This is an e-mail I received earlier today.  It is from someone who subscribes to this blog and is also on the Universal Law of Attraction group on Facebook.   My friend Dora Crow (famous for the Tatiana videos!) suggested I share it with you on this blog, so here we are…

Hi Hemal,

This is what I have been wanting to tell you why I said to you that for me you are simply the best!

I joined several groups in FB, group for encouragement and for LoA. I think I join 5 of them and the creator are on my friends list too, including you.

I was quite active with all groups or tried to. But you are the only one who calls my name (which is important for me), who gives wonderful responses, who is warm and who gives great attention to all of your members.

I thought maybe other creators were very busy and had many clients/members. But then I noticed you ARE too a very busy man and has MANY members. Yet you can still give time and energy for me and everybody else personally. That is WOW!

So thank you again, Hemal. It really means ALOT to me.

You are simply the best! I wish you success and happiness, always.

I really look forward to reading your book!

You are loved,
Claudia Caecilia

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