Here is a message I received following the When You Meet Your Soulmate post

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Hi Hemal,


It made me smile to read this message this morning, it reminded me of how I met the gorgeous guy in my life, I never thought that I would meet such a sincere kind loving person whom would accept me for who I am,  

I was invited to take part in an Art exhibition, he was the person my friend had hired the gallery from, when my friend was explaining to the group where our work would be and how the gallery is set out, she spoke of Jonathan the gallery owner and how he was a really nice person in general……. As she spoke of him I had a crazy feeling I had never had before, it was as if I was attracted to him before I had even met him, something told me I would be with this person!!

We were asked to meet at the gallery a few weeks later, he had been on my mind so much.

The moment I walked into the gallery, our eyes meet, there was an instant attraction, and we have been together ever since, I was single for four years before this, and just thought it wouldn't happen to me, but it did, and he is everything I ever wished for, he truly is everything I prayed for on my law of attraction list!!


 Kind Regards, and thank you for making me smile today…..

 Wishing love to all that is seeking it!

 Sharlene X

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