You are in a Dance with the Universe

“There is an underlying rhythm to you and your life which is in concert with the rest of the Universe. You may feel alone but you never truly can be, you’re in the larger dance where vibration is the music that is bringing everything into concert and synchronisation” (Hemal Radia)

Your Dream is Alive

You may have started out in life with wonderful dreams of what you will be, do or have.  For some these may be rich and vivid dreams, whether in terms of work and career (or finances, and LOTS of them!), love, family, health and living a wonderful and extravagant life.  For others it may be things which are perceived as being more humble and modest, such as working with the environment, helping animals, working with children, helping those in need, etc.

What happens for many is, as they say, life happens.  Sometimes it may be they end up on a path that veers them away from their original dream.  It may be they take up a job or a career that they believe prevents them from pursuing their dream.  It may be that they get married and/or have children, or something else occurs and they find their time and focus taken up.



Whatever your dream, it never died.  Your dream has always been alive in your vibration and still is to this day.  Your vibration – just like the Universe and the spiritual part of you – always expands, it never contracts.  Even when you think you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have never grown smaller but have expanded, always.  You are expanding vibrationally in each moment with the choices and preferences you make in your life.

Your dream has always been alive.

It may be that the dream is not important to you in the same way, and that is fine and that is your choice.  It may be that it was something which at that time aided your growth and experience, and now other things are important, and that is fine too.  In likelihood this will mean that you may have other dreams now too.

So, ask yourself:

– When you think about the dream (or dreams), how does it FEEL?
– Do you doubt you can have it?
– Are you scared of it?
– Are you limiting yourself?  Are you from a place of limitation and fear about it, rather than faith?

Castle in hand


Realise that you are a vibrational being living a physical life.  You, and everything else, are vibration on a deeper level.  The power that goals and dreams give you is what they do to you vibrationally – such as how you expand when you are excited by them – rather than just the physical world goal or condition you are looking to have.  The goal or condition will be the manifestation of you being a vibrational match to it and will be in your life before you know it, when you are in alignment with it.  It will be a natural consequence and manifestation of your vibration.

So, it is not about whether you can have the dream or not, whether you are scared about it or not, whether you perceive (note: you “perceive” – i.e. it doesn’t mean that’s the reality, it means that’s how you perceive it to be, in your thoughts and beliefs) it is possible or not or whether you ‘perceive‘ it will disrupt your life currently.

What is most important – as I say this in other articles, teleseminars and when I work one-to-one with people – is how does it feel?  You live your physical life with your senses but the spiritual part of you that knows everything (and is ‘God’/the ‘Universe’) communicates to you through your feelings It tells you what is best for you at that moment by what feels best at that moment.

It may be that you haven’t practiced your dream for a while.  Allow yourself to daydream.  What if it could happen?  What if it REALLY is there for you?  As you think this, from your place of possibility, notice how real it starts to feel.  And ask yourself, how does it feel?



You do not have to forsake the conditions in your life currently for your dream if you do not want to.  If you are in a job and need it to pay your bills or have children that you are looking after or are a house-wife or house-husband, take your attention off the ‘conditions’ and put it on how you WANT THINGS TO BE If your attention is on ‘conditions’ what are you attracting more of?  (Clue: “Law of Attraction!”)

As you practice your attention more and more on your dreams what will happen is the Universe will send you clues, it can’t not – as you become more of a vibrational match to something you will attract experiences that match it.

As you continue to practice your thoughts on it, you will get more and more reinforcements along the way.  Your expectations and ‘allowing’ will improve and you will see it more and more.

In terms of the ‘conditions’, what will happen is either they will resolve themselves or they will not be the same issue.  Think of it this way, if your attention goes off the problem – “Oh how in heaven can it happen, I have this and this and this and this that stop me having what I want“, and onto the solution – “Oh I would LOVE this and this and this and this!  Oh it feels SO good to think about what I want!  I’m not going to ‘think’ about it and figure it out, I’m just going to feel good about it and let the Universe hear my vibration and show me it happening“, how can the Universe do anything else but respond?

You came here to be creative and to express the beautiful spirit that you are.  Unleash that within you and allow yourself to think of the possibilities.  Allow yourself to dream and to think in terms of “Well if it IS possible then this will feel good and this will feel good” and so onYou don’t have to figure out the how.  That wasn’t the deal.  You, from your physical conscious mind, were going to make choices and preferences and the far far far larger spiritual vibrational part of you was going to correspond with Everything-Else-That-Is and create the manifestations.  It just got disrupted when the physical part of you thought you knew it all and were God and tried to overshadow the rest of you.  There is far more leverage and ease when you are in your flow by how you ‘feel’ (vibration, synchronicities, manifestation) than by how you ‘think’ (rational, logic, linear).

You are much much, much more than the physical body you see.  Be in harmony with it and let it flow.  The thoughts that feel good (including your ‘dreams’) are the ones that are in alignment with who you are.  And watch the magic unfold.

Falling star

“Work One-to-One with Hemal” Page Updated

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know the “Work one-to-one with Hemal” page has been updated, you are welcome to check it out. 

Feel free to check out the information at the above link and contact me at  Many of you have been asking about it and there will only be so many I will be able to work with one-to-one on a monthly basis.  

You are amazing.  You are, in my opinion, the world’s leading expect on Manifesting and the Law of Attraction Wendy Franklin Muhammad, Host of Authentic You radio show

Let me just say that I heard you on My Life Coach’s radio show and was AMAZED at how many jewels I picked up from the talk! Thank you for being you Hemal! Dawn The Self Esteem Queen,

Work one-to-one with Hemal

Work One-to-One with Hemal Radia

Get in Touch with the Magic Within You

You are amazing.  You are, in my opinion, the world’s leading expect on Manifesting and the Law of Attraction
Wendy Franklin Muhammad, Host of Authentic You radio show

There is no coincidence you are here, everything you experience you have attracted to you on some level.  You always have a choice at each moment as to your next step, no one can take your divine freedom away from you.  Hemal Radia gets you in touch with the magic within you.


