You may be reflecting on the year that is passing and the year that is coming in. As you go from one year to another there is a momentum you carry with you, it is filled with your hopes and excitement for what is ahead and pride from where you have come from, or even sometimes disappointment and the intention for things to be better, all in all it is a momentum. The attracting power of the momentum is based on your strength of intent and your alignment to it. This momentum you carry with you all the time – your vibration – but psychologically many people believe the turning of the year as significant for them, a new canvas to paint upon so to speak, although you have this momentum with you ALL THE TIME 



Wherever you are at know that you have the potential to shape your next year better than at any point in your life. You are wiser, smarter and more experienced.  On a spiritual or non-physical level you ALWAYS have MORE resources than you have EVER HAD, as a spiritual being you are ALWAYS EXPANDING, even in your mistakes you expand, you grow, you cannot not grow, ALL THE TIME. In your physical life your vibration has been CONSTANTLY expanding. On a spiritual level you are far more evolved now with far more resources and synchronicities and abilities available to you than you have ever had, it is just a matter of you lining up to them vibrationally, which is what this blog, the audios/teleseminars, the one-to-ones and all that you have been experiencing with me have been about


Below are some things for you to consider in supporting you in getting into attraction mode, you can write the answers in the comments below if you like, YOU ARE BUILDING YOUR VIBRATION ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, that is what it is about, and the Universe matches your vibration, it can't not, it's physics. And further below I will even tell you what each point below is doing for your consciousness and focus,

1 – Write 3 to 5 things that you have Appreciated about this year

2 – Write 3 to 5 things (or more) that you are Anticipating/Excited about next year

3 – This time next year, what will you be delighted and proud with? What will have happened? (You can do this for the end of Jan too, what will you be proud of by then?)

What the above does:

1 – It gets your focus onto what you Appreciated about this year and on what you LIKED, i.e. a POSITIVE focus, it takes your attention off anything that wasn't quite great but onto what you liked, and you are also making peace with it this way. And by focusing on what you like and appreciate and having your vibration in that place you are looking to attract more of the same

2 – In building the vibration of things to look forward to, and by writing a few things you are strengthening that vibration

3 – This builds on (2) and takes it further and deepens it, 'delighted' can be thought of as a stronger emotion and higher vibration, and in writing this you are writing it as if it has happened, and that is a strong place to be.  Practice that vibration of it having already happened, and the path between then and now will organise itself. I tell my clients if they have done their vibrational work, the 'how' and the path will sort itself out


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  • Dora Crow says:

    ~ Appreciated about this year:
    I appreciate my loving family and that they have been blessed with good health this year.
    I appreciate all of the wonderful new friends I’ve met this year and the friends I’ve had over the years.
    I appreciate all of the creative ideas that flow to me, whether for myself or to benefit others.
    I appreciate that I finally started a long awaited personal project (just about finished, and then on to the next one)!
    ~ Anticipating/Excited about:
    I anticipate completing projects that I start.
    I look forward to growing more confident and being filled with energy and joy!
    I am excited about new groups I will engage in and the new friends I will meet.
    I see my world expanding and that my personal growth will have a joyous ripple effect for my family.
    ~ End of year, or end of January:
    I will be delighted for my family to feel harmony in their lives.
    I will be delighted to be melting shards in people’s hearts, and to help others deflect any shards that may be thrown at them.
    I will have learned much and I will be helping others along their journeys.

  • Andrea says:

    I appreciate:
    – My beautiful and healthy daughter Violet who was born in August
    – The skillful and positive midwife, Sue, who delivered my daughter at home
    – The love, support and hard work of my DH, John
    – My older daughter AnneMarie, who is loving, intelligent, graceful and mature beyond her 4 years
    – The love and understanding of my family and close friends who bring so much joy to my life
    I am excited that the New Year will bring:
    – A promotion and salary increase for John
    – Fulfillment of the loan on my car and a decrease in the rest of our monthly expenditures
    – The christening of our newborn
    – Another pregnancy and this will be our son
    – Improvement in health and fitness for the entire family
    This time next year I will be well adjusted to having two children in the family and will have established routines and dialogues that will be more productive.
    At the end of January I will be proud to have lost 10 lbs and will be well on my way to being back in pre-pregnancy shape.
    Thank you for this opportunity to refocus the positive forces in my life and to make mental preparations to receive the wonderful blessings in the coming year!

  • michelle says:

    things i have appreciated this year:
    1. that i had the oppurtunity to travel and expand my ideas and life through visiting foreign places and meeting new and interesting people
    2. this one should be no.1! my loyal and understanding friend merryn, who is my blessing that i count twice, and the fact that i connected with more people in my immediate surroundings and the odd friend from far away that also came to visit.
    3. this should be no.1 too! my beautiful children who teach me so much, who give me unconditional love, who mirror me every day so that i can see where i go wrong, who came to earth me and stabilise my life and give me the oppurtunity to be a better me.
    2009 will bring:
    1. more oppurtunities to work with my art, finish that children’s book, be able to create something from my soul and at the same time be able to sell it.
    2. we will build our home up in the mountain, cheap, eco-friendly and beautiful, the village will accept us with open arms and other like-minded people will come to live in the area.
    3. i will be a better mother, a better spouse, i will lose that extra 5kg’s, i will follow a healthy vegetarian diet and do yoga every day. but most of all i will grow and change and cultivate more love and peace and kindness and patience and gentleness and beauty within myself. i will not be in intolerant with my husband’s intolerance, i will not point fingers at him always pointing fingers, instead i will through being a beautiful person, guide him and he will realise that we are all one human family and abandon his extremist thoughts and ways
    imagining that this is the end of 2009 i feel so thankful that my life is on the right path, that difficulties have been overcome, that our family unit is strong and that love overflows in our home. my children have grown more self-sufficient and i had a chance to relax and see to my own needs for a change which means that i have been able to give so much more to everyone around me.
    wow! this has been amazing, thank you for giving us the oppurtinity to affirm our hopes and dreams. blessings xxxx

  • Gillian Pardy says:

    1. Things I Have appreciated this year: Finishing my Diploma, working with CTV, the $2000 scholarship the government gave me, my BFF Tricia moving in with me, my other BFF Brittany having a baby and soon getting married, thankful for all the fun opportunities I have had as paid professional ring girl for the MMA fights here where I live, all the great photographers I have had the pleasure of working with, all of the unexpected money I have had come to me, all of the great people I have met, me getting my license and the new job I have aquired :).
    2. Things I am excited for in 2009 are: Starting my new job, working out and improving my health, finding a car, working with CTV again, finding the love of my life :), moving into a better apartment or house,my best friends wedding, more professional paid modeling or acting, and more money!!
    3. By this time nxt year I am going to be proud of all my goals coming true, I want to be able to look back on this and smile with pure content 🙂