"One of the problems I have had in trying to manifest my goals is
…focus. It just dawned on me today as I was giving a cello lesson!
The mistakes I make when I play are often a matter of becoming
distracted…losing my focus. Here I am teaching a student to really
focus on her playing and I suddenly realized that that was what was
getting in my way with manifesting my life!!

That is the big
downfall for me….how can I improve my inner focus? It seems very
difficult to maintain focus day after day……"


Hi Alison,

There are two ways to increase focus:
1 – Lessen distractions (sometimes can be known as 'resistance', i.e. that other than what you want)
2 – Focus more on that which you want (practice/build the vibration of what you want)

are various ways to increase focus, one way is to focus on something,
for example you could focus on a goal or something that feels nice (or even an object) and
practice keeping your attention on it for longer and longer periods. So
initially you could start with 30 seconds and build it to a minute and
5mins and 10mins and so on

The idea is to focus on it as purely
as you can, without focusing on other things. If you happen to find
other things come up then as soon as you remember you get your focus
back on to that which you want to focus on and you continue the
sustained concentrated focus

That's one way for now, there are a lot of other ways to increase focus as covered in other articles here or on the teleclasses as well as to decrease distracting and resistant thoughts.


The other thing also is that as you increase your focus on that which you want, your attention will go away from the things that you don't wantAs your attention grows on that which you want, by virtue of Law of Attraction it will attract more thoughts of the same as it will grow and grow and grow.  When you focus on thoughts such as "I don't want to think (or do) this"  you are still giving more of your attention to that which you don't want, instead put your attention on what you DO WANT

Basically, as you practice focusing on more of what you do want and can create games around it and have fun, your focus will naturally increase.  Have you noticed how when you have fun focus tends to be any easier thing?  😉

So if you are trying to attract something such as a relationship or money for example, you could create a game where you have to think of as many positive fun things about it, you could set a target of thinking of 10 things and write them down, say three times a day.  As you are writing positive things about something your vibration around it is getting purer and purer (and it should feel fun too, not 'forced', keep it light and fun), you are getting into alignment with it, also your focus on it is increasing more and more.

Anyone else want to share their thoughts and/or questions?  Feel free to add them in the comments below


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  • Tim Thacker says:

    Nice article. Where your attention goes, your life flows!