Working with Hemal…

Hemal Radia has inspired many to lives they couldn’t have imagined for themselves.  For over a decade, he has simplified the understanding of the Law of Attraction (see the testimonials!) so that anyone can grasp this concept and apply it in their life, and those who are advanced can take it to new levels. For Hemal, the terminology or the wording is not important.  What is important is YOUR applying this in your life in order to MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!

Hemal works with clients all around the world in creating change in their lives and to help them more easily let in the things that they want.  In working one to one with him, you have the opportunity to experience and tap into Hemal’s expertise which is so sought after. He is a ‘super’ coach like no other – those who have come into contact with him will testify to this.  It is not just the interactions you have with him but all else that happens on a deeper level for you to get the transformations that you get.

In working one-to-one, Hemal offers a personalised service where he can interact with you on YOUR goals.  Whether you are coming from an uncomfortable situation or are wanting to progress or ‘create’ something new, he can help you to identify what you can do and guide you with the steps and processes there.

Hemal, for me you are SIMPLY THE BEST!  Thank you again, Hemal. It means A LOT to me.  I wish you success and happiness, always.  You are loved – Claudia Caecilia, Indonesia

Some rise to the occasion, and some are just like you – THE Occasion. Thank you for being you. Your presence adds an extra pulse to my everyday consciousness – Tammy Tran

We all know there are a wealth of tools, techniques and processes out there, whether they be tools such as Law of Attraction, Metaphysical tools and processes, NLP, intuitive and extra-sensory disciplines and processes, and otherwise. Over the years Hemal has created a system for people to use where they can efficiently use what will work for them respecting where they are at, and where they want to go.

Hemal puts things very simply so you can grasp what to use and how to apply it in your life.  You will be given gentle guidance, and always from a place of seeing the magnificence in youHemal believes this is there, it is just a matter of letting it come through.

Hemal has also coached other professionals in the field and they have experienced success in ways unexpected for them and very much appreciated.

What you can expect…

Prior to working together you will interact with Hemal about your situation and your desired outcomes (If you are clear on them.  If not they will become clearer during the process!) and from that understanding you will work together.

You will have email access to Hemal, with email responses within two working days, as well as up to three phone or Skype conversations every month.  These can be flexible based on preferences and on what you agree with Hemal, though by default that is the understanding.

You have been such a “enrichment” in the world of Facebook and  everyday it feels like the Universe is sending me something through you.

I am going to become a counselor and hope to learn much much more from you and through the work you do.
You are a messenger Hemal and I thank you for showing me the way.
Have a wonderful day Hemal
NamasteVera Thomas-Oetiker

How you start…

There are only so many people Hemal can work with one-to-one on a monthly basis (due to finite time, although in an unlimited Universe!).  If you are interested in working with him and would like to know more, contact him at

“Thank you Hemal for everything you have done and do for us. You have shared your wisdom and light and impacted my life in ways unimaginable! The smallest shift really does bring the biggest blessings. Bless you for all you do and may you always have and be the best which is the least you deserve! Could never thank you enough 🙂 “ – Ashley Abell

I have to say, I am sooooo blessed to be connected with you! I have been able to make strides with LOA, learning from you!  It’s like your way of explaining Law of Attraction has registered with me!  When I first connected with you I knew about LOA, but would forget the steps – stop and find the better feeling thought – then your explanation just fit/worked.

 Lately, so many things are manifesting as a result of my thoughts – well, let me rephrase – they always manifested, I’m manifesting what I DO want, not what I don’t!! 🙂

That’s what I like about you! You’re REAL! You’re looking out for everyone else – not just yourself! Thank you! – JoAnn Barton

Hi Hemal – I find myself getting better in redirecting my thoughts to good feeling when doubts or fear surfaces. It’s an amazing feeling. Practice, indeed, makes perfect! Of course you’re always an inspiration – Bing Macavinta

Let me just say that I heard you on My Life Coach’s radio show and was AMAZED at how many jewels I picked up from the talk! Thank you for being you Hemal! Dawn The Self Esteem Queen,

The Law of Attraction (LOA) has become part of the national jargon, but understanding the concepts and actually utilizing them in a meaningful manner are two very different matters. In my case, I chose to delve deeper with the help of a highly experienced LOA coach, Hemal of course was the logical choice. As he has shown by his sensitive and thorough blog postings, and in his teleseminars, Hemal is a highly intuitive, loving, brilliant, exceedingly kind and thoughtful coach. He has often responded to queries at midnight or later.

His generosity seems boundless and his love of life is infectious. I can use a multitude of adjectives to describe Hemal: patient beyond all reason, insightful to a degree that I have never experienced from another, utterly non-judgmental, and indescribably wise. He gently guided me – almost literally holding my hand – repeating advice in many different forms until I finally ‘understood’ the concept, and raising my vibrational level to a point that I could never have imagined–all the while providing me with the tools to continue to work on my own and an invitation to work together if and when I felt that additional guidance was warranted.

The lessons he provided are simply invaluable–I was facing so many difficult issues when we first started to work together and in less than a month, I feel calm, centered, hopeful. Little miracles appear every day, encouraging me to expand my being to allow for ever-larger miracles and trusting the higher powers to determine the ‘when’ and the ‘how’. While I highly encourage those interested in the LOA to read Hemal’s posts and attend his teleseminars, there is simply no substitute for his 1:1 coaching–it has literally been invaluable. Truly one of the best investments that I have ever made. I will be forever grateful to Hemal for guiding me through the deep waters HLW, USA