There are times when we may feel far away from the things that we would like.  It may be specific things or it may be a direction. It may be that we have taken a path or made certain choices in life which we feel have taken us away from where we want to be.

The truth of the matter is, you can never be far away from what you want because on a deeper level it ALREADY EXISTS.  What you are feeling is the discord in your emotions from what you perceive around you, on a physical level, and your beliefs that you are far from it.

The ‘reality’ is that what you want has already been created on an energetic level (When you think it, it is created.  Everything exists in vibration; all possibilities exist), it has already been conceived, and in your allowing of it through your vibration you give birth to the physical manifestation.

There are various other articles on this blog that touch upon this, including What You Want Already Exists and Your Dream is Alive.





Build an energetic bridge from where you are at to where you want to be.  Make peace with the present (at least in your own mind) so you are not constantly fighting it and having your attention on lack or resistance to it.

When you look around and put your attention on what you dislike, that dislike is blocking off what you want and offering a vibration to attract more of the same (i.e. dislike).  Make peace with that situation or put your attention on something else so that you are offering a different vibration.

What you want may seem far away, but in you practicing gentle steps towards what you want, you are building the bridge.  For some people, they get excited when they think about their dreams.  Others, they feel despondent because they feel far away from them.  The difference?  The difference is their beliefs about the situation.

In the first case the individual isn’t offering any beliefs or thoughts to contradict what they want, so they can feel good about the dream and it can come.  In the second case the individual, when they think of their dream, are stimulated to bring up their doubts and disappointments.  Both have the dream, one is allowing it, the other is resisting it.



Put aside any doubts or disappointments or fears or anything else about what you want, allow yourself to dream for the sake of it, because it feels good (that in itself is an indication to your vibration).  Many are not used to doing that because they feel it doesn’t do much. 

If you focus on something that feels good, and regularly practice it, and do not doubt or contradict it, it will get bigger and bigger and bigger very quickly and you will be on your way. 

You will know because of how it feels; the excitement will build and build (if it doesn’t, it is because you are contradicting it on some level).  And very soon you will see physical manifestations.  There is a natural and universal flow for growth and expansion.  You do not even have to ‘try’, you just have to not fight your flow, let the stream carry you.

What happens for most people, like I mention in Manifesting Excellence and to clients, is that many people contradict or doubt or block their flow.  Your flow is infinite and abundant and not only can it carry you to what you want but far beyond what you can fathomYour flow is more infinite and abundant than you can see, and remember, there is far more around you that is in addition to what you can see.

And you know this because you have already had experiences that have indicated this to you 🙂


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