There are TWO (free) teleseminars next week that you can attend, and can also SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS to them!

You can get an mp3 download afterwards, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can submit YOUR questions beforehand and listen to the answers at your convenience, but you need to register via the form below to be able to do that


The Teleseminars Next Week

1 – The first one is a MANIFESTING AND LAW OF ATTRACTION Q&A next Tuesday, you can ask about a situation in your life or about applying Manifesting & Law of Attraction principles in your life

You can submit questions in the comments section at the bottom of this post or email to

This will be on Tuesday 28th October at 5pm London time GMT (12pm US Central), replay/download available afterwards

Topics for example you can ask about:

  • How you can use Law of Attraction/Manifesting in a certain scenario/situation
  • Law of Attraction Techniques, discussing how best to use them
  • Thoughts and opinions on Law of Attraction/Manifesting
  • Dispelling any notions or 'myths' you might have, what IS really possible?


2 – The second one is a PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE Q&A next Thursday, again you can ask questions related to this topic, it may be a scenario you are experiencing or how to apply Manifesting & Law of Attraction towards something

You can submit questions in the comments section at the bottom of this post or email to

This will be on Thursday 30th October at 5pm London time GMT (12pm US Central) , replay/download available afterwards

Topics for example you can ask about:

  • Applying Law of Attraction & Manifesting principles in your life to attract Prosperity & Abundance
  • Dealing with the current financial climate and what is you hear around you
  • Applying in scenarios and situations that you know of
  • Attracting from 'the inside-out'


And best of all….attendance for these is….FREE!


To confirm your place

By filling in the form below and submitting (you will probably need to go to the blog to do this, if you are reading this in an email via the email subscription) you will receive access details for both of the teleseminars and you can attend either or both or download the audios. We will prioritise questions around money, wealth, abundance, 'material manifestation' towards the second teleseminar.




Kim Doyal of The Self Help Chick and The Women of Internet Marketing group (on Facebook) will be co-hosting the call with me




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  • Colleen says:

    I can sometimes manifest what I ask for and know that the universe delivers what I think.
    The issue I face is that, although I can visualise what I want and continually do this, my subconcious seems to over-ride my requests. For example, if I ask for a £500 000 lottery win, I get a £2 lottery win.
    I think that I have a sub-conscious belief that it will not happen or maybe that I don’t deserve it.
    How can I alter my sub-conscious to be in alignment with my conscious attraction requests?

  • Aleta says:

    How do I know what I want is for my higher good and not something that may harm me or backfire? For example, I may really want to marry John Doe but John Doe is really a bad mate or I really want to go to school in California but it could be the worst decision ever.
    Please help.

  • Aleta says:

    Hi All,
    I apologize for my previous question, which should have been for the 1st seminar.
    Here is my questions for the seminar today at 5pm.
    I have been trying to manifest the latest Lexus RX 330 fully loaded and completely paid off for years. I do not have one still. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks for your questions Colleen & Aleta!
    Colleen, your question was answered in the Prosperity & Abundance teleseminar
    Aleta, your questions were posted after the teleseminar, you are welcome to submit them for future ones when they are scheduled
    Regarding your first question about your ‘higher good’, listen to the teleseminar downloads and the bits about following your emotions/feelings and it being guidance for you

  • Hey there, many thanks for sharing your ideas in Two (FREE) Teleseminars on Law of Attraction and Prosperity & Abundance next week | Manifesting and Law of Attraction. This is really a very nice blog.