the Universal Law of Attraction group on Facebook,


"Has anyone ever used meditation with the Law of Attraction?  Someone said she used meditation with Law of Attraction to manifest her desires. I was wondering has anyone incorporated meditation with the Law of Attraction?"


What meditation does is it quietens the mind and this serves various purposes,


Firstly as you quieten your mind and think less thoughts in general (less 'noise') you are likely to have less resistant thoughts and so you will be 'allowing' what you want better. You are always connected to the Universe/Source/God (choose whichever word resonates for you) and you are only not letting it in through your day-to-day resistant thoughts ('resistant' meaning when you think or feel of something that you don't want), so when you quieten those you are letting in the universal well-being, the natural flow, and so you are naturally in alignment with all that you want (and all that you are from a spiritual perspective).

Also when you have a quieter mind you can put more of your attention on what you DO want
and focus more on that, and of course you are getting vibrational
alignment with what you want that way.


Getting what you want is not necessarily about 'working harder' or 'trying harder' – which can sometimes imply not being aligned as you are needing to expend 'effort', which is different to free flowing energy and desire and enthusiasm and love for what you want and you taking action through your inspiration – it is about tuning in and letting it in

It is not at all about having any less desire, but about how you channel your desire and do it with aligned thoughts and action than misaligned.  You will find that when you are aligned and 'letting it in' things will come to you far more easily than having to 'strive' and 'chase' for things.

Working harder and trying harder work fine from an action or physical point of view but the letting it in and allowing is from a spiritual perspective where you have greater leverage by having all of the resources of the Universe's or God's or Source's available to you, if you can imagine every cell in the Universe orchestrating with you towards what you want and it being in tune with your harmony and vibration, that is available to YOU!


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  • Kimmy B. says:

    Thanks so much for your commentary on meditation. Meditation has lead to the birth of so many ideas for me. I’ve never really thought of meditation as a way to quiet the mind and allow it to focus on prosperity like you’ve stated. It makes sense. I often focus on something positive during meditation; visualization during meditation is a great way to zero in on what’s really important (the good stuff).
    Kimmy B.

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Kimmy!