The Universe is a willing and responsive friend who will listen to you based on your vibrational asking and alignment

The Universe does not ‘tell’ you anything, it matches your vibration. The way you know something is right or wrong is with your feelings, not what happens on the outside

The Universe acts as a confirmer to what you are emitting vibrationally. It’s a magnifier. It does not decide for you. What you see happening on the outside has been in place vibrationally before it happened.  What are you putting in place vibrationally now through your thoughts and feelings?

The answer ALWAYS is to put your attention on what you want.  Even if there has been a momentum to what you don’t want, you change it by putting your attention on what you WANT and what FEELS GOOD – the feeling that it feels good is your indicator you are heading toward what you want

Things can only happen in your physical experience that are in vibrational vicinity of where you are at.  Don’t be disheartened or disappointed if they are not pleasing, use them as an indication to direct your course to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

Envision how you want things to be, daydream, play with those thoughts and fantasies, build them up.  Are those ‘realities’ more dominant in your mind than your fears and doubts?  Are the things that INSPIRE and EXCITE you dominant in your consciousness?

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  • Lily On Earth says:

    I can only agree to what you say Hemal. All we need to do is to work on transforming our subconscious mind. Thrilling and exciting!
    Love and Blessings!

  • Sheri Fresonke Harper says:

    Thanks for the good thoughts,
    🙂 Sheri

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you 🙂

  • Sam Mutimer says:

    Hemal – wow, what a rippa blog you have here! Informative, inspiring and full of zest – I love it! Whoop whoop!
    Looking forward to soaking up more of your tips in the next post and applying them!
    High fives
    Sam Mutimer
    Ps. Are you on twitter? My addy is @sammutimer – looking forward to connecting with you here “real time” too!

  • Hemal says:

    Hi Sam!
    Thanks for your message and look forward to interacting with you on Twitter!
    Take care,

  • Ryan says:

    Such an important questions Hemal. I set the alarm every 2-3 hours to observe where my attention is focused. If it has drifted from my goals I gently shift it back to Reality 🙂

  • Sangita says:

    Hi Hemal
    great work, great blog
    Can i share a story with you. 10 years ago i did not do anything… no seminar, no reading books, no visualisation, no fire walking, no meditation ………….. and abundance was flowing to me easily
    now I am doing everything……………… ie visualisation – following all teh steps of secret, but prosperity – wealth and happiness – is evading me
    I am reading a book the power of now by eckhart tolle – that is in complete contrast to law of attraction. He thinks visualisation is BS and just an illusion, and you should learn to live in the NOW
    I am confused! – any comments?
    so many Gurus out there!

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thanks Ryan!
    Thanks Sangita,
    The reason was that at that time you were in your flow and currently you are trying to make things happen but your attention is on what’s around you and what’s not happening. If abundance wasn’t a factor, what would you do? Take your attention off what is not around you.
    Re: Law of Attraction and Now, there is only ever the now, even the past and the future are recreations in our now moments. It is about living in the now, but it doesn’t mean other things cannot be used, such as visualisation or whatever it may be. It is up to the individual to find what works for them; everyone will have different preferences. It is about vibration and how good someone feels. The recent (free) teleseminar talked about this