“Whatever your dream, it never died. Your dream has always been alive in your vibration and still is to this day. Your vibration – just like the Universe and the spiritual part of you – always expands, it never contracts. Even when you think you have done something wrong or made a mistake, you have never grown smaller but have expanded, always. You are expanding vibrationally in each moment with the choices and preferences you make in your life.”
~Hemal Radia~

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  • Martina says:

    I can tell from this first blog post that I read that I am going to enjoy reading the rest of your blog.
    I am a very big fan and a firm believer in the law of attraction!

  • Bring it on – I felt the butterflies in my stomach when reading “Your Dream is Alive” this morning. The law of Attraction is working for me and I LOVE IT!!!