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“To folks considering attending this teleseminar (audio download), I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to get to know Hemal and hear what he has to share with all of us.
You can really get to know him through these teleseminars .. he is down-to-earth, authentic, and really has something of value to offer.”

 – Dora Crow, California, USA

“Hello!  A very big ‘Thank You’ for the teleseminar today,a great introduction for me. 
Down to earth and very understandable!
well as reinforcing general principles,I hope to be able to approach
relationship issues from a fresh perspective.I look forward to the
second event on Thursday. Tina : ) “

– Tina Sledger, Epsom, UK

“Your answer is exactly what I wanted to hear and I immediately feel more aligned with my goal and I’m certain I am going to receive it within the next few weeks.
Thank you so much!  In all honesty this download is fantastic!
The depth of information you and Kim gave in it is very good.  
I would even pay for it, I think its that good!
 Thanks very much Hemal”

– Sanjay Patel, UK

“Hi Hemal, A huge thank you for the invitation to attend todays seminar.
I followed what I could, which was most of it and have to agree with other people who’ve left comments on your blog, you have an exceptional way of communicating your message.
You put things across in a simple fashion. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the seminar.
I was able to have many of my own answers questioned just from following the seminar and listening to your replies to the various questions.
We sometimes get sidetracked in life with the various incidents that happen. It helps when you have like-minded people around you to keep you in check! Staying focused is the key.
I will be keeping in touch with you through your various sites in order to stay focused. There are few people in my life at the moment who think the same way as me and it’s important to stay in touch with those that are.
Thank you again and also good luck with all that you are doing with your cause. You deserve success.
Maybe in time I can organise for you to present a live seminar here in Cyprus, I’m sure that it will be greatly received and appreciated.”

– Vela Stainton, Cyprus

Manifesting & Law of Attraction Teleseminars coming soon – What do *YOU* want?

Coming in the next few weeks will be some teleseminars and I’d like to get your input on what YOU are wanting

you can take a look at this survey and give an opinion, it is an opportunity for you to have a voice on what you
want. Doing this does not oblige you to anything, the purpose of it is
for information gathering