Every now moment is a fresh moment for you to create in.  It is independent of the previous moment – there is no connection other than any “vibrational carry-over” that you bring over in your thoughts and feelings, i.e. each moment has the potential to be unique and independent and be “separate”; you only create similar experiences by you thinking the same things, not as a result of anything external to you.

It is the same with lifetimes as it is from each successive moment – what is carried over is by your vibration.  And your vibration is as a result of your thoughts and emotions.  So yes, there IS a predestination as there is a vibration, but you also have freewill and choice in what you mould and create and attract with your thoughts.

So when you practice thoughts that feel nice, you will be taking thoughts into your next moment which feel good, and your manifestations in your next moment will be equally as exhilarating.  Essentially, you are “investing in your future” through what you are focusing on right NOW.



You were born to create in your life and follow your love and joy.

Everything else along the way has been for you to get clarity for what you DO want.  All the other experiences you been having have been fine tuning your “guidance system” (your emotions!) so you can lock on to your love and joy.  You have been learning what you don’t like, and hopefully using that to put more of your attention on what you DO want!

There is no coincidence for the emotions you feel, on a deeper level they are telling you the way to WHAT YOU WANTThey know the path of least resistance – the shortest path from where you are to where you want to be.  Use them as guidance.

If you are feeling frustrated or disappointed – look elsewhere.  Or find something in that situation that feels better, a perspective that is different.  Does that feel better?  Keep looking, until SOMETHING feels a bit better.  And then look for something that feels a bit better than that, and so on.  This way you are raising yourself vibrationally and looking on more and more to the things you are wanting to come into your life.

When you follow your love and joy you are in tune with who you really are on a deeper spiritual level, you are in tune with your ‘purpose’.  And as that happens more and more, what else happens is the physical manifestations match that.  They are more and more in the region of the vibration and frequency you are emitting – you attract based on the vibration that you give off.  If you are giving off better and better feelings, what are you likely to be attracting more and more of?




So ask yourself – what is the best thing I can think and feel right now?  It NEVER matters whether it is realistic, the key thing is HOW GOOD IT FEELS.  The reason for that is the better it feels the more harmony there is in that thought with the path to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

You can have the most well thought out plan and list of actions, but when you focus on a better feeling thought and another and another and another and so on, you are lining up with the resources of the Universe in the manifestation of what you want.  And the Universe has far more ways of getting you what you want.

And what will happen is in the raising of your vibration, in the raising of your “frequency” as I often describe it, you will be in alignment with the thoughts and ideas and inspiration and “how to” to have what you want.  It may even be that the manifestation takes place without you having to “do” anything other than the vibrational work.  But what will happen is when you are in that place it will flow seamlessly.  You won’t be thinking about “how to make it happen” because you will be too busy being in your flow. 

Your job is for you to feel so good that you’re not looking to your external reality and thinking “it’s not there”.  The irony of it is as you stop caring about it not being there, you are in alignment to it (especially as you are not focusing on the absence or lack of it) and it will enter your reality.


So, every moment is a fresh canvas.  How creative and colourful and joyful and loving and appreciative will you be in your now moment?  How much enjoyment are you going to milk out of your moments?  It is never about what is happening.  You can find one iota of a thing to appreciate, and by you focusing on it and NOT contradicting or doubting it (that’s key), it will attract more thoughts of the same (Law of Attraction).  The key is not to doubt or contradict, and then you are in your stream attracting more and more good things and the stream will take you to where you want to go if you do not resist it.




The stream is already here, there is an energetic stream from where you are to where you want to be.  By you not having resistant thoughts (anger, doubt, fear, guilt, questioning yourself etc) you are actually IN THE FLOW.  And as you have better and better feeling thoughts you are more and more in alignment.  THE STREAM WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.  It will take care of everything for you.  The right people, the right resources, the right synchronicities, they will all be organised in perfect harmony by the Universe in accordance with your vibration – THAT is your job.


What is the best feeling thought you can offer in this moment?  It doesn’t have to be the best feeling thought ever, just the best one you can have right now.  And that will create a platform for you to have another better one and another and another and so on. And then you’re on your way along the stream. 

And then you will see physical manifestations which will give you confirmation YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THINGS.  Just have faith in you, don’t doubt yourself, know that you will be taken care of.  Know that it is ok and it will be taken care of and there are powers there beyond what you can fathom orchestrating the solutions to all the problems you could ever imagine.  And it will be taken care for you, by you going with your stream and your alignment.

Remember, each moment is a fresh moment, and you have total choice what you want to put your attention to in it.  All possibilities exist.

What possibilities will you allow for yourself?  What will you let yourself deserve and have?

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  • Dora Crow says:

    “Every now moment is a fresh moment for you to create in.”
    This first sentence alone is so powerful. So freeing. Frees us up from our doubts, our perceived failures, our mistakes.. frees us to believe in ourselves.
    “Everything else along the way has been for you to get clarity for what you DO want.”
    And those so-called failures, mistakes, confusing moments – along with the successes, accomplishments, and feelings of joy – can lead us to clarity.. yes, to what we DO want!! If don’t release and create – how will we ever know what we’re capable of?
    “NEVER matters whether it is realistic, the key thing is HOW GOOD IT FEELS. The reason for that is the better it feels the more harmony there is in that thought with the path to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.” <-- LOVE this!!! Thank you SO much, Hemal! ~ Dora

  • Hi Hemal, I love visiting your blog you are truly an inspiration to all. Keep up the great work.

  • reine says:

    hi Hemal how r u ?all that u r writing r very beautiful.but please can u give us examples ?from peoples life ,that it will be clear 2 us 2 anderstand. thank u ,have a nice day !

  • Kristen says:

    You are right! It is so important for people to realize they aren’t victims of their reality, they are actually creators of their reality and until we change what we are focusing on (whether we realize we are focusing on it or not) our lives and businesses and relationships won’t change for the better.

  • Kathy Hadley says:

    As always, another wonderful post on Law of Attraction (loa) and practical application of it deliberately.
    I enjoy your writing. Keep up the great work you do of helping the world raise is vibration & awareness of their own power as creator.
    Kathy Hadley

  • Hemal says:

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! 🙂

  • Tara Walker says:

    Very good advice – it makes sense to raise your vibrational frequency no matter what situation you are facing. Thank you.

  • Hi Hemal,
    I like the note of not caring about it being there, and you instantly align with it. Wonderful.
    We let go when we don’t care about it being there. The lightening process feels like a load of bricks has been taken off our shoulders – of course, placed there by us in the first place 😉 – and boom! Manifestation. This happens quite a bit in my life. Actually, my current vacation is a perfect example.
    I put no thought into it. My girlfriend came up with the idea. I agreed, and thought it would be quite fun to travel through Southeast Asia. I never really worried about it not happening, and if I did for a moment, I released the feelings quickly, and moved by attention to my vision of it. My vision said “The trip’s already here”, so I trusted my vision.
    Thanks Hemal!