It’s not about the actions that you take but the energy (vibration) behind those actions. It’s not about what you do, but your thoughts and congruency and alignment about what you do. You can take less actions and get great results, or you can take all the actions in the world and it not quite be how you want it. The factor is the thoughts about (and behind) your actions.

This is why some people can eat what they like, exercise very little and still have wonderful bodies, whereas others will “toil” and “strain” and have to “work hard” for it.  It is also the same when it comes to money or business, where some people will take certain actions – or even none – and it will work out for them whereas others will do everything they can and do not get there in the same way or the journey is a bit more “difficult”.

So whilst actions are to be commended, there is also another component as well as the actions which is an energetic component or a vibrational component.

It is about the energetic or vibrational component

That is down to your thoughts about what you are wanting.  It is about your alignment.  How do you feel about what you want?  The better you feel about what you want, the more in alignment you are with it.

In the example above about having a wonderful body, some would say it is about the beliefs a person has and that causes chemical reactions within the body, whether when they eat or when they exercise.  The answer is it is all the same thing.  Beliefs are clusters of thought – and thought is vibration.  Beliefs can be thought of as collective clusters of vibration so to speak and we can answer this with physiological terms or metaphysical terms, it is all the same and fits together.  You change your thoughts and practice beliefs by practicing the thoughts you want to have. 

Your beliefs – which can be seen as “practiced thought”, and nothing more mystical and magical and “unchangeable” than that – only came into existence by practice (whether deliberately or accidentally) and in fusing with emotion, which can add a bit of “glue” to it so to speak in adding importance to them, e.g. you tend to pay attention to things with love, joy or fear rather than something that has no emotion to it – and because of the emotion they tend to be given a bit more emphasis than that which doesn’t.  Which is why when you want to create positive experiences, the more natural positive emotion the better, it adds intensity, permeability and “emphasis” to it.  Your beliefs are very changeable and it is about practicing thinking things that feel good, and this is also how you create constructive and EMPOWERING beliefs that support you in what you do and ADD emphasis and energy to what you do.

Your beliefs are very changeable and it is about practicing things that feel good

But it shouldn’t be hard work, think about the things that naturally feel good to you, allow yourself to do that.  Oftentimes we don’t allow ourselves to think of what we want or like because we are scared we cannot have it or it is not ok.  Let me tell you, in the domain of your own head you can think what you like!  And soon enough your reality will change and YOU can tell others how it is, you will shape your reality by your practiced thoughts (and you don’t have to tell anyone how you did it if you don’t want to, just our secret 😉 )

This also applies to interpersonal communications.  It isn’t really about the “words” you use, but again about the vibrational or energetic component BEHIND those words.  Sometimes you may not necessarily say the “right” things but because of your vibrational alignment you will get results.  And at other times you may be “trying” to say things a certain way and in your trying too hard there is an element of lack and that is being picked up in your vibration.

So to put it very simply, how do you feel about what you want?  The better you feel, the more in alignment you are with it.  And then it may not even be about the actions that you take, it may be that the actions are inspired or it may be that as a result of synchronicities that what you want lands right in your lap – and either way it is ok, the Universe is doing what it does in bringing vibrational matches together. 


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  • Hemal,
    As always, your timing is perfect! How is it that you always write what I need to hear on any given day?
    This post is so helpful because you show us how much more enjoyable, easier, and successful whatever we do or say will be – when our feelings about it are sincere and the action “naturally feels good”.

  • Tamara Kerner says:

    Hi Hermal
    I experience this sooo often! If i’m having a really hard day in sales, i take a break and do something that makes me happy. I walk my dog, read a book, lay in the sun, hike, bike, you name it…i do it until I feel better. 9 times out of 10, i return to some good news, a new client message, or just have a stellar rest of my day. It’s so about my thoughts and emotions and truly nothing to do with how “hard” i work. In fact when I fall into the trap of working hard, I’m pretty ineffective.
    thank you for your wonderful posts!

  • reine says:

    hi Hemal , thank u 4 this article , but please can u give us some life examples , it will be more clear 4 me . Have a nice day !!

  • reine says:

    hi Hemal,thank u !!!!!!!

    My deepest gratitude Sweet Sweet Angel Hemal! We are ALL soooooooooo VERY Blessed YOUr words of wisdom- sharing YOUr insightfullness with ALL of WE, YOU are a DOLL!!
    Inspiring TRUTH, writ BEautiFully and presented LOVingly!
    Such a GIFT are YOU :O)
    Thank YOU sooo much for blessing MY LIFE!
    Blessedly BE
    Radiate Soul Light/roni

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Roni!!
    Much appreciated!! 🙂

  • Val wilcox says:

    Love it! too many times I find myself “trying” to get into sync when in reality if I were to let go & bring the feeling from my core is when things happen. thanks for the great reminder today,

  • Maria Erving says:

    Great article Hemal! 🙂

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you Val and Maria! 🙂

  • Very true..
    Good job Hemal..