Many of you will remember Dora Crow – ‘human mommy’ of Tatiana the dog.  She is a great friend and has also been a client

I thought I would let you know of a post she has just written on her blog about how working with the Law of Attraction has enabled her to appreciate the things in her day to day life that in a way many often don’t realise to do,

Whilst we can appreciate our loved ones, we don’t always remember the wonders in our day to day experiences and when we see the magic we attract more of the same

You can find her post titled The Wood Burning Stove and LOA on her Barefoot Pony Whispers blog

Dora blog pic

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  • duygusaylam says:

    Talking about law of attraction; can you suggest how this relates to current ‘Attention Economy’ ..? I believe there has to be a very strong link between two,
    Thank you,

  • Hemal says:

    Do you mean in terms of the attention on what is happening in the economy?
    Check out this post,–3.html