There is never within any of us such a thing as flaws or distortions other than the masks we have given ourselves.  Deep down from an energetic perspective you are actually ‘perfect’ other than the patterns you have practiced to see yourself with over the years.  You are essentially pure positive energy in a physical form, you are the manifestation of that energy, and moment by moment you are deciding (whether consciously or unconsciously) what the manifestation of that energy is in you being who you are

Your attention can be on the present, the past, the future, or wherever else.  Regardless of where your attention is your point of attraction is in your now moment.  That is what you are attracting more of, whatever your vibration – via your thoughts and emotions – is in your now moment

If your attention is on the lover that scorned you or if it is on the business partner that wasn’t so wonderful, what are you attracting more of?  Or if you haven’t experienced a ‘perfect lover’ but you are envisioning how it might feel, and how it might feel to have your millions and what you will do with them and how your body will feel being how you want it to be – although you may not have yet experienced these but in your now moment you are envisioning them very clearly and deeply and feeling from them, what is your vibration and what are you attracting more of?

What matters most

Don’t spend time justifying why you are where you are at now, don’t blame the lover or the (ex) husband or the (ex) wife or parent or the business partner or friend or whomever.  Take your attention away from that, sooth any hurt around that, and put it towards WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

When your attention (and hence vibration and intention) is on where you want to be you are attracting experiences that match that.  Initially it might be something small that manifests that catches your attention and that makes you think, and then something else happens, and something else.  Your attention – your conscious attention – starts shifting towards it more and more, and your expectation builds; you expect it more and ‘allow’ it into your life by being more and more from that place

And of course, if your attention is on those good things that are trickling in, what is your attention NOT on?  Where you came from!  ‘The past’!  You wouldn’t have time to think of where you came from because you’d be TOO BUSY ENJOYING THE NOW!!!!  Love and enjoy your NOW so much that you don’t think about anywhere else and don’t care about anywhere else, and everything will take care of itself.  Create and mould and shape your now.  Take your attention away from what you are coming from and what you don’t want (that in itself will create a huge shift) and naturally your attention will be drawn to those things in your now moment that you can love and appreciate and enjoy


In doing this you will be adopting all those spiritual principles that you’d been reading about for all that time and were figuring out how to implement: detaching, letting go, allowing, creating, attracting and everything else.  You will be applying ALL OF THOSE just by making the most of your now moments.  In you enJOYing each moment you are not being attached to what you want because your attention is on the now (detachment, letting go), and because you are feeling good you are allowing, creating and attracting

Remember not to beat yourself up.  It is ok if things happen (or happened) that aren’t how you like them or want them to be.  Sooth yourself around that, sooth your vibration around that.  If you give yourself a hard time for too long you are building THAT vibration (and then don’t be surprised if you attract matches to that via recrimination!)

So make peace with the way things are, that will soften your perspective to what you don’t enjoy, it will create the space for what you DO enjoy and your attention will naturally go there.  As it goes there that will build – Law of Attraction – it will attract more thoughts that match that and it will grow and grow and grow and you will see physical manifestations.  If you do not contradict or doubt yourself along this process you will see more physical manifestations and it will grow and build and build and build.  It is loving your now moment but wanting to expand and grow more and have more. 

Your now moment is as rich and abundant as you see it to be, and seeing that will show you more abundance.  There is no corner or spot in the Universe that is not abundant – the Universe is abundant EVERYWHERE – period!  The Universe is not playing a game and has said that just for you – just for you – it will withhold some of its abundance!  It has not decided that just for kicks it will withhold it from you!  The Universe adores you as you are a part of it and it expands THROUGH you – if you win, it wins!

So be kind to yourself, know that there is abundance around you, today, and every day, where you are, and everywhere

In your kindness to yourself the Universe will match that, and you will see things around you, and it will get easier, you will see reflections of your love for yourself and it will expand and grow

Remember to appreciate who you are, there is no coincidence you are here, you came here to do things and experience things.  Appreciate you are here to be you, and you are perfect the way you are

Rainbow flower

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  • Dale Kathryn says:

    The one thing I have found valuable is living in the present. It stops worry and anxiety dead in its tracks. Focusing on the present allows you to fully experience the here and now. It gives me peace of mind and my results are so much better than they were before.

  • Bravo Hemal,
    This is a subject that is truly near and dear to my heart. I spent many years being of the opposite opinion. That just lead nowhere fast. Now I believe that I am where I am and it is all OK. I love LOA the simplicity of it has enriched my life in more ways then I can ever say. Thank you for wonderful post.

  • Good post!One of the most difficult things to accomplish– even for a moment– is too be our own true selves.
    Instead we go around being an automatic and unconscious assortment of other people’s ideas, unclarified and unconscious emotions, unwanted problems, etc.
    Agree that we are essentially perfect . The more we can be our authentic selves the more we will succeed in life.
    Thanks Hemal

  • Dora Crow says:

    Dear Hemal,
    Just the other day I was thinking of mentioning to you that I noticed I hadn’t thought of shards in a long, long time. Recently, a close friend received some shards – and previously I would have allowed those shards to injure me through feeling her pain. But they didn’t reach me. Oh, I got a little angry for a moment, but it didn’t stay with me… and I never felt a single shard touch me.
    And today I read, “You wouldn’t have time to think of where you came from because you’d be TOO BUSY ENJOYING THE NOW!!!! Love and enjoy your NOW so much that you don’t think about anywhere else and don’t care about anywhere else, and everything will take care of itself. ”
    I guess that’s why I haven’t been fearing shards lately or even thinking of ways to protect myself from them. I’ve been too busy enjoying creating and developing projects, and being involved with helping others with their projects!
    Ta-da! It works Hemal, it WORKS !!!

  • great blog and nice post..I’m a fan of the law of attraction… I think I’ll take a look at some other post on here..this is good stuff!
    Stuart Stirling

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you everyone! 🙂
    It’s wonderful to read your lovely comments!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hemal: I finally took the time to sit and read many of your articles and I have to say – What was I waiting for? The picture you have in this article – the kitten looking in the mirror – has been one that touched my heart years and years ago. I believe 100% in synchronicity. Your words have inspired me to find my flow, find my bliss and stop waiting for other people to make me happy. Thank you!

  • Mala Persaud says:

    The fact that we both used that picture is such a coincidence! I just thought it was beautiful and I LOVE flowers! 😀

  • Peter Ruble says:

    Thanks for making this article available, Hemal. I was randomly blogging some of my thoughts about being in the now and stress (emotional wounds recently). It’s so true, putting attention on those things, which I and most people do some times, is like scratching a physical wound that’s itching intensely because it’s healing. The Mind/Body is an amazing creation and has its own healing tools that are best not interfered with.

  • Hemal Radia says:

    Thank you everyone, much appreciated 🙂

  • Anu says:

    Hi Hemal, Excellent article. You are brilliant. Focus on the Now true…but when at times what I want doesnt happen, automatically mind starts thinking of negatives and past..I need constant reminder to think “NOW”. Everyhting will be ok in the end, if it is not ok, it is not the end. what a profound quote !! I think I should start identify, understand and appreciate little things which manifests on the way to achieve big goals.