A question that was asked about a recent post of mine on “Law of Attraction and YOUR Flow” was about someone who could attract “smaller” things but questioned “the Law” for “bigger” things, my comment reply was…

“The Law” or the Universe do not make distinctions between larger or smaller – WE do.  You will find there is a difference in how you think about the smaller and the bigger things, how you represent/believe them internally

People will have different beliefs about them and in likelihood more ‘resistance’ or less expectation about attracting the bigger things. For many people their expectation of the bigger things is not the same as the smaller ones. When it is, the bigger things will be in your life as well

The thing to do is either work with your beliefs and expectations in expecting those ‘bigger’ things – such as by visualising or practicing thought – or keep playing with the small things and build them up (progressively towards bigger things)

Essentially everything is energy and vibration, it is human minds that distinguish between large and small. If right now you saw £1 million as the same as £10 you would attract it the same way into your life


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  • Dora Crow says:

    Oh yes! This really helps my perspective. And when I think of my beliefs and the beliefs of others, I can see that this is true. I have known people who have said to me, “Oh, I could never accomplish what you have done,” and I would think,”But it was easy.. you just do this and then this.. etc.” But – I, too, have put others up on a pedestal, and told myself, “Wow, they are so intelligent, talented, powerful.. but I can’t see myself doing what they’ve done..” Well, yeah, if I can’t see myself doing it, it won’t happen! Same as the people who look at me and think they can’t do what I’ve done.
    I think of the things I’ve done as “little” – they didn’t appear “big”, so there was no risk in doing them. So it must be the same thought process for the people who do things that I consider “big” – they didn’t see it as THAT big, or TOO big. Or maybe not even big at all.
    Great post Hemal!

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Dora!
    You got it! It’s just about our perceptions and our beliefs about things that determines how ‘close’ we are to having them in our lives
    And it is all ‘practice-able’

  • Eric says:

    Hemal, right on!
    It is so true that in many cases the only limitation we have is that in which we place on ourselves.
    However, there is a building process in which we grow in our faith and that experience allows us to grow to be able to receive those “bigger” things…
    Would love to see you share some of your wisdom on the http://loaspot.com !

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks Hemal
    It is like I am listening to Abraham when it comes to being a vibrational match. In fact those were my exact words this morning as I stated my intentions for day to be a vibrational match for all I am intending
    Thanks for inspirational
    I appreciate You

  • Hemal says:

    Thanks Lisa!
    I appreciate you too!
    Hope you had a lovely day!
    Take care,

  • Hemal says:

    Hi Eric!
    Thanks for your message!
    That’s right in terms of “the building process”, I’d call it like creating “vibrational platforms”, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean linear because each layer gives a new perspective and the momentum is quicker and faster than previously
    Thanks, I will check out your site!

  • anya says:

    i am a mathematician and i believe math is truth. to the universe- what REALLY is the difference between $100 and $100,000? a bunch of zeros. and mathematically a “bunch of zeros” equal nothing.

  • Hemal says:

    Nice one, Anya 🙂